Isobel has father problems in a serial killer hunt FBI Season 4 Episode 15 Scar Tissue

Isobel (Alana de la Garza) reunites with her father (Nestor Serrano) at the FBI. Photo credit: CBS

Even an experienced one FBI Supervisor may have father problems.

After handling a case of an anti-gun advocate down the wrong path for her cause, the team had to deal with a serial killer case.

Which forced Isobel to confront her father in Scar Tissue, which was a tough episode for the FBI.

There’s a hunt going on at the FBI

The episode opened with a bar owner just closing when a woman (Anne Windsland) banged on the door asking for help when “he comes”. When the owner got the phone, someone broke in to hit the woman and drag her away.

Wallace and Scola arrived at the scene just as a police officer said they didn’t have enough staff to search for the woman whose lost purse identified them as Violet Kent. The bar owner blamed herself for failing to rescue the woman when police assured her she had done the right thing.

Violet was an online writer with no record of who might be trying to nab her. She had posted a video of herself with Bobby Gannon (Ramon Frazier), a health guru and old friend, but Violet had turned down his request for a date.

Jubal asked Isobel how she was the recent death of Jess LaCroixwith Isobel saying she took care of it.

Wallace and Scola pursued Bobby to a gas station, but under questioning he said they were just friends and not upset that she rejected him. He claimed Violet got drunk and left, and that he later got into a fight with a guy.

Bobby shared that he had given Violet one of his special training trackers, which the team used to track her location at a nearby camp, only to find her already dead. It didn’t take long for the team to find out that eight women across the country had been killed, just like Violet.

A suspicious credit card trail pointed to Dwight Maddux (Corey Mach), a freelance writer who was at the scene of several of the murders, including the CMR Hotel. He claimed he simply watched some MMA matches to write about the murders and denied them. Not only was he gay, but his alibi was checked.

Maddux gave up seeing a suspicious person at the hotel bar, but the hotel refused to release the guest list. Isobel said she could find someone at CMR to do this. She then went to her lead attorney, Robert (Nestor Serrano), who refused to give up his guest’s privacy.

Isobel snapped, “Isn’t that the story of your life? Pretend to care?” Robert merely replied that she could be more respectful than “I’m still your father.”

A possible MMA connection

Isobel was upset by her father’s actions as Jubal tried to help her. They found a lead as MMA fighter Andres Silva (Damien Diaz) had also been in the same towns when each murder took place. His group included his brother Eduardo (Samuel Maria Gomez), and they all stayed at CMR.

Maggie and OA stopped by the penthouse suite to speak to Andres, claiming they were dealing with illegal betting. As they left, Andres’ assistant, Molly (Winslow Bright), explained that Eduardo had already left the hotel.

She confessed that the man had scared her once when he was loitering around her apartment. Maggie offered to have someone watch her, but Molly decided it would be better if she just left town.

Eduardo’s rental car wasn’t far away, and OA and Maggie found him mucking out the car. Some of Violet’s gear was inside, leading her to arrest Eduardo.

Eduardo claimed he was innocent, and to prove it, he and Andres had been at the gym the night Violet was murdered. That left Luis Rivera, the chef, and Oscar Moreno (Pedro Hollywood), his chief of security. Jubal decided to get a search warrant to check the hotel.

Wallace checked out Andres and his team while the rest of the team searched the penthouse. Wallace warned them that Eduardo was coming back just as they found a shirt covered in blood.

The Last Fight

The blood was Violet’s, but it was hard to figure out who killed her. Isobel told the hotel that the hotel wanted to pay OA for the vase he broke while looking for it…then wondered how they knew about it.

Barging into her father’s office, Isobel snapped that she knew he had a camera in the room and wanted the footage. He agreed and then asked about Isobel’s attitude towards him as Isobel barked that her life was ‘easier without you in it’.

Footage showed Eduardo in the penthouse and then Andres joining him with the bloodied shirt. They noted that Eduardo was defending his brother and there was no sign of either at the gym. The phone pinged to a hotel in Queens… where Molly was staying before leaving town.

The agents showed up at the hotel to find signs of a struggle. Searching the hotel, they found Molly dead while Wallace left alone, only to be attacked by Andres before Scola found her.

Isobel spoke to Eduardo about how the brothers had been abused by their father and Andres had inherited the worst of it. She urged Eduardo not to make the same mistakes.

Eduardo confessed that when Andres’ girlfriend dumped him, he freaked out. But he was forced by his love for his brother to say no more. The team managed to get a phone signal to a private airport.

Andres briefly held a woman hostage and ran into the hangar. OA followed and the two argued. Andres managed to get OA’s gun, only for Maggie to arrive and shoot him.

Isobel was surprised to find Robert in her office as it turned out he had never been happy that Isobel had joined the FBI to honor her mother. She admitted it was also to upset him, as she was upset that he never showed up for her mother’s funeral. Robert said she never wanted him there and “I can’t blame her.”

However, when he invited Isobel over for dinner, she agreed, thinking it was time to put the bad blood behind.

It was a fascinating hour showing how family love can have some dark edges while at the same time shedding light on Isobel’s past.

FBI Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS. Isobel has father problems in a serial killer hunt FBI Season 4 Episode 15 Scar Tissue

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