Left-Wing Press Spread Un-bee-lievable Brexit Lies

Bee pesticide Brexit fact check copy

Left-Wing Press Unfold Un-bee-lievable Brexit Lies

This weekend the Guardian and Independent each printed a whopper of a narrative certain to set social media and MP’s casework inboxes alight; with claims Boris was to make use of Brexit to authorise using a “bee-killing pesticide banned within the EU” – neonicotinoid thiamethoxam – to deal with sugar beet seed this yr in an effort to guard the crop from a virus. Greta instantly leapt on the story:

There was only one drawback with the screeching Remainer environmental outrage: the pesticide is just not banned within the EU and the UK was all the time entitled to make use of it pre-Brexit – with 10 EU nations additionally having issued emergency authorisations for the pesticide since 2018 together with Belgium, Denmark and Spain. DEFRA makes it very clear: “The UK’s strategy to using emergency authorisations has not modified on account of the UK’s exit from the EU.”

British sugar beet yield in 2020 is anticipated to be down by 20-25% on earlier years because of predation by aphids which have been spreading beet yellow virus:

“The short-term use of this product is strictly restricted to a non-flowering crop and shall be tightly managed to minimise any potential danger to pollinators.”

Don’t anticipate blind, unverifiable Remainer anger to die down simply because Brexit’s lastly achieved and dusted…

UPDATE: Reported at the moment in French press France approves three-year use of controversial pesticide


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