‘MS. Marvel’ expands Kamala’s life at home as she explores her new powers

Warning: This synopsis contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Mrs Miracle.

Sticking with the light-hearted tone of Episode 1, Mrs Miracle In Episode 2, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), like any Marvel fangirl who suddenly has superpowers, tests the limits of what she is capable of. but Mrs Miracle Wisely doesn’t shy away from the more interesting aspects of Kamala’s life in Jersey City, either, as we see her face challenges that could be just as vital: a budding family mystery, the upcoming board elections at her local Masjid, and a brand new crush.

Her powers aren’t the problem, at least initially. Rather than being completely overwhelmed, it’s her newfound confidence as she walks down the hallway of her high school – in a near-copy of the scene from the pilot, with different results. Now Kamala can easily dribble a basketball, stop another student from throwing the ball in her face, correct a teacher who has been mispronouncing her name for years, and step between two girls sharing AirPods to get to her locker to get. (In the case of the AirPod contestants, Kamala tells them she supports their relationship.)

With everything else Kamala can do, it’s a lot of trial and error. During lunch breaks and after school, she and Bruno (Matthew Lintz) try a variety of homework to see how it goes. While she initially mentions a number of Ant-Man’s abilities — her logic being that “we’re both charming and look a lot younger than we are,” a nod to Paul Rudd’s apparent agelessness — they discover she’s capable of the Using energy to create platforms on which she can walk or walk in mid-air.

Bruno’s technological talents are on display when he is able to determine that the bracelet Kamala put on is not the source of her powers, but what released those powers. He’s also at a crossroads when he learns he’s been accepted into an accelerated Caltech program, with an advisor telling him this is his big movie moment; of course he has to choose Caltech.

His attempt to talk to Kamala about Caltech is in vain. She is attracted to the school’s new transfer student, Kamran (Rish Shah), a senior whose car comes in handy when she, Bruno and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) flee a party thrown by their popular classmate Zoe (Laurel Marsden) is held. For Kamala, it’s an on sight crush when they bond over Bollywood films – particularly which Shah Rukh Khan film is the best – and their collective embarrassment at their respective crushes on Kingo (a nod to Kumail Nanjiani’s). eternal character posing as a Bollywood actor playing his own offspring for decades). He also gives her his number and offers to teach her to drive.

For Kamala, her budding bond with Kamran is shattered – which she tries to hide from her brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) by saying he is an in-law cousin when he meets them, although his fiancé Tyesha (Travina Springer) seems to know What’s Going on – life explodes with gentle hearts looming behind her and a downright euphoric lip-synching of The Ronettes’ ‘Be My Baby’, a perfect insight into the all-encompassing feeling of a first crush.

Episode 2 also gives us a glimpse of Kamala’s local Masjid and the double standard displayed in front of her and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) during the Imam’s lecture. It’s not that people are segregated by gender during the service, it’s that the side of the room that’s designated for men and boys is in much better shape than the side for women and girls that is worn out and is in a state of disrepair; Afterwards, Nakia discovers that someone has stolen her shoes, something the Masjid board shouldn’t be bothered about. Kamala encourages Nakia to run for the Masjid’s board of directors to enforce this change herself, and sees the upcoming Eid Mubarek celebration as the perfect place for a campaign as the only things to do there are food and gossip.

In Kamala’s case, the Eid Mubarek party is also an opportunity for her to ask the “Illumin aunts” what they might know about her great-grandmother Aisha, who originally owned her bracelet. But questioning her family leads to dead ends: her maternal grandmother, Sana, didn’t want to talk about her mother at all, and Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) tells her that Aisha “brought shame on the whole family” and that she has to move halfway around the world to escape from him. But whatever Aisha did is still whispered in hushed tones among the “Illumin aunts” as they imply Aisha had an affair, had multiple affairs, had a secret family, and even killed a man during the split . (An aunt says her father called Aisha a snake and “she cursed everything she touched.)

For now, Kamala may have to put that on hold. Her latest show of force, rescuing a boy who fell out of a high window (although it almost ends in disaster after losing her focus long enough for her energy platform to disappear), goes viral and falls once more on P. Cleary (Arian Moayed) and Sadie Deever (Alysia Reiner) question Zoe about the AvengerCon incident, which is causing her to sweep every temple, masjid, and other place where South Asian people in the triad might congregate. state; in a rare if clunky acknowledgment of the realities facing many Muslims in the US as the FBI already keeps tabs on the Masjids. Kamala encounters the DODC’s drones but is able to escape faster thanks to some Think and Kamran’s getaway car rolling up in time to drive them away.

In the comics, Kamran is an Inhuman whose powers (which involve bioluminescence) were revealed in the same Terrigen Mist that unlocked Kamala’s abilities. It’s too early to tell if he also has superpowers (or if he’ll betray Kamala like his counterpart does), but the final moments of the episode show us that there’s more to Kamran than meets the eye. In the back seat of Kamran’s car is his mother – the same woman Kamala saw in a vision that made her lose her concentration.

“Kamala, I’ve waited a very long time to meet you,” she says, a greeting that could be an ointment or signify greater danger. Knowing Marvel, it could easily be both.

*Initial Release: Jun 15, 2022 3:31pm CDT

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Michelle Jaworsky

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