Metro Talk, December 13: Rings of Fury, Deadly Hounds, and Artificial Trees

Letters 12/12

What is on the minds of readers today? (Image:

The debates rage on here at Metro.

More readers are speaking out on topics ranging from dogs in shops to annoying bus passengers to fake plastic Christmas trees and winter shorts.

We also have a reader whose faith in England remains undiminished after their demoralizing World Cup elimination in Qatar. And the great god swap goes on – and we find out how religion, according to one reader, is like a walking stick.

You can continue to help shape the debate next year – check out the panel after the letters and give us a thumbs up to send us your thoughts and opinions, as the following readers have done…

“You don’t need dogs in shops”

■ Regarding dogs in stores (MetroTalk, Mo). Dogs don’t buy clothes, food, or drink, but they will sometimes eat their own droppings and the droppings of other animals. So I don’t see that they need to be in shops, pubs, cafes etc unless they are guide dogs.

Also, there are many people who have been attacked by dogs or are allergic to dogs. Around 1,200 people die from asthma each year in the UK, and many of the millions who suffer from asthma have asthma caused by dog ​​dander (dead skin).

My husband is like that. In the past week alone we have had to leave a charity shop and pub and get off a bus miles from home because a dog was brought or brought on board.

Sad dog with spiked collar tied on leash to pole outside building - closeup

Dogs… in or out? (Image: Getty)

There is usually no need to take dogs into pubs and shops or onto buses (households with dogs should have someone fit enough to walk the dog locally).

When I stop to explain why we had to leave a seat and even ask for a refund on our food and drink order, the dog owner often gives my husband a dirty look. It’s like it’s his fault he has asthma, but her dog could kill him just for being in the same room. Can all dog owners please show some consideration? After all, they are freelancers. M Reader, London

■ Since when are dogs allowed in supermarkets and shops? Not the ones I go to unless the dogs are for the blind. I would like to take my dog ​​with me. But I doubt if I would pass the security check. J, Manchester

Bell ringing blues

■ Mandy (MetroTalk, Fri) rightly criticizes passengers for repeatedly ringing the bell on buses to stop them. Spain solved this problem by equipping all its buses with a single ring only system. You press the bell once and it rings. After that you can press it a hundred times and it stays silent. Jules Stewart, London

London bus

When is the best time to ring that bell? (Image: Dominic Lipinski/PA)

■ Like Mandy, I’m also annoyed by the many ring tones on buses. However, there are some that ring as soon as they exit a stop, meaning the driver will likely have forgotten it was rung by the time they arrive at the next.

I’ve lost count of the number of times the driver has stopped at the next stop to let passengers in but hasn’t opened the exit doors, meaning we have to yell for them to open. Or even worse – the driver drives right past the bus stop without stopping. I always ring the bell 100 meters from the bus stop so they remember it fresh. Steve Mitchell, London

Stop singing, but don’t stop believing

Harry Kane on the pitch after losing to France at the World Cup

Harry Kane applauds England fans after defeat by France (Image: EPA/Rolex dela Pena)

■ The great thing about sport is that we generally don’t know what’s coming next – we saw that with England on Saturday night at the World Cup.

I’m sure most people like me almost celebrate a goal for my team as soon as a penalty is awarded, but statistics tell you that about 75% of penalties actually result in a goal. Harry Kane’s second penalty was one of those 25% missed.

We have a young team with great potential so let’s keep working, keep believing and stop singing Skinner and Baddiel’s Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) until it does and we could win it. Michael, Chingford

Frank Skinner and David Baddiel kiss the World Cup trophy in England football shirts

Michael wants us to stop singing Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s England anthem (Image: BBC)

Urban myth busting and why religion is like a walking stick

■ Chris Miller of Chigwell (MetroTalk, Fri) errs when he says it is an “urban myth” that Easter is named after a pagan deity, or that Bede’s confirmation is “not believed to be reliable.” Linguistic reconstruction has shown that Eostre (Eastre in Northumbrian), the Germanic relative Ostara, and other European relatives were derived from an earlier Proto-Indo-European goddess of the dawn.

The month names corresponding to April, place names and personal names are all from Eostre. Brian, Huddersfield

■ So interesting to read all the recent commentary on religion (MetroTalk, Mon). The decision to follow Jesus Christ was the best of my life. It has brought me a joy and a peace that the world could never give. For me and many other Christians like me, the R-word isn’t religion, it’s relationship. Mark, Richmond

■ The world would be a better place without religious extremists. Religion is like a walking stick: it can be good for helping you walk when you need it, but not good for using it as a weapon.

Ideally, we would not need religion and fear of hell or the promise of heaven to make us good people.

I believe that religion holds us back. If we had evidence that our planet would be destroyed in a collision hundreds of years from now, we would take serious measures to avert the danger while our attempts to discover eternal life stemmed from the religious beliefs ingrained in our psyche are half-hearted There could be something better waiting for us. Mark, Caterham

Praying hands in a church service

This debate will not be resolved any time soon (Picture: Getty)

■ Shaun from Essex (MetroTalk, Thurs) suggests that we live our lives as we choose. Does that include all those who do so much evil in the world? If he claims that there is no God, would he then claim that there is no devil?

If he claims that there is no God, does he think that people freed from the shackles of being the best people they can be, in light of their religion or belief, would do less or more evil? I firmly believe that when people are left to their own devices and only think of themselves, they are likely to do more evil than they do now. WD, Bromley, Kent

■ People are free to believe in any or no god, but Jesus Christ, who is God in human form, came to earth and was born as a man to tell people that God is real.

He died as the only sinless sacrifice to take away your sin so you can return to a direct personal relationship with God as your loving Father. God is not a tyrant.

Only God can make sinful people sinless. If you reject Jesus’ offer of forgiveness, then it will be you who have chosen to be separated from God – forever. Anthony, London

And also…

■ Regarding wearing shorts in winter (MetroTalk, Mon), most guys who still wear them are just trying to show off their tattoos. The fact that her top half is wrapped up in hats and scarves only proves it. Rose, Midlothian

■ Steve from Kent (MetroTalk, Mon) says he “don’t understand” why people are buying real Christmas trees when climate change is real. Would he rather buy plastic Christmas trees and add more plastic to our environment? Fred, Hampshire

■ Stop the press! An inch of snow and my trains were still running on Monday. Amazed and grateful. Jim,London

Jokes aside, help start the debate for ’23

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