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As of 2021, 350 million users have played the popular video game Fortnite.

It has gotten kids addicted as they aim to master the game and complete a battle royale, but is Fortnite safe for kids to play?


Is Fortnite safe for kids to play?

Fortnite is set in a dystopian world where 98 percent of the earth’s population is suddenly disappearing, living conditions are becoming difficult and zombie-like creatures are roaming the earth – the player is one of the remaining 2 percent whose task is to survive.

After the apocalypse, “survival bases” were set up and each player is responsible for taking care of these bases before attempting to find a way to restore earth to normal.

These form the heart of the story for the cooperative Save The World mode, but play no part in the free-to-play battle royale mode.

Since its release, it can be played on gaming platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as PC and Mac.

The lack of any serious age restriction and the use of force worries parents.

What is Fortnite’s age rating?

Fortnite is rated T by the ESRB, which stands for Teen.

This is mainly due to the violence and player-to-player interactions.

Communicating with other players, especially those the users may not know, may result in profanity, hence the age rating.

PEGI’s age rating of 12 years is consistent with ESRB’s rating.

Compared to other games, Fortnite does not show bloody or gory images.

The only violence is killing other players to win the game, which might worry some parents how their children might be affected.

How many kids play Fortnite?

Although there is no exact figure on how many kids play Fortnite, Statista estimates that there are 80.4 million monthly Fortnite users worldwide.

As of 2021, about 350 million users are using Fortnite, after having 78 million downloads in its first year in 2017.

Does Fortnite have parental controls?

Yes, it does.

Fortnite offers a range of parental controls that manage what a player can see and do.

To set this up, go to Account Settings from the Epic Games Launcher or Epic Games Store website.

Sign in to the account and go to the GENERAL navigation tab.

Scroll down to the PARENTAL CONTROLS section, click START SETUP, enter a 6-digit PIN, and click NEXT.

And don’t forget to click SAVE at the end.

Many parents are concerned about the harmful effects that long gameplay and violent content can have on their children.

A thread on forums site Reddit summarized concerns, with one parent saying that while the game “encourages strategic thinking and collaboration,” their child has started “slamming doors when they used to be pretty relaxed.”

A poll hosted by This Morning asked if parents were concerned about the impact of playing Fortnite on their children, and 59% voted no versus 41% who said yes.

The game also had problems with hacking as players found scammers could make payments using their details.

Epic said it was aware of the attacks, and a spokesperson said, “Any players who believe their account has been compromised should contact our player support immediately.” Is Fortnite safe for kids to play? – The US sun

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