‘MS. Marvel’ Episode 1 is a fun and colorful introduction to a new hero

Warning: This summary contains spoilers for Mrs Miracle.

Ms. Marvel – Marvel’s first Muslim superhero – was created in 2013 by G. Willow Wilson, artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie, and editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, and became an instant sensation and fan favorite. And with her entry into the MCU at Disney+ Mrs Miraclemuch of what people loved about her in the comics is already on screen, with the first episode offering both a glimpse into civilian life and her origin story.

How about growing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We saw evidence of this in hawk eye For years as a young Kate Bishop, Clint Barton adored the hero and trained to become a skilled archer after rescuing her during the Battle of New York. But unless you’re thrown into the background of a dramatic third-act battle as an extra and possibly traumatized for life, this superhero fandom might look a little closer to how we interact with superheroes. They are admired but also treated as larger than life characters.

At least that’s how it goes for Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani). Her room is covered wall-to-wall with her love of Marvel’s heroes – Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel being her favorite – and in her spare time she creates intricate YouTube videos – which very few people except her best friend Bruno (Matthew Lintz) and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) watch – about Marvel’s heroes, such as how Captain Marvel actually saved the day during the final battle Avengers: Endgame; She even uses interviews on Scott Lang’s podcast to back up her argument. Her current dream is to go to AvengerCon and win a Captain Marvel Cosplay Contest with the outfit she and Bruno meticulously put together.

Kamala’s inner world is just as colourful. Evoking the kind of comic visuals that really popped up Into the Spider-Verse (another story starring another incredibly popular superhero who only recently debuted in the comics) Kamala’s imagination comes to life in a series of illustrations that dance on the walls of Jersey City buildings and often look like graffiti. As she goes through an action plan with Bruno about how they will get to AvengerCon later in the episode, a plan that is executed very differently than she envisioned, it is shown through a series of animated storyboards.

Her imagination oozes, and not in a way that others in her life approve of. She quickly fails a driving test, has been caught scribbling an unflattering sketch of a teacher, has been injured multiple times by sports glass, and even her principal is telling her to focus on her future. Late in the episode, her mother Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) tells her to stop fantasizing and asks if she wants to be a good person or a “cosmic person with her head in the clouds”.

Muneeba and Kamala’s father, Yusuf (Mohan Kapur), don’t really understand her affinity for superheroes, and while their love for her is never questioned—nor is her love for their family—they are adamantly opposed to her attending AvengerCon, where who knows what could happen unless she goes with her father and they wear the same Hulk costumes only after their older brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) talks to them. Kamala is against the idea because the cheating is her and Bruno’s business, but she also has a costume that she’s already unsure about (and which her parents wouldn’t approve of), but she also hurts her feelings in the process. Some parts of the dynamic tread a little in familiar territory about generational conflicts and overprotective parents Kamala never looks down on. But her insecurities still run high, whether she’s being snubbed by an aunt and her mother for an outfit she’s trying on, or glancing at herself in the mirror.

“Let’s face it, it’s not really the brown girls from Jersey City who are saving the world,” Kamala says wistfully at one point to Bruno, who assures her that if she wants to save the world, she will save the world.

Mrs Miracle wears his heart lightly on his sleeve. It opens Kamala’s world to include her high school, the Pakistani community her family is a part of, and Jersey City itself, which might eventually feel like a character in its own right (although it still has a long way to go before it gets there). ); The main villain so far is gentrification. But once Kamala and Bruno arrive at AvengerCon, the world opens up even wider as the camera focuses on photo ops, cosplay and the kind of knick-knacks that wouldn’t feel out of place at Comic-Con, and a mural that Pays tribute to Iron Man and Black Widow – whose deaths in the MCU finally get proper recognition outside of the people who knew them best (Clint Barton, Yelena Belova).

With her Captain Marvel costume in tow and a bangle from her Nani to add the finishing touches, Kamala is ready for her big moment. But the bangle that Kamala was attracted to earlier in the episode, before her mother became noticeably concerned and put the bangle in the attic, is the catalyst that eventually gives Kamala access to her powers.

kamala khan in ms marvel

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The subject of many debates Mrs Miracle‘s debut, Kamala’s powers are cosmic in nature and more closely match what Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau are capable of; provided they all star The wonders together it makes sense. There is a sense of wonder as people see her shoot crystallized energy out of their hands and capture them on their phones until some of the convention’s decorations come loose and begin to threaten attendees. But some aspects of her comical abilities are still intact: She is able to extend an energized arm and hand to save a classmate.

Kamala is amazed at what she can do, but the trip to AvengerCon immediately causes trouble. At home, her mother gives her a lecture on sneaking out and rebellion. But in a mid-credits scene, we learn that the stunt also raised some eyebrows at the US Department of Damage Control, where agents P. Cleary (Arian Moayed, reprise his role from Spider-Man: No Way Home) and Sadie Deever (Alysia Reiner) watch the AvengerCon video with concern. And when it comes to a government agency in the MCU, our heroes never fare well.

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