Man calculates whether it is better to buy medium or large McDonald’s fries

BEIJING, CHINA - 2016/09/27: A girl eats fried chips at a McDonald's restaurant. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A man came up with the ‘Mcdonald’s Fries Theorum’ (Image: Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)

One man has become the hero we need but don’t deserve by answering the question: is it financially better to buy medium or large McDonald’s fries?

Jim, also known as “Everyone’s Favorite Jim,” shared his “Mcdonald’s Fries Theorum” on Twitter on Wednesday.

His wife had told him that she only ordered medium-sized fries because a larger portion “really doesn’t have any fries in it,” so you’re not getting a bargain.

The graphic designer said he was swamped with work and decided to put his wife’s theory to the test – complete with spreadsheets and kitchen scales.

Jim first weighed out a medium and a large portion of fries in the McDonald’s box – the larger fries weighed 20g more than the 116g medium ones.

‘WRONG: There are more fries in a large. Job done,” Jim said.

But Jim pointed out that this is due to the weight of the larger box. “So I zero the scale with a bowl and weigh the chips,” he added.

The medium fries weighed 109g, while the larger portion ended up at 127g.

“Which interestingly (excuse my quick and loose use of ‘interesting’) means that the large carton has 2g more carton,” he added, showing a photo of nine chips arranged in order of size on the scale were.

“A large has 116% the fries of a medium but costs 128% of the price at £2.29 versus £1.79.

“Then there’s certainly a point where it’s cheaper to buy more medium portions than large portions. It turns out there is. And not as many as you might think…”

Using the power of math, Jim was able to pinpoint the exact moment when you actually get more bang for your buck when buying medium-sized fries.

“If you buy five servings of medium fries, that’s 21p cheaper than four servings of large fries, and you get 37g more fries!” he said.

“This works up to seven medium versus six large, where you get an extra gram of fries for £1.21 less! After that it gets cheaper but you get fewer fries.”

In other words, if you’re craving about a pound to three-quarters of a pound of McDonald’s fries, go for medium portions. the more you know

Jim added: “So there you have it. I suspect there is much more important math to be done, but it needs to be done by smarter people.

“If you’re curious too, do some testing yourself and report back with your results. Now back to work.’

However, given how long this has been going on, we can imagine most people’s fries have gone cold by now.

“Important research,” said one user. “Big Fry wants to turn us on!”

There’s a lot of math involved in fast-food french fries (Image: Zhang Peng)

Another added: “This is the kind of investigative journalism I need in my life. Keep up the fantastic work.’

A third person said: “Your wife’s hypothesis is consistent with my theory about second-rate jobs.

“It’s more expensive to have devices to separate first and second class than to treat all items the same, so it doesn’t make business sense to treat them differently.”

However, Vaughn Highfield pointed out that more research into Jim’s “Mcdonald’s Fries Theorum” may be needed.

“This is great BUT considering how manually it fills fries boxes I think you need to repeat this to a point where you can calculate average gains across fries size to say, that you consistently get Xg more in a big one,” he said.

Digital artist and Twitch streamer Dyl added, “As someone who’s worked on fries quite a bit, we just throw in chips until it looks full.

“There is no thought process.”

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