Natural Synergy Review – Pros and Cons

Natural Synergy Review

Natural Synergy Review

If you have ever struggled with back pain, headache, high blood pressure or any other chronic condition. Then I don’t need to tell you how frustrating it is when dealing with doctors.

  • They want to cut you open with surgery
  • Or pump you full of terrible side effects.
  • The problem with both approaches is:
  • They do not address the ROOT CAUSE of pain and disease

However, there is an easy, non-invasive way to restore your body’s natural balance. It’s Natural Synergy, it’s a simple 3 minute exercise that you can do anywhere. It helps you unleash the innate healing power of your body. And eliminate the root cause of chronic pain and illness.

The science behind this technique is similar to what makes acupuncture work, but without needles, so there is no risk of injury or infection. And because you can do it yourself, you don’t have to pay for countless treatments.

This method has been used to treat everything from chronic back pain, inability to get pregnant, to high blood pressure, insomnia and depression. Because it touches your body’s natural ‘reset button’ and unleashes its ability to heal itself, you no longer need to hide your symptoms with medication.

What is The Natural Synergy Program?

Natural Synergy is an ultra-high-quality program that teaches people the way to reduce almost any health symptoms by employing a combination of acupressure and audio therapy – a process called Acu-FrequencyTM . it had been co-written by Emily J. Park, knowledgeable pharmacist and Dr. Lin Xiaoxi – a doctor from one among the foremost prestigious hospitals in China.

The main book consists of quite 800 pages of yellow information with clear instructions and detailed graphics, so people can heal quite 150 different pain and diseases.

The program also comes with 3 great rewards, including one for maintaining healthy vital sign (140 pages), one for losing weight and maintaining a healthy metabolism (80 pages) and another. about aging (150 pages).

On top of that, the author also provides an excellent app for both iphone and Android, allowing users to mix both acupressure and audio healing to treat a variety of common ailments.

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How Does Natural Synergy Cure Works?

The Natural Synergy system treats strong pain and a myriad of common diseases at its root cause while speeding up the body’s healing response. Eastern medicine claims that the basis of all physical, mental & emotional problems can stem from the energy blockage in our meridian system. The blockage of energy are often the results of many external influences like poor diet, unnatural stimulants, chemicals and pollutants. The meridian system is best described as a network of energy lines. Each meridian is dotted with energy points called ‘points’. Acupoint is sort of a ‘natural reset button’ for energy that’s blocked and may be stimulated during a number of the way . Acupuncture uses needles, Acupressure uses finger pressure, Electric acupuncture uses electricity and Acu-Acoustic treatment uses Bio frequency.

Natural Synergy uses a mixture of two Acu therapies: Acupressure and Acu-Acoustics to quell the extreme pain while speeding up the healing process – like Electro Acupuncture but without pain and discomfort when using electrical needles. it had been extremely powerful, but since most of the people didn’t understand the science of manipulation, it didn’t get trapped in acupuncture. you’ll expect great results with one among these therapies, acupressure or acu-acoustics by itself. But it turns into a holistic experience if you’ve got a quiet time for deep relaxation, where you’ll apply both practices together.

And because you’ll roll in the hay yourself reception , you do not got to spend countless hours (and thousands of dollars) on an acupuncture doctor. The natural Synergy system treats quite 150 common pain and diseases in only 3 minutes each day . Kill the pain by releasing 4 differing types of natural opioid endorphins at an equivalent time.

One of these endorphins, beta-endorphins are found stronger than morphine. Just apply the pressure to the acupressure correctly while meditating consistent with its appropriate biological frequency, you’ll feel the flow of relief like an open tap.

What Do You Get With Natural Synergy?

This revolutionary program may be a masterpiece that mixes sound therapy with reflexology. this is often an entire guide to what you would like to understand and the way to perform various healing techniques. It includes:

Part 1 – Hidden secrets to unlock the facility of TCM.

The step-by-step guide combined with easy-to-follow diagrams will show you ways to place these powerful techniques into practice for quick healing. it’s equipped with a ‘trick’ format to assist you easily find the last place you left just just in case you would like to review what you’ve got learned.

Part 2 – Explain everything you would like to understand about how sound works to heal your body and the way you’ll use it to treat yourself.

Part 3 – Reflexology for everyday conditions

Plus the Meridian frequency. one focus frequency – top quality sound and diagrams for all 14 meridians within the body. These meridian frequencies will relieve congestion by synchronizing unhealthy meridians back to a healthy wild.

This section is provided with all the main target frequencies needed to urge your health back on target – quickly.

In addition, there’s an inventory of proven frequency therapeutic songs commonly employed by sound therapists and energy healers. Such as: 4 binaural brain beats, 6 Solfeggio frequencies and a couple of common frequencies.

Each of those tones works together to balance your energetic body and keep the mind and human body consonant . they need the power to penetrate deep into your subconscious and convey emotional and vibration healing.

Natural Synergy Review

Who Should Use Natural Synergy?

This program is created for people who want to treat pain or root disease – instead of hiding the problem with medicine.

Natural synergy will help anyone:

  • Chronic suffering
  • Suffering an ongoing disease
  • Addiction
  • Reproduction and menstrual problems
  • Depressive anxiety

The natural synergist guide lists over 150 most common diseases, precise acupoint points and meridian frequency and how to activate them for healing.

Natural Synergy Bonus

Bonus # 1: East-West BP Balance – Acupressure for Regaining Healthy Blood Pressure (Value – $ 39)

Did you know that one in three USadults 9, (about 75 million), has high blood pressure? Americans spend an average of $ 1,112 per person, each year on unnatural and harmful medicines for the body. The author knew that these HBP meds almost killed me. However, that terrible experience also led me to go down the road to self-healing.

In the East-West HA Equilibrium, you will find proven ways to treat blood pressure without the need for expensive or risky medications. This 142-page gold information store is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the Western method for naturally treating high blood pressure and part 2 is the Eastern method.

This book can save you a lifetime of struggling with blood pressure, as well as dangerous and expensive medicines. Imagine what you might feel like the next time you have your BP checked and your doctors say he hasn’t seen these numbers good for years!

The system is full of easy-to-do diagrams, pictures and delicious recipes that will help you switch to healthy blood pressure as easily as 1-2-3!

Bonus # 2: Eastern Metabolism Miracle – Lose Weight While Eating What You Want Using Acupressure (Value $ 49)

We all need help with weight control. However, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not about what you eat, but when!

This 79-page Eastern transformation miracle covers how you can control your weight by using acupressure techniques and boosting metabolism.

  • Calorie requirements: Different body, different needs. How common weight loss advice is counterproductive – pg 10
  • Acupressure points are easy to follow for proper weight loss – pg 44
  • Log your way to a lighter you. How to
    Journaling can help you identify the specific foods that are ruining your process – page 37
  • Regulate spleen & stomach for optimal digestion. Discover how the spleen plays an important role for optimal digestion and faster metabolism – page 49
  • Metabolic Myths: Truth vs Novel. Discover the myths that are ruining your weight loss, while booting your body to burn fat like you’re a teenager – page 12
  • Know the right nutrients for burning fat deeply – page 23

You should practice these pressure points after every gym session to make sure your metabolism is burned like a furnace for the rest of the day.

Bonus # 3: Acu-Facelift Revitalizer – Defy Aging with Acupressure by Stimulating Youth Meridians (Value $ 29)

This easy-to-follow 153-page system shows you the acupuncture points that point out the three organs that are directly related to youthful appearance and overall health.

Chapter 1 – Kidney – The janitor of youth. The kidney is the most important organ to slow down the aging process. This chapter shows you the exact points to press to nourish your kidneys. It only takes 20 seconds a day! You will be shocked to learn that these pressure points are not near your kidney.

Chapter 2 – Lungs – The forgotten fountain of youth. When the lungs are out of balance, it causes premature aging. Unhappy elephants lung lungs create thin skin, lumpy, wrinkles and fine lines. You will discover:

  • Acupressure points to cool and moisten the lungs
  • Food helps to rejuvenate the lungs
    Gua Sha Facial Massage – an interesting ancient technique, circulating stagnant energy and stimulating microcirculation of soft tissue, increases blood flow.
  • Use Jade Roller to help reduce puffiness, firm skin, increase circulation and reduce inflammation.

Chapter 3 – Spleen – The key to beauty puzzles. The spleen plays an important role in keeping the muscles toned and strong. It works against gravity to keep everything in place including your face. If it becomes unbalanced, the skin and muscles start to droop and sag. This chapter will show you how to use acupuncture points to energize the spleen, tighten skin and tone facial muscles.

Chapter 4 – Incorporate your aesthetic acupressure habits. Learn beauty treatments that you can easily apply when you have free time.

Chapter 5 – Your daily beauty routine. Now that you know your pressure points and have acupressure habits, it’s time to incorporate them into one overall beauty routine. You get 44 pages of colorful photos of pressure points not only for face beauty but also for your overall health.

Chapter 6 – Five wonderful masks from the kitchen. You get easy-to-make formulas that make for a great revitalizing mask. It includes the science and reasoning behind the components.

This exclusive award is a proven step-by-step blueprint, teaching you how to combat the aging process using Chinese reflexology and ancient secrets.

Natural Synergy Pros:

This program is formed during a manner that creates it very easy for the users to follow the instructions. In other words, it’s very easy to know and execute that users won’t have a tough time following it. It offers step by step instructions that are available online.

Through this program, you’ll determine the disease that you simply want to simply reverse. apart from this, you’ll also skills to focus on the meridian points that you simply got to consider . Natural Synergy also offers the list of exercises and foods that you simply got to execute and fancy boost your system .

In addition, it’s several video tutorials that have instructions to help you in identifying the meridian points of your body. It also has three bonus materials that you simply can use to find out more about this subject .

This program, when followed earnestly, can assist you change your health and wellness and may promote longevity.

It helps you learn more about Acupressure. This ancient method is one among the foremost effective ways of healing illnesses and diseases.

By following the instructions and proposals of this program, you’ll help keep yourself at its optimum shape.

This program is extremely safe to use. it’s no known side-effects yet so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. this suggests that if you’re not satisfied with the program or how it seems within the 60-day period, you’ll invite a refund and therefore the company would be glad to refund your money.

Most importantly, this program is extremely affordable and its benefits weigh beyond its cost.

Natural Synergy Cons:

Χ What many users don’t like about this program is that it doesn’t have a tough copy. So far, it’s only available online or in digital form. the disadvantage of this is often that if just in case you would like to see with the program, you want to have your mobile device around and you’ve got to be online. If you’re one among the various users who are fine about this, then this program might be great for you.


Natural Synergy is a comprehensive program to enhance and solve health problems, eliminate body fat and eliminate negative emotions. This is a natural, non-invasive and very practical approach to achieving optimal health. Now you can reap the incredible benefits of acupuncture without the need for needles, discomfort, or anxiety before. It’s easy to use, you can apply it yourself – anywhere to Quick pain relief – and only takes 3 minutes a day. The best part is that you can apply it at home in your own time, whenever you need it without the cost and hassle of visiting a TCM clinic.

In addition, Natural Synergy also gives you a 60-day guarantee, if it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back at any time, there’s absolutely no risk to try it. So, don’t give up today. Get your copy of Natural Synergy now!

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