Logitech’s updated MX Master 3S mouse is quieter, as are the new MX mechanical keyboards

Like its “S” predecessors, Logitech’s new MX Master 3S mouse ($99) £120, AU$170) isn’t a completely redesigned new model, but an incremental upgrade. Ergonomically unchanged, it features quieter operation and an improved 8,000 DPI optical sensor that Logitech says tracks on most surfaces, including glass, and offers faster workflow with high-resolution monitors. Alongside the MX Master 3S, the company also announced two new mechanical keyboards – the full-size MX Mechanical and the “minimalist” MX Mechanical Mini – priced at $170 (£170, AU$270) and $150 (£150, AU$230). $). respectively All three will be delivered in May.

That Logitech MX Master 3 is one of our favorite mice, and while the MX Master 3S isn’t a huge upgrade, it feels improved. The mouse is indeed quieter to use – clicks are now 90% quieter than their predecessor, according to Logitech – while retaining the same precise feel with smooth, fast scrolling. The MX Master 3S features the same electromagnetic MagSpeed ​​wheel as the MX Master 3 (which allows you to “zip” through 1,000 lines in a second) along with the same side scroll wheel for faster horizontal navigation.

The 8,000 DPI sensor (compared to the MX Master 3’s 4,000 DPI) can make a noticeable difference if you’re one of those people who got a big computer screen to improve your work from home. Also worth noting: the MX Master 3S is a larger mouse than the more portable one MX everywhere 3 but arguably offers a superior ergonomic experience for all but those with very small hands. In April, Logitech introduced a new, more compact Lift ergonomically vertically Mouse designed for people with small to medium-sized hands (although those with big hands seem to appreciate the smaller size too).

The mouse has the same design as the MX Master 3.

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New interpretation of mechanical keyboards

Logitech sells other mechanical keyboards keyboard portfoliolike its G-Gaming models and the retro-modern pop buttons with eight interchangeable emoji keycaps in the box, with room for four on the keyboard itself. Pop Keys appeared to be aimed at a younger crowd, but Logitech says these new MX Mechanical keyboards are aimed at professionals — and software developers in particular — “who fell in love with mechanical keyboards when they first started playing games and now want the same precision and control with their professional desktop keyboard.”

According to Tolya Polyanker, Logitech’s MX Series leader for creativity and productivity, the MX Mechanical combines the best of Logitech’s gaming keyboard expertise with the experience of the MX Master Series. And indeed, it seems to borrow from him Gaming keyboard G915 when it comes to switches.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini (above) and MX Mechanical Full-Size (below).

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The MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini feature low profile mechanical switches that are about half the height of traditional mechanical keys. I used the Tactile Quiet (brown switches) versions of the keyboards, which Logitech says are the quietest mechanical keyboards ever. They still make an audible click with each keypress, and you have to press the keys a little harder than Logitech’s standard MX-Keys keyboards (the keys still move farther). But they feel like toned down versions of mechanical keyboards and have a touch of the smoothness found in membrane keyboards.

The keyboards are available with 3 different switch options with different click behavior.

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To be honest, I’m not a fan of mechanical keyboards – I’m a Logitech fan MX Keys Mini Keyboard – and didn’t like Pop Keys. But I found the Tactile Quiet version of the MX Mechanical Mini to be an appealing hybrid that in some ways delivers the best of both keyboard worlds. However, the MX Mechanical and Mechanical Mini are significantly more expensive than their MX Keys counterparts, which retail for $100.

According to Logitech, clicky (blue) and linear (red) switch options are also available for both the full-size MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini in select markets. Most people who work in open plan offices opt out of the louder blue types of counters out of consideration for those around them. Linear red switches have a relatively low spring force and are even quieter than brown switches. They are popular with gamers for their speed.

Like Logitech’s standard MX Keys keyboards, the MX Mechanical features an intelligent backlight with automatic brightness adjustment based on ambient light conditions and an auto-off feature when not in use to conserve battery life. Like other MX Series mice and keyboards, these are powered by a built-in, non-user-replaceable battery that charges via a USB-C connection. With the backlight on, you can put heavy use on the keyboard for up to 15 days before you need to charge it, but the number jumps to 10 months if you leave the backlight off.

MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S are all compatible with Logi Options Plus software, which allows you to customize individual buttons, use predefined profiles or create your own app-specific profiles, adjust tracking speed and choose backlight effects – static, breathing, contrast, wave, chance and reaction. All three products are equipped with both Bluetooth and the company’s own wireless USB receiver, Logi Bolt.

Unfortunately, the included receiver is a USB-A dongle, which requires a USB-C adapter for PCs that only have USB-C ports. This USB-C adapter is not included. Like other MX models, the new mice and keyboards can be connected to up to three different devices and are compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux devices. Logitech often makes Mac versions of its MX series mice and keyboards, but for now the MX Master 3S and new keyboards are only available in “universal” versions.

Finally, like many other companies pushing to develop greener products, some of the plastic parts of the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini keyboards are made from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic: 45% for MX Mechanical and 47% at MX Mechanical Mini. Additionally, Logitech says the aluminum top case for the keyboards is made from low-carbon aluminum and is made with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels for a lower carbon footprint. The MX Master 3S mouse is also made from PCR plastic – 27% for the graphite version of the mouse and 22% for the light gray version. Logitech’s updated MX Master 3S mouse is quieter, as are the new MX mechanical keyboards

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