MarketPresso Review

MarketPresso Review

MarketPresso Review

Freelance is a $ 1 billion industry that’s even bigger than construction & transportation in the US. But in reality, self-employed people have enough customers, projects, sales and turnover?

If you ask any Freelancer who offers his / her services on Fiverr or upwork, the answer will be no big. Sadly, that is the harsh reality!

Although there is a lot of potential in Freelance, the current systems do not support Freelancers / Service Providers or Agent owners.

Do you know why? More details here!

1. Fierce competition It can take weeks or even months to pocket a job. 1000 people are offering similar logo design services on free websites and can be at a lower price and get a better rating!

2. Huge commissions for free platforms! Even when freelancers work on a project, they are forced to pay a 20% fee for freelance websites. It was a big hole in the pocket of Freelancer.

3. No contact information / potential customers. The worst part is that free websites don’t give you any information about your customers. There is no guarantee that customers will come back for more services.

Service seekers have a lot of choices. Freelancers can’t do anything about that because they have no authority or control!

What if I told you all this is changing from today. What if self-employed people, service providers, and agency owners could have their own MarketPlace brand so they could control Traffic, make conversions, broadcast grow their list and eventually win a real stake in the $ 1 trillion industry?

IT’S CORRECT! MarketPresso, the first and only MarketPlace Builder in the world will be launched on February 2. MarketPresso allows you to sell with authority, get more customers, have more sales and really crush your competition. !

If you have multiple commercial license products, it’s time to put them all to use. And to learn more about this groundbreaking product, continue reading Huynh’s review today.

What is MarketPresso?

MarketPresso is the first and only builder on the planet to help you build your own market. Make more money than ever by selling your digital products, products or physical services. Freelance or build your agency – everything is now possible with your own custom white-label marketplace.

You can sell your products and services like:

  • SEO

MarketPresso will help you make more money than ever by offering them a platform where you can sell all your products / services to your customers.

About The Author

Karthik Ramani and Saurabh Bhatnagar

This wonderful product was created by Karthik Ramani and his partner Saurabh Bhatnagar. Karthik himself is a master in digital marketing and he has resonated on the market many times before with his seemingly confusing inventions.

Throughout his career, Karthik has created Skilexa, HypeSprout, EverFunnels, etc. and all of them have received positive reviews from users. So I think MarketPresso is no exception.

Keep reading my review and see the outstanding features of this tool.

MarketPresso Detailed Features

⇒ Beautifully designed home page

MarketPress ensures you have a beautifully designed homepage that leaves a deep impression on your customers and helps grow your customers’ confidence in your market. Plus, it creates immediate authority leading to sales.

⇒ Categories, Sub-Categories & Smart Menu

The pages are professionally designed for all categories / subcategories. Example – Graphic design is a category & Logo design is a subcategory.

Elegant display of related services within category / subcategory pages. It will make moving and finding services much easier for your customers. Let them find and book your service easily.

⇒ High conversion service page

Displaying your provided services in a beautiful image / video slider gives your customers a great idea of ​​the services you are offering.

In addition, the free flow text editor also allows you to add a great description to your services. The DUAL impact of sliders & text leads to super high conversions from this page.

⇒ Service Pack

Create 3 different packages for your services. Example – Basic, Standard & Advanced. This is a huge profit boost. Simply because you can offer more services at a better price.

⇒ Smart Price

Set your price according to your work. Here are the different pricing options you can set:

• Time (Every hour or minute or second)
• Time
• Duration of the script
• Fixed price
• Flexible prices
• Number of units
• Set your own variables (XX price for each YY variable)

⇒ Messaging & Texting

MarketPresso offers an inbuilt chat system that allows customers to message you in real time. This significantly increases conversions because your visitors can discuss their requirements before placing an order. Therefore, the probability of converting sales is much higher.

⇒ Order notifications and messages in real time

You will receive instant notifications for orders and chat messages. This allows you to act quickly. Definitely, a conversion booster and trust for your business.

⇒ Testimonials & Reviews

Free service customers demonstrate a lot of faith in the testimonials of other customers. Show and hide testimonials according to your wishes. Plus, you can add your own testimonials to add that extra impact.

⇒ Add To Cart

The shopping cart feature will increase your average order value & profit per sale.

⇒ Unlimited map storage & CName – Whitelabel solution

A.) Your market will run on our fast servers. So you never have to worry about hosting for servers. B.) Our 1-click CName mapping feature allows you to run markets on your domain. All rights reserved.

⇒ Integrated payment gateway

Collect payment by the payment gateway you choose. We integrate with all leading payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe,, etc.

⇒ Custom code

Retargeting your customers or showing custom pop-ups or performing any custom configuration with the ability to add your custom code. Very useful feature for top level customizations. The development team will teach you how to use it.

⇒ Badges on deals

Highlight your main offer to add attention. Featured deals grab immediate attention & get more sales. Just like the Menu Menu of the Day in a restaurant. You can highlight your services like ED’s Day Deals, Hot-selling Games, etc.

⇒ Language translation

Take orders worldwide for instant 1-click language translation. Pretty awesome feature to give your market a worldwide appeal.

⇒ Browsing history

This is a great feature to increase sales. Show your visitors the products they care about and break more sales.

⇒ Integrated SMS & Email

The development team has integrated with all the leading SMS & Email providers. Visitors to your website will immediately become part of your contact list on the email & sms platform.

⇒ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions play a huge role in converting sales. I have found that on thousands of sales pages. Pages with FAQs convert more. Write down your own FAQ and display it on service pages and personal directories.

⇒ Mobile-friendly platform

Your market will be completely mobile friendly. The development team tested this on almost every mobile device and tablet and it came out with flying colors in every one. You will always bank in the sale of additional mobile phones 🙂

⇒ Manage users and customer profiles

In your admin panel, you’ll find an easy-to-manage user management portal where you can see all the details about your customers. This will help you identify your best customers and you can plan your marketing activities around them.

⇒ 100% cloud-based application – Unlimited Windows, Mac, Desktop, Tablet or anything

MarketPresso is a 100% cloud based application. So you are not limited by the stupid limitations of Windows or Mac or Desktop or Tablet. Any device you have & anywhere in the world – you can open your market and get ready in seconds.

And there are other utilities like:

  • Cashback’s loyalty reward (Wallet)
  • Channels – add upells during / after payment
  • Upsell based on delivery speed
  • Add blog content
  • Show recommended products
  • Show related products
  • Show Groups Buying Products / Services
  • User login – Email or social media

How Does MarketPresso Work

With this software, you can easily create a profitable marketplace in just 4 simple steps. Let me show you what those 4 steps are.

Step 1 – Simple custom design, personalize your market

MarketPresso step 1

Step 2 – Add details of your product / service

MarketPresso step 2

Step 3 – Specify the price of your Service

MarketPresso step 3

Step 4 – Connect the payment gateway

MarketPresso step 4

And likewise, your own full brand marketplace is ready to help you get more service and customer orders on a daily basis.

You can also watch the demo video below for more info:

Why Should You Get MarketPresso Now?

You probably already know Fiverr and Upwork are the two largest job markets today. When you drive traffic to these open platforms – you’ll never know if your target customers are buying from some other seller (because of a better rating / better price / good presentation. more or nothing).

You lost the sale.

Or even if they buy through you – you’ll never get buyer contact information. That means you always rely on other platforms for your business.

In short, you are building their business NOT yours.

And MarketPresso threw these two big issues out of the park.

Gives you the entire Control Control on your business.

It provides you with a more personalized level of customization – so you can create personalized markets according to your own requirements.

And another great advantage is

When your customers are in a buying mood, they buy more products / services than originally intended (like that happens when shopping on Amazon).

Since this is your own market, all the services listed will be your own. So whether or not the product is a product, the profit will be sold in your pocket. This can never happen with public platforms.

You should also see the comparison chart below for more info!

MarketPresso - Friverr - Upwork

MarketPresso – Friverr – Upwork

MarketPresso Refund Policy?

Once you purchase MarketPresso, you will also receive an additional 30-day money back guarantee. If your market doesn’t help you get more customers and service projects, just contact them with the paypal margin at the time of purchase and they will refund you 100% without hassle, no have a question.

However, I feel that you will not do so. MarketPresso is a very important to your online success.

With all the services you have provided, MarketPresso is the only platform you need to start selling those services and get huge profits in the first place.

You can set up your own full fledged service agency where you will build power immediately for your own market and sell your service at a higher price because there is no competition.

With MarketPresso, you will be at the top of the gigantic $ 1 billion industry.

MarketPresso will help you stay ahead of all average freelancers, though they will still battle the deadly battle between thousands of freelance workers on crowded platforms, but on the other hand, you’ll catch Start making huge money from your own market.

Try MarketPresso risk free for 30 days and I know you will love the results it will bring you.

MarketPresso OTO

In addition to the user version. The author also provides you with more upgraded versions to expand more features.

OTO 1 – MarketPresso Pro ($ 97) >>See details<<

With this upgrade, you will make 200 extra profits from your market with 10 Upselling Features Inside Marketplace & Unlimited Marketplaces.

  • Immediate Order Upsell
  • Cashback Reward Method (Wallet)
  • Ability To Give Coupons
  • Ability To Give Bundle Deals
  • Ability To Give 1 + 1, 2 + 1 Giveaway Deals
  • Recommended For You Products (Like Amazon)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Bump Order Upsell
  • Customisable Pop Ups For Showing Offers / etc
  • Ability To Send Special Offer Via Chat
  • Unlimited Marketplaces

OTO 2 – MarketPresso Template Club at One Time Price ($ 47) >>See details<<

With this upgrade, You are entitled to Allow others to sell in your market and receive commissions for each sale. And also allow others to create their own market PLUS Allow others to create their own market by logging into your agency and keeping profits 100%!

  • Template club for a ONE TIME PRICE
  • No Recurring
  • 10 DFY Marketplaces
  • 50 DFY Services Description in Internet’s Most Popular Niches
  • DFY Marketplaces Crafted by 7-Figure Copywriters & Award Winning Designers

OTO 3 – MarketPresso Premium ($ 197) >>See details<<

  • Allow others to sell in your marketplace & take commission on every sale (just like Fiverr)
  • Sell ​​Brand New Marketplaces To Your Clients & Keep 100% Profits!

OTO 4 – MarketPresso Mobile App ($ 197) >>See details<<

This 4rd installment you will get mobile app for lets you tap into 3.2 billion hungry customer bases and $ 1.8 billion in mobile app industry.

You will get:

  • MarketPresso Mobile App
  • Already Published On Android & IOS
  • Tap Into 3.2 Billion Hungry Customer Base & $ 1.8 Trillion Mobile App Industry
  • Get In Front Of Hungry Buyers
  • Get Started Selling Through It Immediately
  • Build Customer Loyalty & Marketplace Authority
  • Save 1000s Of Dollars Of Heavy Development Cost & Several Months Of Turnaround Time
  • Limited Time Bonus – Unlimited Mobile Apps For All Your Marketplaces

MarketPresso Bonus

  • Bonus 1 – MarketPresso customer search application (valued at $ 997)

This is a groundbreaking app that helps you find exact contact details of businesses around the world. You will be able to find the business name, phone number, email id & website of any business in any segment in any city or country with just one click.

So now you have your own advanced market plus you have a way to find high paying businesses and contact them easily. You do not need anything other than this to run a super profitable business.

  • Bonus 2 – Huge rewards for the first 250 buyers (worth $ 497)

For the first 250 MarketPresso buyers, they will receive a high conversion ad.

  • Bonus 3- Free promotional credit worth $ 600- $ 800

Advertising your market is the fastest way to instantly generate unlimited traffic & sales.

So the author has given you free advertising credits worth $ 600-800 on high-end networks like LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. … But here’s the reward. The time limit will be removed soon.

  • Bonus 4 – AI Logo creation software (Worth $ 697)

The logo of a brand is its identity. Companies have even paid millions to designers to create their logos. And with this award, you have this AI-based Logo creation software that comes with related icons, images, fonts and suggestive colors. Add a logo creation service in your market and sell it for $ 100- $ 300 each (or more) to local customers and businesses.

  • Bonus 5 – AI BrandDomain Software (Worth $ 497)

You get advanced AI software to find domain availability, make additional domain suggestions by niche segmentation and find your domain’s keyword availability on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Medium – all at the touch of a button.

MarketPresso Pros:

Get your own professional branded market

Add & Provide all your services

100% cloud-based platform requires no additional installation

Super easy setup, 100% friendly to newbies.

No technical knowledge, special skills required.

Become an online service provider in your space

Works for any Niche.

30-day money back guarantee.

MarketPresso Cons:

Χ After launch, the price will rise to $ 97 and then it will be recurring for a month.

Χ You need internet to access and use


In short, MarketPresso is the first and only market building tool in the world that helps you increase your sales scale by getting more customers, packing more service orders, getting more projects. higher value, build your authority as a service provider, kill your competitors and help you charge higher prices for your services.

The free industry is booming with businesses trying to outsource most of their duties. Naturally, they would prefer to work with businesses more seriously than any freelance freelancer on Fiverr / Upwork. So don’t think any more. Click on the button below to access MarketPresso today.



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