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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 Episode 9 “Run-Escape-Fight.” While on holiday shopping, Barnes and Jess are caught shooting at a mall, with exits designed so no one can escape. In addition, Gaines, Hana, and Ortiz try to help from the outside, knowing the family members of their group are inside and in danger. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 Episode 8, the team tracked down a crew who had stolen a precious racehorse to reclaim it for its owner. They murdered three people across the states, prompting the Feds to step in. The stallion’s owner initially handles the ransom internally until Agents Gaines and LaCroix convince her to think about the life of the horse trainer who kidnapped his kidnappers.

It is revealed that the trainer flipped the sides and joined the plot. She overcame the minions and got half of the ransom. The owner was so grateful to have her horse back she didn’t want to track down the stolen money and gave it as a gift to the trainer to start a new life.

Warning… Vandals below!

Above FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 Episode 9, Agent Jess LaCroix and his family, Byron, Tali, and Sarah run into Agent Sheryll Barnes and his pregnant wife Charlotte Gaines. Tali receives the good news that she has been accepted into the elusive boarding school. Jess’s face sank and suddenly, the agents heard Gunshots are fast and people are running. An active shooter shot in the mall!

LaCroix and Barnes in FBI Most Wanted Season 3 Episode 9

LaCroix and Barnes in FBI Most Wanted Season 3 Episode 9

LaCroix and Barnes get armed, get their family to safety, and take action. They have identified another shooter and have been pinned. Meanwhile, the two families’ track a retired cop, Linwood Williams. The shooter was wearing armor and fully automatic weapons hunting for any civilians to shoot. Heartlessly kill whoever is hiding.

Agent LaCroix and family get caught in a mall gunfight on FBI Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 9

Agent LaCroix and family get caught in a mall gunfight on FBI Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 9

LaCroix and Barnes arrive at their family and find a way to relocate them. Barnes phoned Agent Gibson to help her crack a dedicated lock to hide their family in the staff break room. Agents Ortiz and Gaines discovered the situation and ran to the mall. The research team also determined doors are fitted with explosives in case someone tries to escape.

LaCroix and Barnes hid their families and headed for a shootout and Byron wanted to come help. After a while, he was allowed to go. Sarah asked what would happen if the gunmen violated and LaCroix told them to prepare their minds to believe, “I am not the victim! I will not die today! I promise you…you won’t! ”

She didn’t realize

Agents Gaines, Gibson, and Ortiz in FBI Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 9

Agents Gaines, Gibson, and Ortiz in FBI Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 9

Gaines, Ortiz and Gibson team up with local police Captain Tim Taylor and their bomb squad.

Williams went with LaCroix to try and find a phone and the shooter locked them. Williams ran out of ammunition but discovered LaCroix, who caught the gunmen between reloads. He managed to snipe him with the last bullet but damaged the radio.

Barnes and Byron go to the security room to find a way to cut off the camera feed. Security guards helped them try to restore the old system online. They hit the probable shooter, Rob Murphy. Ortiz tried to get inside the building but Captain Taylor stopped him and advised him to be more suitable by hunting down the leader Murphy as he may be communicating with the shooters inside.

Bomb disposal team determined The bomb that is installed in the door is by a hair trigger and if one goes off, it all goes up in smoke! Therefore, they had to puncture the roof. Some security cameras went back online and they discovered it was three shooters versus two. Because LaCroix took out one, left two. Suddenly, Barnes saw Charlotte on the feed… she didn’t get out!

Broken water

Barnes got more information about the breach plan from Gaines and she needed Barnes to make sure the entrance to the roof was free of explosives but Barnes needed to get to his wife. Byron volunteered to go. They video call to see the door entrance and it can be disabled with a magnet. Byron recalls seeing one and going to get it. It works, allowing Feds to breach without needing to turn off the alarm.

Meanwhile, Ortiz and several officers break into Murphy’s place, forcing him to communicate with the shooters. Ortiz discovered there was another bomb.

Williams pulls out another gunman as bait while LaCroix takes him down! Barnes reunites with LaCroix and Williams and they go to rescue Charlotte and many other civilians. They are warned that the final shooter is approaching the room where Tali and Sarah are. Barnes helped with the last shooter and Charlotte’s water broke!

Her last goodbye

Tali and Sarah in FBI Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 9

Tali and Sarah in FBI Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 9

Tali and Sarah get a chance to talk. The teenager apologized for treating Sarah badly and confessed that she loved the woman- say her last goodbye in case something happens. Sarah comforts the teenager that nothing bad will happen.

The gunman eventually broke into the foyer where everyone was being held. The automatic fire has been let loose… but it was LaCroix who came to save them. The ultimate sniper is dead!


Ortiz tries to get the location of the last bomb from Murphy, but he refuses to tell. Suddenly, they found a timer is less than 3 minutes… It was attached to the final bomb. Ortiz discovered it was hidden in the security room.

Barnes led LaCroix and Williams back to the security room and they located the bomb. It only has a few seconds on it. Williams made a hasty move, grabbed the bomb and dashed down the hallway, and throw the bomb then it explodes! Luckily, he was still alive and avoided the direct blast radius…

Jess pulls Tali over to tell her how proud he is of her, being brave while fearing for her life. He let her go to boarding school and then… let go.

Once they got out, Barnes was immediately taken to the command post where Charlotte gave birth to the baby! It’s a boy!

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When was the FBI: Most Wanted?

FBI: Most Wanted Returns Tuesday, January 4, 2022!

FBI: Most Wanted Actor

  • Julian McMahon as Agent Jess LaCroix
  • Alexa Davalos as Agent Kristin Gaines
  • Kellan lutz as Agent Kenny Crosby
  • Roxy Sternberg as Agent Shelley Barnes
  • Keisha-Hughes . Castle as Agent Hana Gibson
  • Miguel Gomez as Agent Ivan Ortiz


  • Terry O’Quinn as Byron LaCroix
  • Jen Landon as Sarah Allen
  • Fedna Jacquet as Charlotte Gaines
  • Oriana Bustamante as Ingrid Vargas
  • Mat Hostetler as Bomb Tech

Guest actor

  • K. Todd Freeman as Linwood Williams
  • Frank Deals as Captain Tim Taylor
  • Reggie Talley as Eddie Williams
  • Marceline Hugot as Blanche
  • Kevin Tyler Rodriguez as Clay
  • Jeff Brooks as Maury
  • Lucas Kane as Rob Murphy
  • Jason Etter as Daniel
  • Matt Golden as Don
  • Paul Anderson as Officer SWAT
  • Mark Steven Dancewicz as NYPD Cop Two
  • Timothy David as male employee
  • Amanda Leigh Bell as Terrible Shopper
  • Monica Delgado as Medic
  • Kwabena Ampofo as Shopping Mall Security Guard

Air date: December 14, 2021

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FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 Episode Guide

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3 6 “Reciprocity” November 9, 2021
3 5 “Unhinged” November 2, 2021
3 4 Inherited October 12, 2021
3 3 Difficult love October 5, 2021
3 2 Patriots September 28, 2021
3 first Exposed“FBI: Premiere of Most Wanted Part 3 September 21, 2021

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