MagickFunnels Review

In any economy, the most profitable marketers offer 2 things that people have always wanted:

Hope and satisfaction.

In a one-time crisis in life, people crave these two things more than ever.

Think of someone who is stuck at home for a while. They can expect lots of different things:

An easy way to lose weight, a friendly way to start making money, how to start online dating, and more. If you give people a professional guide on how to achieve these, you will give them hope – for free.

Then, when you give them the option to upgrade to a paid solution for better, faster results – you provide satisfaction and you get PAID.

The concept is simple. Combining all moving parts is difficult. You need great free reports that provide hope, also known as lead magnets.

Then you need paid, highly relevant offers that provide solutions for you to earn commissions. And of course, you will need websites, hosting and traffic to make it all work.


You can get it done for you, with an automated software developed by Clickbank Platinum provider and expert affiliate marketer.

Introducing MagickFunnels

MagickFunnels Review

This software & method is a proven, DFY way to earn BIG commissions and build your list at the same time. There is NO any technological skill, previous experience, following expertise or even paid traffic.It’s easy, 99% of the setup is done for you and it helps you get a commission while building your list on autopilot.

And to learn more about it – keep scrolling down to read.

What Exactly Is MagickFunnels?

MagickFunnels is an all-inclusive system for building subscriber lists and making affiliate commissions in a wide range of niches.

It comes loaded with a cloud-based software, 14 Done-For-You funnels, a database of stunning landing pages and premium lead magnets, plus step-by-step training that’s simple to follow.

Select one of the pre-made DONE FOR YOU funnels or create your own from scratch. The cloud based app includes a variety of landing pages and lead magnets. Select one of the lead magnets from our huge database, link it to one of the landing pages and add your affiliate link of any affiliate product.

This method and software have been developed by an actual super affiliate who’s using these EXACT methods himself. There’s absolutely zero fluff or untested theory.

And, every element inside has been EXTENSIVELY tested and optimized with real world campaigns, to get you the best possible results.

14 Completely DFY Mini-Funnels => Get Paid WHILE You Build A List. These 2 page funnels are optimized for getting you subscribers, then INSTANTLY monetizing them with top-converting affiliate offers. Everything’s included: sleek optin pages, lead magnets, and thank-you pages that deliver your freebie AND promote a targeted offer. Ready to go out-of-the-box: just add your personal links – we show you how – and Iegall set.

DFY Premium Products => For Top Quality Leads And Big Ticket Commissions. Your Magick Funnels come loaded with premium lead magnets to build your list FAST … And are synced to quality affiliate offers across a wide range of niches to diversify your income streams … Maximize commissions and even make RECURRING profits with “always in demand” products covered Health & Fitness, Make Money Online, Software, Relationships, Pets, Hobbies & More!


Now You Can Bank Commissions & Build Your List At The Same Time From Inside ONE Simple Platform!

  • Automated Funnel Making Software INCLUDED
  • Wide Range Of Premium Lead Magnets INCLUDED
  • 14 DFY Lead & Commission Funnels INCLUDED
  • High Paying, Top-Converting Affiliate Offers INCLUDED
  • Unlimited Hosting For ALL Your Funnel Pages INCLUDED
  • Free Traffic Methods & EPIC Over The Shoulder Training INCLUDED

Additional Key Points:

– ​Plug & play software for game changing commissions, RECURRING income and a constantly growing email list

– Zero guesswork with 14 fully automated, DFY funnels that build your list AND generate commissions

– ​Infinitely scalable: make custom funnels with the database of premium lead magnets and landing pages

– ​Zero overhead costs: software, templates, products & HOSTING all included

– Diversify your income & minimize risk with funnels covering a wide range of in-demand niches​

– Plug & Play Simple: 14 DFY funnels ready straight out of the box to make you commissions and build your list AT THE SAME TIME!

– ​Beginner friendly with the firepower to help even advanced marketers scale

– Bank From MULTIPLE Sources: you’re auto-approved for all 14 top-converting offers inside

– ​HUGE Commissions And Recurring Income Potential: many of the affiliate offers pay $100s per sale PLUS monthly payouts

– Save $1000s On Page Builders & Hosting: Magick Funnels includes cloud-based software and hosting for your pages

– ​Completely Beginner Friendly: No previous skills or experience needed, an internet connection is all you need

– ​Free Traffic Methods Included: You get our tested & proven FREE traffic strategies that work perfectly with this system

– INFINITELY Scalable: Use the separate app to create & customize your own 2-page mini funnels.



The creator of this great product is Glynn Kosky – a familiar supplier of many 6-digit products launched on the market. In fact, he gained a reputation as an entrepreneur, an investor and a digital marketer.

Starting a career as a digital marketer, Glynn fully understands your needs and is always working hard to meet them. Thanks to that, his products are highly appreciated by experts. Some of the top quality marketing products in recent years are: TubeSiphon, CB Profit Sites, Giveaway Profits PRO, Recurring Profit Machine, CommissionReplicator, AffiliSites PRO, FreebieCommissions PRO, DigiFunnel Lab PRO.

So I can reform you that MagickFunnels is no exception. Please see the following to learn more about its features.

Features of MagickFunnels?

4 unique profit features. That makes this easier, faster, and MORE EFFICIENT than the rest.


No matter what anyone else says, affiliate marketing is competitive. Most of the methods make this even worse, by way of promoting extremely competitive products that are being promoted by marketers with FIVE experience and great listings.

With Magick Funnel, the evergreen products in your DFY funnel are not in their launch stage, so very few marketers are actively promoting them.

Help YOU more easily with bank commissions!

2. LEGIT Zoom integrated

On TOP of many channels DFY quickly launch your listings and commissions. You get our standalone channel creation app, to quickly create CUSTOM channels that promote any offers you want.

So you can offer more premium products for BIGGER commissions, for a constantly rising subscriber list.


Each included landing page has been tested & optimized to maximize conversions. And they have been testing hundreds of hundreds of different affiliate offers before choosing the top performers.

You are getting a fine-tuning system from real-world testing to maximize your profits.

4. They will force you to succeed if you give them training

We take your success seriously. It displays in the system and custom software. But it really goes over in the training you receive. MORE is the use of DFY funnels and software. But also how to maximize your results from every campaign.

How Does MagickFunnels Work

Just plug in your details and see potential customers & COMMITMENTS TO LIFE IN AUTOPILOT!


  • Step 1 – PICK one of the 14 DFY mini-funnels or customize your own with the app
  • Step 2 – JUMPSTART your traffic with the FREE methods inside
  • Step 3 – WATCH hands-free commissions and new subscribers hit your accounts

Then when you are ready to ADD …

Just wash and repeat with another DFY channel or customize your own! Hands-Down The Easiest, Proven Most Way To Affiliate Bank While Growing a Profitable List

MagickFunnels Proof


What Do You Get From MagickFunnels?

You get everything to easily commission and build your email list on demand in a user friendly platform.

Absolutely DFY Mini-Funnel => Get paid when you build a list

  • These two channels are optimized to help you subscribe, then IMMEDIATELY them with top conversion link offers.
  • Includes everything: glossy optin pages, lead magnets and thank you pages that provide your free account AND promote a targeted offer.
  • Ready out of the box: just add your personal links – we show you how – and you’re done.
  • Hands-free solution: These auto channels generate leads and commission on autopilot!

High quality products DFY => For potential customers with top quality and large ticket commissions

  • Your Magick channel is loaded with premium lead magnets to build your list FAST.
  • And synchronized with quality link offers across a range of niches to diversify your revenue stream.
  • Maximize commissions and even generate RECRUITMENT benefits with products that always have health needs, including Health & Fitness, Make Money Online, Software, Relationships, Pets, Interests and more!
  • Game-changing commissions: Many of these top conversion deals can pay HUNDREDS for each sale of PLUS monthly recurring monthly earnings

EASY scale your income => DFY and DIY, you are insured with the app!

  • Magick Funnel is the development system WITH YOU. Start with DFY channels to earn FAST profits.
  • Then use the standalone app to create your OWN custom funnel easily.
  • You have access to our library of our premium magnets and landing pages, so expanding with custom channels is a breeze.
  • Scaling: The stand-alone app makes it easy and easy to set up your own channels from scratch

Save $100 per year and maximize conversions => Include Hosting for ALL your channel pages.

  • Forget the tech hassle of domain name and hosting setup.
  • Don’t worry about downtime or slow page loads that cost you money and commissions.
  • Your Magick Funnel license includes robust, FAST & secure storage for all your pages.
  • Costs on ZERO: Includes storage and no need for other paid software

Start banking immediately => Approve automatic links

  • You will not need to contact the supplier or ask for approval. All are arranged for you.
  • You will be automatically approved for MACHI the top internal conversion link offers.
  • Don’t wait: Automatically approve to promote all of these affiliate products

Maximize traffic => Get floods of visitors to your channel, for free

  • In addition to free transportation, your landing pages are built to share on your favorite networks.
  • So you can take advantage of social media, YouTube and forums to burn your listings and boost commissions.
  • MORE FREE traffic: With landing pages optimized for sharing on networks

Who is MagickFunnels for?

Obviously MagickFunnels is a perfect match for anyone who wants to make money online. In particular, if you are on the following list, you should seriously consider this:

     + Product suppliers

     + Affiliate marketers

     + Email marketing

     + Business owner

     + Owner of e-commerce business

     + Advertiser

     + Businessman

     + Freelancer

     + New people

MagickFunnels OTO and Price

You only pay $17.97 – $21.97 once to get MagickFunnels to do all the work for you. This is a reasonable price because you are provided with all the tools you need to enhance your online business.

To be honest, I think creators will charge more for this product because this is the most comprehensive system to get you immediate results.

Think about this: you pay once but you get big recurring income so this is a low-cost investment. You are paying a lot of LESS for more!

If you buy this product in the early bird period, you will get much better prices.


Day 1: Wednesday

Early birds 1 (9 am EST – 3 pm EST): $ 17.97

Early Bird 2 (3pm EST – Midnight): $ 19.97

Day 2 (Thursday): $ 21.97

Day 3 (FRI): $ 22.97

Day 4 5 6: $ 23.97

Day 7 (Tuesday): $ 24.97

Retailing from Median WEDS: $ 37.97

So be quick to seize this golden opportunity. I know you don’t want to miss it and regret it later!

Do not hesitate because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In case you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a FULL refund within 30 days of purchase. Therefore, you do not need to take any risks!

If you want to add more features to this software, then you can consider buying these offers after you check out:

OTO 1 – Unlimited Version – $ 37/27

OTO 2 – Additional Done-For-You FUNNELS In Various Niches $ 97/67

OTO 3 – Automated Traffic Flow $ 97/67

OTO 4 – Conversion Boosting Tools $ 67/47

OTO 5 – Bonus Page Creator $ 67/37

OTO 6 – License Rights $ 197/97

MagickFunnels Bonus

Bonus 1: Free Traffic Playbook List Building & Affiliate Marketing Version

This step-by-step guide outlines our most efficient FREE modes of transport that work extremely well with the Magick Channel system.

Bonus 2: Magick Channels Quickly Start Checking The List

This simple pager is perfect if you’re in a hurry and want your DFY channels to work and generate potential leads and QUICK commissions.

Bonus 3: Personal FB support group

This unique group of members puts you in touch with fellow marketers and Magick Funnel experts. Get 24/7 support, answers to your questions and constant motivation.

Bonus 4: The Seminar is For Customers Only

Join this live session hosted by real friend, Glynn Kosky, creator of Magick Funnel. See next level strategies to maximize your results in the shortest possible time.

MagickFunnels Advantages:

√   Plug & Play application for daily automatic commission and recurring income

√   One-click channel for instant buyer traffic – MORE Sales and Commissions!

√   Make at least $ 100 + every day by following our new kid-friendly training program

√   ZERO monthly fee or overhead fee

√   FREE traffic in the app

√   100% complete profit channel for you

√   List built on steroids!

√   30-day money back guarantee.

MagickFunnels Disadvantages:

Χ  You need internet to access and use.


Overall, MagickFunnels is a groundbreaking 1-click app that creates channels automatically and helps you get instant BUY Transactions in less than 60 seconds!

It was scientifically built from the ground up to take ALL the guesses out of the equation. The DFY funnel EACH includes a smooth landing page, professional thanks pages, and very consistent, top conversion recommended links.

Independent funnel creation apps that replace your need for expensive page building software. The archive included is likely you save thousands every year, because we host all channel pages only for you. And all the modesty aside, the expertise you’re getting from a top ranked affiliate and Clickbank platinum sales is worth … let’s just say A LOT of it.

Because if you try to figure this out by yourself, it wants to cost you a LOT of time and money and you have no guarantees.

On this page, you have access to the entire Glynn Magick Channel method, including software at a one-time discounted price.

This is the BEST price you have ever seen for this system.

Thank you for taking the time to read my MagickFunnels review today. Hopefully with this MagickFunnels review, you can make your decision.

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