Is Tory Party leader Nadhim Zahawi waging war on NHS workers?

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Over the weekend, Tory Party leader Nadhim Zahawi appeared on TV to take questions on strikes due to take place this month across sectors.

Mr Zahawi suggested nurses planning to join the strikes would play into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he said “wants to see” strike action here.

He said it was unfair for unions to “disrupt people’s lives” during the holiday as he outlined plans to draft in the military to fill gaps.

Some unions say wages should at least match the cost of living, which has skyrocketed in recent months, but the government says it can’t afford wage increases to cover inflation. Read on to find out what Metro readers think of this and other hot topics today.

Nadhim Zahawi on the BBC Sunday show with Laura Kuenssberg

Nadhim Zahawi appeared on the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg program on Sunday (Image: PA)

■ Tory Party leader Nadhim Zahawi’s statement that nurses who are scheduled to hold two days of strikes this month are playing into the hands of Vladimir Putin (Metro, Mo) is appalling. Zahawi struck when it emerged that troops were ready to cover for ambulance drivers and firefighters this winter.

Nurses and other NHS workers have been pushed to the wall. They worked during the pandemic while many of us rested. If the wage demand is too high, you should negotiate and settle with less. Trying to demonize them is appalling. Panmor, via email

■ Nadhim Zahawi: Are you stupid enough to make such a statement that our NHS staff are playing into the hands of war tyrant Putin?

First of all, apologize to the NHS staff for this bad statement. Second, admit that the responsibility for our cost of living crisis rests squarely on the shoulders of this administration. Third, give nurses the raise they all deserve. Finally quit. Andy, London

■ What about Zahawi’s government causing austerity? Nurses were badly paid for years before the Ukraine war. Angry, Merseyside

Nurses working in the hospital

Nurses are among thousands of workers scheduled to go on strike this month (Image: PA)

■ Workers playing into Putin’s hands? Unlike the Tories, who ignored Putin’s annexation of Crimea, took hundreds of thousands of donations from Russians, and made Russians lords. T Deng, Sussex

■ Trust me as someone with first hand experience in the medical field when I say to all those nurses who are about to go on strike: no doubt you are great and caring but let it be known in places like New Zealand nurses often go on strike.

Many nurses leave New Zealand and go abroad because of poor salaries. How much money can you throw in hospitals? It will never be enough. Hannah Hammond, Windsor

■ Earlier this year, the main feature of the Society was solidarity: people celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee together and later remembering the late Queen.

Now many of these people are looking out for their own interests, not the nation’s, by demanding unaffordable double-digit wage increases. J Longstaff, East Sussex

What is a superstition about it?


do you think so Could Nessie exist? (Image: Everett/Shutterstock)

Boris with the Brexit bus

Maybe tThe Brexit bus with the £350m slogan is more of a big story? (Image: PA)

■ In addition to the letters in MetroTalk about the paranormal, we can break everything down into things that could exist, like UFOs; Things that probably don’t exist, like ghosts; and things that definitely don’t exist, like Nessie and any Brexit benefits. The Riddler, via email

This dwindling flock should be overthrown

■ With the census (Metro, Mi) showing less than 50 percent of people consider themselves Christian and those without religion rising sharply to about 37 percent, it is time to remove religion from the state. Not a dime of public money should be spent on religion, which is belief, not fact. Money spent on religion should be used to help those in need.

No public money for any religious organization, no money for religious education, no money for religious buildings. Disestablishmentarism should finally gain the upper hand. Anglican bishops should leave the House of Lords forever and prayers should no longer be said in Parliament. BBC Radio 4 was to abandon its Thought For The Day programme.

Many religious organizations are already wealthy – the Church of England is worth billions of dollars. If the mainstream church were truly Christian, it would give away much of its money to those in need – but of course it doesn’t. Instead, he prefers to sit around in his magnificent robes and pass the collection plate around. Religion – it’s unbelievable. Lester May, via email

And also…

■ Here’s one for all fans of the Black Panther movie. Referring to Ngozi Fulani’s awkward encounter at Buckingham Palace (Metro, Thurs), perhaps the next time people of African descent are asked about where they are “really” from, they should say “Wakanda”. Well, this is going to be a real conversation starter. They might even be talking about the late King T’Challa! Pam Udolisa, via email

Chadwick Boseman as King T'Challa

Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa (Image: Marvel/ Disney/ Kobal/ REX/ Shutterstock)

■ In her defense of private schools enjoying tax breaks because of their “nonprofit” status, Imani (MetroTalk, Mon) claims parents make sacrifices to send their children to private schools. I would be interested to know what these “victims” are.

Do they have to do without food and heating, do they – like so many people – not get a mortgage or do they deliberately forego other luxuries in order to enable their children to get a better education?

If it’s the last, is that really a sacrifice or a choice? As for private schools earning their status as charities, don’t — they’re businesses that people want to use, and they should be taxed as such. David, Elham

■ What’s wrong with this country? Dogs are allowed in shopping centers and even supermarkets. Can’t they leave them inside for a few hours? Dog poop is everywhere. No wonder diseases are on the rise. Are there no rules in this country? LM, Scotland

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