Matchmaker says she was sued by client for saying N-word on date

A matchmaker’s TikToks about the time she was sued by a client for using a racial slur during a date with one of her other clients went viral on the popular social media platform.

Addie Sellers runs the @circleoflovecoaching account, where she embarked on a story hour about the harrowing turn of events.

@circleoflovecoaching the court date was worth the whole thing. #fypシ #sued #circleoflovecoaching #matchmaker #love ♬ Original sound – Addie Sellers

“So that’s about the time I got sued by one of my matchmaking clients,” she says. Yes, it’s one of those things that’s so embarrassing and embarrassing, but it happened. It was my first year of matchmaking I am signing up this lady she is in her 40s everything comes back to her background great. I set her up with this really nice guy and then he calls me after the date and freaks out.”

Sellers then says he revealed to her that the client said the n-word during the date. She continues: “He said, ‘Addie, you can’t fool this lady. She said the N-word on the date.’

The TikToker explains that she was mortified. She later contacted the woman and made her aware that she had breached her contract.

“I was shaking. I’m shaking now. I was horrified,” she says. “The guy would never trust me to match him up again, so it ruined his experience and she I can’t work for her if she that does. So I call them up and say your contract says you can’t say negative things on your date, you definitely can’t use racial slurs, what do you think?

The customer then told Addie she wanted her money back, to which Addie said she had already spent money on the background checks and setting everything up so she “absolutely refused”.

Sellers went on to say that the client sued her for the matchmaking fees – $200 – after Addie said she could no longer represent this woman.

@circleoflovecoaching he said “ma’am there’s no good reason to say the n-word”. #fypシ #sued #matchmaker #circleoflovecoaching #love ♬ Original sound – Addie Sellers

“If it’s under $10,000 in North Carolina, you’re in small claims court,” Sellers explains. “If you’re going to small claims court, you don’t need a lawyer, you can just bring your paperwork and your side of the story.”

She says they waited for others to finish before their case could be heard, noting that the judge was a white woman in her late 30s.

“Well, we’re going upstairs in a minute [the judge] said, ‘I’m called as a witness in another case, I have someone else to stand in for me,'” Sellers claims.

Seeing the other judge who would preside over her claim, Sellers says, “I was smiling from ear to ear when the new judge came in.” He was a black man in his late 40s, she explains, and believes he sympathizes with her case would have.

“[The client] told her side of the story and why she used the word and what it meant to her, but he was horrified,” Sellers claims. “And I was appalled. And he said, ‘Obviously she can’t get you dates.’ Somehow the case is closed.”

Users were shocked that the client who used the racial slur would try to defend herself given the circumstances. While others thought it was unfair for their male client to get upset with Addie that the person he dated used the N-word.

“I hope she learned a thing or two, although I doubt it,” said one viewer.

“Why is he freaking out like how would you know? God lord people need to get their act together,” argued another.

Others said Addie found herself with a “Karen” just pretending to be nice.

“Probably a Karen who played well. You are despicable. You will learn to recognize them and avoid them,” wrote one user.

The New York Times wrote an article about the matchmaking business in the United States in 2021, and the outlet’s findings showed that there is a wide range of different services, all charging different amounts. But the paper said that “the industry as a whole lacks transparency.”

The outlet went on to interview several people who used matchmaking services and what they paid for and what kind of results they got. One respondent stated that the benefits offered by their partner are “more about personal growth than finding a partner.”

Another customer said that the amount of personal time he would “spend” on finding a date online, about 50 hours to set up a date, was worth about $1,000 per match Paid that would lead to a date.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Addie for further comment.

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*Initial publication: June 12, 2022 at 12:45 p.m. CDT

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Jack Alban Matchmaker says she was sued by client for saying N-word on date

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