Minute by minute, the horrible things Diet Coke does to your body in just an hour

There is nothing quite like the sound of a Diet Coke can opening.

That first sip is delicious as the effervescent substance hits your taste buds and cascades down your throat.


It’s a refreshing treat, and for many people, drinking low-calorie beverages can be a savior — especially when trying to cut sugar or lose weight.

But what really happens to your body when you drink them and should you include them in your diet?

Studies have already shown that drinking such beverages with artificial sweeteners can increase the risk of weight gain.

A study published in the journal Current Atherosclerosis Reports warned that they may contribute to type 2 diabetes.

But for most people — unless you drink gallons of the stuff every day — a can here or there is unlikely to do you any lasting damage.

Low calorie sweeteners are used in place of sucrose, glucose and fructose and have an intensely sweet taste without the calories.

Artificially sweetened beverages (ASB) are also associated with an increased risk of death and cardiovascular disease, as well as stroke and dementia in the elderly, but it’s not clear why.

A study by experts from Zhengzhou University in China found that people who consumed sugar-sweetened beverages had a five percent increased risk of dying from any cause.

In light of these studies, experts can say what can happen to your body minute by minute – after consuming the drink.

10 mins

The Renegade Pharmacist states that after just ten minutes of drinking a low-calorie beverage, your taste buds are tricked and tooth enamel is attacked.

The acid attacks your teeth and experts say this helps chip the enamel on the surface.

Additionally, artificial sweeteners present in the drink, such as aspartame, trick your body into believing that it has just consumed sugar and needs to process it.

But one expert has criticized those claims, saying that the notion that diet drinks are bad “rose out of the nutrition industry’s innate ability to ignore science and wreak pseudoscientific chaos.”

Graeme Tomlinson, a.k.a. Fitness Chef, said: “No-calorie drinks are neither good nor bad.

“Their value depends on their modest contribution to a nutrient-dense, energy-controlled diet.⁣⁣”

If fizzy drinks are your thing – then it might be worth making the switch.

Bearded water sommelier Doran Binder, who works with SodaStream, said instead of cutting out the fizz, try experimenting with fizz.

“Plain tap water isn’t for everyone, so sparkling your water in a SodaStream is a great way to make drinking water more exciting.

“You can then create the flavor that works best for you by varying your carbonation and adding a new dimension to the drinking water.

“Whether you prefer a light fizz or a truly fizzy refreshment, you have the ability to create your own bespoke flavor,” he said.

20 minutes

The Renegade Pharmacist also claimed that your body turns on its “fat storage mode” within 20 minutes of consuming Diet Coke.

It highlights studies from the Nurses’ Health Study that say people who drink it have a higher risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

However, Mr Tomlinson said: “Diet Coke contains no sugar, so there is no insulin response”.

He also said these drinks have a significantly lower calorie count compared to some smoothies.

40 minutes

Many people have previously reported becoming addicted to Diet Coke.

The Renegade Pharmacist warns that the ingredients in the drink work the same way as cocaine.

They claim that combining caffeine and aspartame results in a similar short-term high.

They claim that released excitotoxins could exhaust and overstimulate your brain — if the drink is consumed regularly.

However, Mr Tomlinson claimed the drink could be a “useful aid in fat loss”.

60 minutes

Experts say that after an hour, drinks like Diet Coke can leave you feeling hungrier and thirstier than before.

They claim that these drinks can actually make you dehydrated and irritable.

They also claim that the low level of satisfaction you get from the initial drink could keep you craving sweet and sugary treats.

Mr Tomlinson added: “An outdated study conducted on rats suggested a possible link to blood cancer, but the link is not a cause and rats are not humans.

“Nonetheless, a 2013 meta-analysis eliminated any carcinogenic effects in rodents.

He also said the claim that “diet drinks destroy gut health and cause disease” can be countered.

He said that just extreme consumption of about 20 doses a day would result in impaired gut health over time.

The Sun has contacted a representative of the Coca Cola Company.

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