Nam Karen ‘fuels’ TikToker, Denies Insurance Information After Car Accident

After his daughter was accused of supporting a woman, a so-called “male” Karen“Refused to give her her daughter’s insurance card. The woman, user @karenswilding1989, shared a series of viral TikToks of the man continuing to belittle her.

The woman who was stopping at a sign when she was hit by a car asked his daughter to show her insurance card to see her phone for her information.

“No no. You’re not doing that,” male Karen said on TikTok, tearing the card from his daughter’s hand.

In another clip, he claims the woman is “trying to scam.”

“Are you serious?” woman watching. “How am I a scam if she hits me?”

The first TikTok in the series received more than 2.8 million views, of which the next three videos reached hundreds of thousands of views.

The man insisted there was no impact damage, arguing that the scratch on the woman’s bumper was not caused by his daughter’s car. He just gave the woman his daughter’s ID and phone number.

“I want you to have your people call me, we’ll look at the damage, and then if needed, I’ll give you insurance if it’s something huge,” he said.

“Obviously you are very young and so is she,” he continued.

In the second TikTok, the woman claims that the man repeatedly asks her to call his dad, boyfriend or husband so he can talk to them.

“Who is your body shop?” he asked, waiting for a response. “Well, you do as you know.”

“Are you kidding me?” said the woman.

After male Karen repeatedly failed to cooperate, the woman called him out to deal with his behavior.

“You’re an idiot and I really feel sorry for every single woman, including your daughter, in your life, because you just can’t seem to make sense of anything,” she said. “I feel sorry for every woman in your life because you are an asshole.”

The man claimed he couldn’t hear her over the sound of traffic.

In the fourth TikTok, user @karenswilding1989 made an edit into the literal Karen male clown. Circus music recorded a clip of him claiming that the woman’s stopping was the “cause” of the collision, while she inserted a clip of the collision from a nearby home camera.

“This is a man who has never had a woman who can stand against him,” the woman wrote via message on TikTok.

She later said that the police forced the man to hand over his insurance money.

“Lady! Never let a sexist ‘man’ like this push you around, confuse you and explain to you what HE wants YOU to do,” she wrote. “There is no small matter of an accident. Always get insurance and stand up for yourself. ”

While some TikTok users claimed in the comments that the woman should let it go if the damage wasn’t severe, others were inundated with stories of seemingly minor scratches that cost them thousands. dollars.

“Someone hit me and even though it was the smallest scratch, it was $2000 because they hit a sensor that needed to be replaced. If I don’t get the insurance notice, I’ll be left with that bill,” one user said.

Many other TikTok users wondered why the woman didn’t call the police as soon as the man didn’t cooperate. But others praised the woman for siding with him.

“Yaasssss, be good to me!”

Daily Dot reached out to user @karenswilding1989 via comment on TikTok.

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* First published: December 27, 2021, 8:51 a.m. CST

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