My teenage daughter and I had the scariest experience at Walmart, but it taught them an important lesson about being followed

MANY of us have experienced the paranoia that we are being followed.

Whether you’re home alone or in public, there’s nothing scarier than feeling like someone is watching and could hurt you.

A woman had an unpleasant experience while shopping with her daughter


A woman had an unpleasant experience while shopping with her daughterPhoto credit: tiktok/misty_m319
She noticed a man constantly following them around the store


She noticed a man constantly following them around the storePhoto credit: tiktok/misty_m319

A mum named Misty, known on TikTok as @Misty_M319, said she found herself in a horrible situation while shopping with her teenage daughter at Walmart – and it should serve as a warning to young girls around the world.

“We walk through the store and there is a man. I make eye contact with this man a few times, but I’m like, ‘Hmm. However.'”

She got a little creepier when she realized that everywhere she went in the store, the man showed up.

“I told my 14-year-old daughter, ‘Be aware of your surroundings.’ And she says, ‘What do I see?’ And I tell her, ‘That white hat. Don’t lose that white hat.’”

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At every turn through the big store, the daughter kept pointing to the man following them.

“He does random things. He picks things up, puts them down. And I keep making eye contact with this guy.

“So we’re going to check out and I’m like, ‘Let’s just hang around here for a second. We’re just going to pretend to go through the items in our shopping cart, giving it time to look around.’”

The man entered the self-checkout lane and began ringing his belongings, so the woman took this as an opportunity to go to a farther lane in the store.

But then he reappeared.

She tried to act normal but watched where the man was going.

She saw him walk out the front door as she was packing her car and she thought she was clear.

“But then he’s in the parking lot. My daughter says, ‘Mom, he’ll be right there.’”

The mother told her daughter to watch him as she got out of her phone, but the daughter lost sight of his hat.

“Then I see another man coming up the same parking lot lane that we were supposed to be going up.

“So I thought, ‘We’re going to follow this man. When I get to the car, I will unlock the door. You jump in the car and I’ll throw things in so we can get out here quick.’

“And then we’ll see the man again. He’s already got in his car and is driving to the end of the parking lot.”

The woman was relieved for a moment because she thought the man was actually leaving the store and wasn’t waiting for her.

“Nope. He circles and parks, and he’s waiting at the end of the lane we’re in. We back up to leave, he’s right behind us.

“I shoot up the parking lot, I can jump off the main road. I see him, he gets caught by the red light.”

She used this as her chance to get off the freeway and take hidden back roads straight to her parents’ house as she was afraid to go home.

Though luckily she got away with it, she said someone else might not have been so lucky.

“The point of this story,” she said, “is to pay attention to your surroundings.

“Be careful when you walk through shops, when you walk through parking lots. Don’t be on your phone.”

Commenters offered advice on what to do if this ever happens again:

“LADIES!!! Call those guys at the store!! Pull out your phone, snap a picture and call 911!!! They need to know you’re on to them,” one person wrote.

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“YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE POLITE!! Start using your voice! Ask the guy in a loud voice, WHAT DO YOU WANT? make a scene! it could save your life,” added another.

A third revealed how he has helped women in similar situations: “I’m a big guy. I’ve had women approach me at Walmart and ask me to escort them to their car because someone is making them uncomfortable.”

Viewers urged her to call 911 next time


Viewers urged her to call 911 next timePhoto credit: tiktok/misty_m319

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