Karen refuses to wear a mask in the store. So she calls 911 with Viral TikTok

Viral TikTok footage shows a white woman, known as Karen online, arguing with a store employee and asking for accommodation so she can shop inside the store without wearing a mask. She ends up calling 911.

“I don’t wear a mask because I can’t. I will have a panic attack. I will panic. I’m going to have an anxiety attack,” Karen told the employee. “I know what I want, and in the end I’m here with the understanding that there’s no one in the store. You can satisfy me by give me an hour at the end of each day [or] one hour at the beginning of the day. ”

Store employee, known as Aidan Bearpaw (@avrodiite) on TikTok, not to defend her. After she refused to wear the disposable mask he suggested to her, he told her it would be best to call the police if she was “committed to it”.

Footage of the incident, uploaded by Bearpaw, has received about 245,000 views as of Friday. According to Bearpaw’s Instagram, he lives in Palm Springs, California.

Karen can be seen standing in the doorway when Bearpaw blocks her entry. She said she wanted to “no need” to call the police and again told Bearpaw that no one was in the store – so she could enter without a mask.

“This is me,” was the employee’s reply.

At that point, Karen went on to say that she drove 20 minutes to the store to pick up a few items for the newborn at home and that she had rights including the right not to wear a mask. She then called the police, still standing in the doorway of the store.

“Yes, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I have the right to breathe O2 not CO2, and I am being discriminated against right here in a store,” Karen said when the operator asked about the emergency. What is hers. .

Even though she got the Civil Rights Act five right, Karen has said it protects people like her from having to wear masks. It’s not clear why she thinks wearing the mask causes her to breathe carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

Karen added that she was given a religious exemption from wearing a mask, plus a “God-given right” to be able to breathe.

“I think it’s a medical exemption,” interjected Bearpaw, referring to her alleged attacks of panic and anxiety.

“Uh huh, yes, also medical exemptions,” she said.

Karen then provided the operator with the store’s address, as well as her full name and phone number, which viewers were shocked to see, as Bearpaw was clearly recording the exchange.

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TikTok “part 2” shows that the 911 call didn’t go the way Karen might have thought. That clip boasts more than 1 million views as of Friday.

“So you were one of the first people I called 911 who really didn’t seem to understand that in the end, I really was the one with the rights,” Karen said on the phone. “Even though it’s mandatory, it’s really not the law. It is based on the state of emergency we are no longer in. ”

The moderator tried to explain that businesses have the right to refuse to serve people, but Karen cut her off, assuring the operator that she knows she has the right not to wear a mask and can Win a lawsuit against the store clerk if she wants to.

Finally, Karen told the operator she was leaving the store because the police wouldn’t be able to get there before the staff closed the store at closing time. And even if they had been there before, the officer likely wouldn’t have sided with Karen, because of what the operator said on the phone.

“I don’t want you to go out because all I really want is for you to support me so I can buy a few things,” she said.

When Karen discussed the situation with the operator again, the store clerk interrupted, “Ma’am. You hear them, you hear me. I’m just doing my job. Can you step outside? ”

Karen then asked the employee for his name, which he gladly did. Then, when she finally realized he was recording her, she decided to film him too.

Viewers are shocked not only by how Karen treats Bearpaw but also how she treats 911 as a customer service line for anti-maskers.

“She’s treating 911 as a customer service line for every store that won’t let her shop without a mask,” one viewer commented on the video.

“’You were one of the first people on 911 that didn’t understand’ HOW MUCH TO CALL THEM?????” another viewer asked.

Another user said, “They should charge her for using 911 as a damn hotline.”

“Who does she think the 911 dispatcher, the playground mediator is?” another user asked.

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Stories of Karen without a mask became a nationwide phenomenon in 2020 as the impending presidential election brought partisan issues to the fore. Recently, these viral incidents have been reported less on social media; However, amid the increase in omicron variation in the United States, saw a meaningful With a spike in coronavirus cases in the country, viral videos of mask confrontations have resurfaced once again.

TikTok user @avrodiite did not respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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