Jim Watkins was scammed by fake Q by copying the tripcode

The QAnon world has been hit by another round of drama. Last night someone seems to have tricked Jim Watkins, the owner of 8kun, into thinking they hacked Q’s account. Apparently, they convinced him they had it by simply copying the tripcode found next to each so-called Q-drop and putting it in the name field.

This is about as nifty as changing your display name to “@realQAnon” on Twitter.

QAnon is the conspiracy theory that cannibalistic elite pedophiles who worship Satan secretly control the world. The theory is that a senior government insider using the nickname “Q” is posting clues like breadcrumbs on 8kun. Q posted on 8chan from 2017 to 2020 and then on its successor 8kun.

Many believe that Jim Watkins and his son Ron eventually gained or took control of the Q account and that the latter was impersonating Q. Ron Watkins, who is now campaigning fiercely for Congress in Arizona, resigned as administrator of 8kun after the 2020 election. Soon after, Q.

This silence lasted until June 24th.

That’s when Q (or someone posing as her and having access to her unique tripcode) reappeared. Q’s supposed return hasn’t garnered much interest beyond the initial spike in coverage, in part because QAnon devotees can’t agree on whether it’s actually Q.

After a week of silence, someone posted as “Q” on 8kun again last night. “We can turn you off whenever we want,” they wrote, signing the message “Q.” The post included Q’s tripcode.

Some initially believed someone had kidnapped Q, a belief reinforced when whoever responded to a few comments by writing: “Confirmed. Don’t fuck with us. Q.” This message also contained Q’s trip code.


2022 Karma/Twitter

Watkins posted a screenshot of this interaction on Telegram. “I’m working on it,” he wrote. “We have some attacks underway.”

However, the narrative that someone had taken over the Q account soon crumbled when people realized the so-called hijacker had simply copied Q’s tripcode.

“You just put the tripcode right there with the username,” the Q Origins Project tweeted. “It’s not a Q takeover, it’s just a copy-paste.”

Many ridiculed Watkins for falling for such a rudimentary attempt at impersonation on his own website.

8chan co-founder and later Watkins/8kun critic Fredrick Brennan tweeted, “God this is hilarious. Jim Watkins freaked out. Shut down his own server. Because he saw an obviously fake Q drop.”

“Then it puts 8kun in read-only mode. And finally he messes up the SSL and now it’s unreadable,” Brennan added.

Jim Watkins also eventually realized that no one had actually kidnapped Q. “It’s fake, it doesn’t blink. I’m just stressing myself out so I copied it,” he wrote.

“It wasn’t Q so it won’t go there, it’s just someone putting the trip name in the name field,” he added, referring to aggregator sites that collect Q drops.

Some have concluded that Watkins’ reaction to the fake Q post provides further evidence that he is either behind the account or who he is collaborating with.

“Apart from the epic trolling, today’s reaction from Jim Watkins (freak the fuck out) to a little prank adds further circumstantial evidence that he’s releasing or activating the ‘new Q’ drops. It was like always when Q posts again, but unexpected Q?! Oh fuck, oh shit,” @BlueAnonBurner tweeted.

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*Initial publication: July 6, 2022 at 11:17 am CDT

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