La Brea Season 2 Episode 4 Recap “The Mist”

Do not missCelebrity MyxersSummary ofLa Brea season 2 episode 4 “The fog.” As fog falls over the clearing, Eve leads a defense against a group of invaders, only to meet a threat more dangerous than she faced. In 1988, Josh and Riley pursue a woman who may hold the key to stopping the impending flood disaster. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. CT and 6 p.m. PT on NBC.

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previously onLa Brea season 2 episode 3, after an emotional reunion, Gavin and Eve attempt to escape their implacable captors; Lucas leads a dangerous mission to the fort to recover the resources his friends so desperately need.

Warning… spoilers below!

Josh and Riley on La Brea Season 2 Episode 4. Photo By: NBC.

Josh and Riley on La Brea Season 2 Episode 4. Photo By: NBC.

OnLa Brea season 2 episode 4Eve still has to come to terms with being reunited with her daughter Izzy in the final episode as she watches her sleep.

Gavin then joins the scene when Izzy finally managed to see her parents happy and smiling. But on another level, Gavin is determined to get Josh to come back, which is why she enlists the help of Dr. need Aldridge.

Meanwhile, things between Veronica and Lucas heat up. They continue to bond over some food, namely the eggs they found while searching for food in the previous episode.

Then Scott suddenly comes out of the woods to tell them he found some marijuana. And since Scott is no longer injured, he credits the weed. Lucas and Veronica don’t believe him as they are not convinced of his motives.

Sam and Ty found out that Lucas and the others were taking food from Paara’s people. After that, Scott fetches Gavin alone. He tells him that Dr. Aldridge wants to see him alone, which is the only way to get Josh and Riley to come back.

Gavin leaves again

Eve overhears the conversation and demands to go with Gavin. However, that doesn’t materialize as she stays to make sure Izzy is okay.

Gavin leaves in the fog but vows to bring Josh back. Sam is upset about the situation as Gavin left having just returned while his daughter is also absent. However, Scott and Gavin are lost due to the former’s directions.

They seek shelter after some animals pass by. As they do so, Gavin asks Scott what’s in the building they’re going to. Scott tells Gavin that there is a portal called “Lazarus” that allows time travel to the future.

And since Dr. Aldridge helped build the building, she’s the key. At the end they find Dr. Aldridge. However, things are not going so smoothly. She informs them that they must return to the Exiles’ Camp.

Not a great sight as Gavin just got away from them in the last episode. She tells them they need to get a shipment of stones, which is the fuel for Lazarus that would allow them to get into the building.

Gavin has to keep this a secret, but Aldridge lets him know his parents are alive. In fact, they helped create Lazarus. They are all interrupted by Paara and some of her people.

She tells them that her group will attack the clearing in retaliation for the stolen food. Back at Lucas, he checks the forest to make sure there is no marijuana field. Veronica tries to dissuade him by saying they should stay at camp.

Paara’s personal attack

Suddenly, they hear Paara’s people getting ready to attack. Veronica and Lucas run to camp to tell Sam. Unfortunately, there is no way out, so they have to fight.

Eve decides to create a distraction. They make a huge fire. Meanwhile, Ty discovers Anthony in the woods. His former patient tells him that he went through a sinkhole but got separated from others who were doing the same.

He wants Ty to help find her for him, to which he agrees. Paara’s group attacks. They stab what they think are humans near the fire, which is actually just straw.

Suddenly they are surrounded. Sam tells them to disarm, but they refuse. Paara then arrives with Gavin and tells their leader Joseph that she will decide what to do with those stealing food.

When that happens, some wolves decide to crash the camp. All scrub. Gavin is about to be bitten, Aldridge saves him. In doing so, she injures herself. Scott and Gavin put them in a car. At the same time, Izzy and Eve walk towards a bus.

dr Aldrige dies

Eve attempts to make amends by rescuing Joseph. As things get worse, Levi steps in to save her. Gavin boards the bus after being told that Aldridge will survive.

And yet two more wolves attack the bus. Eve then shoots an arrow of flamestone to scare the wolves. Paara thanks Eve for saving Joseph’s life.

Once that’s done, Eve tells Izzy that she had an affair with Levi to help her get through her bad times with Gavin, which is why their marriage fell apart. Izzy remains devastated at the thought that she will not see her family reunited.

Ty and Andrew return to the clearing. Paara finds her. When Tya introduces Anthony, the audience learns that he is hallucinating. He was talking to himself.

They announce that his health is declining and bond. Paara tells him that she will take care of him once the two get closer. Likewise, the health of Dr. Aldridge. She tells Gavin and Scott not to worry.

Gavin’s mother, Caroline, is in 1988. She is about to return, but Aldridge dies before any further information is given. With no options left, Gavin decides to proceed with Aldridge’s directions. They will steal the fuel and get the kids.

Josh finds his grandmother

For the first time, we are transported to the 1980s. Franklin found a way to charge Josh’s phone. He was pleased to see the photos showing evidence of a sinkhole dating back to 10,000 BC. show

However, there is a problem. Franklin can tell his colleague Dr. Not showing Clark without being branded insane. So Riley decides to meet up with Dr. Clark and her assistant Maddie.

Riley tries to convince her that the hole will open up and create a huge wave. Clark initially says the pictures are fake. However, her assistant meets them all privately.

dr Clark believes they were ordered to stop their work by someone named “James”. Riley and Josh come in. They tell Dr. Clark that they came after 1988 because they wanted to help a boy get home but were stopped by a man named Silas.

The name Silas made Dr. Clark mad because she wanted to know the little boy’s name. When Josh tells her it was “Isaiah,” shocked Dr. Clark all by saying that this is her “son”. So she is Josh’s grandmother as the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

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La Brea cast

  • Natalie Zea as Eve Harris
  • Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris
  • Zyra Goreckias Izzy Harris
  • Jon Seda as dr Sam Velez
  • Chike Okonkwo as Ty Coleman
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi
  • Josh McKenzie as Luke
  • Tonantzin Carmelo as a couple
  • Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella
  • Lily Santiago as Veronica Castillo
  • Mark Lee as Silas

guest cast

  • Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella Jones
  • Jonno Roberts as James Mallet
  • Ben Ronec as Lazarus
  • Martin Sensmeier as Taamet

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2 8th “rush” November 22, 2022
2 7 “1988” November 15, 2022
2 6 “Lazarus” November 1, 2022
2 5 “Theft” October 25, 2022
2 4 “The fog” October 18, 2022
2 3 “The Great Escape” October 11, 2022
2 2 “The cave” October 4, 2022
2 1 “The Next Day” La Brea Season 2 Premiere September 27, 2022

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