My ex-wife is a mom blogger — I hated living in a showroom and she said I “ruined” my baby’s first steps because I was messy

INSTAGRAM might be great for fashion inspiration and home decor — but let’s face it, it has a habit of making us feel absolute abominable Parent.

Every time we open the app, we’re inundated with photos of blogger mom’s immaculate homes and smartly dressed kids.

The man said he didn't want his daughter to grow up with her mother's


The man said he didn’t want his daughter to grow up with her mother’s “aesthetics.”Photo credit: Getty

ring a bell? Well, this former “Instagram Husband” gave something away Yes, really goes on behind his ex’s curated feed — and it’s far from perfect.

In a post on Reddit’s True Off My Chest forum, the man explained how his marriage ended because he was “sick of everything in her house having to fit her aesthetic.”

He wrote: “I know it seems stupid to end my marriage.

“But after dwelling on this for so long, I’m finally done.”

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From the beginning of their relationship, the man said his wife always made an effort to make their home “look nice.”

But he claims she went into overdrive after winning 400,000 following the birth of her daughter.

He continued: “Since then I’ve felt like I’m not living in a house but in an Instagram photo shoot.

“There can be no proof that we actually live here.

“My wife is so stressed about everything looking good that she doesn’t really enjoy the moment.”

However, this all came to a head when her daughter recently took her first steps.

He explained, “I had put my drink on the table behind her and it was ‘all she could see’ and how she would have to edit it out of the video.

“She called me a selfish prick for putting my drink on a coffee table to watch my daughter take her first steps.”

The frustrated father described her daughter’s room as a “mass of beige and cream” and said she rarely had any toys either, as they often didn’t match his wife’s decor.

Recently, the man’s mother took her granddaughter to a store and let her choose a toy.

He continued, “She chose this dollhouse and got all the dolls and furniture.

“But my wife told her she had to keep it with my mom because there was ‘no place for it at home’ — she absolutely had room for it.”

Ultimately, the man says the pressure was getting to him and he recently ended the marriage – but his wife is convinced he left her for someone else.

He added: “I just can’t feel like living in a museum where I can’t touch or move anything. I can’t even build a blanket fort with my kid without my wife freaking out that they are ‘decorative blankets’ that she had folded in a special way.

“I will not force my daughter to live in an ‘aesthetic’.”

Speaking from personal experience, one forum member replied: “My mother was a parenting blogger in the early 2000s and she really put a strain on our relationship as I got older and realized what an invasion of my privacy it was.

“Children are not props, and that’s what your wife uses your daughter for.”

Another added: “My mum raised me in a house we weren’t allowed to live in. It wasn’t fun.

“In fact, I still don’t talk to her and her house is probably still spotless and empty and her life is loveless. It’s really sad when parents put strangers ahead of their own family. I don’t blame you for wanting to jump.” My ex-wife is a mom blogger — I hated living in a showroom and she said I “ruined” my baby’s first steps because I was messy

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