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Do not miss Famous People Myxer synopsis 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 1 “The Big Chill.” A sudden arctic cold front brings an ice storm to Austin and a series of weather-related emergencies. Owen deals with the aftermath of closing 126, as Tommy, TK, and Gillian settle into new jobs. Judd and Grace prepare for the birth of their first baby. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Finale, Owen and the members of Troop 126 take action when a massive dust storm engulfs Austin.

Warning… Vandals below!

Above 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 1, they say art imitates life. In February 2021, Austin, Texas actually received a sudden arctic blast that included up to half a meter of snow, icy rain that made roads dangerous, pipelines burst, and power outages across the world. state. Ironically, a week later, Bat City saw 80 degree weather and it was strange how you wouldn’t have known it was a weather crisis a week before. Hopefully Lone Star will go through the same treatment in a few more episodes. And now… it’s chaos!


Back in May, Owen Strand was interviewed about assaulting Deputy Sheriff Billy Tyson. He feels Billy wants to steal the 126 from him. Even so, Owen cared about the 126 employees and needed more time to dig into the firehouse budget issue.

Captain Strand talks about the future of 126 days 9-1-1 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 1

Captain Strand talks about the future of 126 days 9-1-1 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 1

Fast forward to January, Captain Strand was already in uniform and unfortunately had to tell the crew of 126 the bad news. The city suspended him, the crew was temporarily reassigned, and there was a plan in place. plan to demolish their building. Owen still holds out hope and trains his crew, telling them, “We’ll keep fighting, and we’ll never give up until Hell freezes over!” In Texas, that’s just what happened…

An elderly couple is transporting baby turtles to save more on the ice. Elderly man picking up a turtle and found a boy under the ice (ironically still alive!)


Rewind, again, before the storm hit, and the new firehouse the crew was thrown into was a privately owned well. They were punished for not using nickel and tarnishing the patient during transport.

Judd is painting the nursery, avoiding sleeping before his 24-hour shift. He worried about the fate of the 126.

Marjan (aka @*Fire*Foxx*) chained herself to a pole in front of number 126 and went directly so the crew wouldn’t destroy the building. And suddenly, her prayers were answered when it started to snow and the construction team had to stop working because of the weather. Officer Carlos Reyes arrives and Marjan knows the maneuver because she has to be arrested.

On the passing bus, Carlos told her about her antics in delaying demolition. Meanwhile, Owen preps his house for the cold and is greeted by his new neighbor, Sadie. She’s recently divorced and is looking to break away from her normal life, and so is Owen. She left him a warning… people go crazy in Texas when it snows.


A man skiing down the street was pulled by a pickup truck and several stringers chased them and honked instead of slowing down. As the truck went straight past, a giant iceberg flew off the top of the truck and pinned the man to a large place…almost decapitated him!

A man was almost beheaded with ice on January 9th: Lonely Star season 3 episode 1 premiere

A man was almost beheaded with ice on January 9th: Lonely Star season 3 episode 1 premiere

When Tommy and the crew arrived, she asked Mateo to help cut the bandages with a torch just enough to transport the man to the hospital.

While transporting the man Cannon carotid artery severed and they were forced to stop, get ice, turn off the heat in the ambulance, in an attempt to slow his blood flow.

Curb your arrogance

Billy bails Marjan out of prison. He gave her a lecture but wanted her help to rebuild the team. He sent her a document and she realized it was an apology Billy wanted from Owen. She got very angry and talked to Judd and Paul about the apology for fear that they might make a better fight for 126 if they didn’t lose their leader. She liked Owen sacrificing his pride for the firefighter. She was on a mission to meet him to apologize.

Marjan goes to Owen’s place to lecture him about the “D-Day” or destruction day of 126. Telling him that prolonged weather is fate. Then she dropped the apology bomb on him. He told her that coercion would be a lie. He felt he had accepted the reality of a futile war. Before leaving, she gave him a stick out about giving up.

It all falls down

At the 9-1-1 center, Grace received a call about a furniture store break-in and sent Police Officer Carlos over. The suspect remained inside the store and Carlos entered because the backup would be too late. It was two wandering veterinarians who broke in seeking shelter. Carlos called one out of the soft bed, but he was disabled and couldn’t move that fast.

Carlos drove two veterans to a warm shelter. When the officer was out, a tree hit the window! The police helped up the window and suddenly the vet started panicking and then the roof shook. Carlos noticed the weight of the snow will collapse the roof and ordered everyone at the right time!

The building caught on fire and the displaced needed a place to go before it froze. The next shelter won’t open for another 4 hours and Carlos figured out a place they could go. He took them back to the furniture store that had been broken into. Although it was very awkward when the medical team arrived and it was Tommy and ex-boyfriend TK

Carlos quickly realized that one of the people from the shelter was missing, a trapped teenager! Fire crews extinguished the blaze, but freezing water turned the existing building into a heavy, brittle structure that was minutes away from collapsing.

Fire crews used heat guns to search for the girl. They try to find her to hear where she knocks on the shard. Suddenly, a large section collapsed knocking Paul a story and lying on his back.

Meanwhile, Owen is walking with Buttercup and they find a man under the snow. When Marjan left Owen’s property, the snow was so thick she could barely see the truck on the road and changed direction, landed over the embankment

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Air date: January 3, 2022

9-1-1: Lone Star Cast

  • Rob Lowe like Owen Strand
  • Gina Torres like Tommy Vega
  • Ronan Rubenstein like TK Strand
  • Natacha Kara like Marjan Marwani
  • Jim Parrack as Judd Ryder
  • Sierra McClain like Grace Ryder
  • Brian Michael Smith like Paul Strickland
  • Rafael L. Silva like Carlos Reyes
  • Julian Works like Mateo Chavez
  • Brianna Baker like Nancy Gillian

Guest actor

  • Billy Burke as Deputy Sheriff Billy Tyson

Music In 9-1-1: Lone Star

The song in the episode is “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner.

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