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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of FBI: International Season 1 Episode 21 final “Dejected.” When a private jet carrying American citizens is shot down outside a small town in Poland, the Fly Team investigates the man who missed the flight. Also, Forrester is conflicted when he receives information from his mother. Here’s what you missed!

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previously on FBI: International Season 1 Episode 20, The Fly Team and Jaeger make their way to Berlin when the 19-year-old son of an American billionaire is found dead in his apartment. As the team worked to determine if there was foul play, they realized there was a shadowy group on the case. As it turned out, the father’s own chief of security was responsible for administering medication to the adolescent Fentaynal that led to his admission to the intensive care unit and eventual death.

Jaeger was fired due to a bureaucrat’s revenge. She laughed last, however, when Forrester used a favor from high up to restore Jaeger’s job and out the bureaucrat!

Warning… spoilers below!

on FBI: International Season 1 Episode 21 Finale, a wealthy man tried to wait on someone but couldn’t and got off on a private jet. After takeoff, the flight attendant asked who he was waiting for. He explained an old friend he would probably never see again. Then he saw a rocket coming towards him from the window and it blew up the plane!

Be used

The Fly Team celebrated a bittersweet moment with Jaeger. This would be her last case with the since she was promoted. Then the team was informed of a private plane that had reportedly crashed and The Fly Team was informed that Americans were on board. However, when Forrester saw jet owner Greg Hutchinson (portrayed by Philip Rosch), he perked up. Kellet took notice. There was evidence of that The plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile!

Kellett asked Forrester about the man. He explained that when he was in touch with his mother, she asked about it the Hutchinson file. However, he was never given access to the actual file. Suddenly, Forrester was called to a private meeting…

He spoke to his mother, Angela Cassidy (portrayed by Elizabeth Mitchell) over a video call and found out about Pavel Novikoff (portrayed by Alon Aboutboul). Novikoff was considered the tsar of all top spies in Russia. He should be on that plane and he should be killed!

Agent Forrester learns the truth about the finale of FBI International Season 1 Episode 21

Agent Forrester learns the truth about the finale of FBI International Season 1 Episode 21

Kellett warned Forrester not to trust his mother. This prompted Forrester and the team to take issue with Novikoff. Agent Michael Rafferty (portrayed by Aaron Serotsky) monitored Forrester and requested a meeting, then confronted him about investigating Novikoff. Rafferty felt that Forrester was being played by his mother to do her bidding.

Rafferty explained his suspicion that Angela wanted the Hutchinson file to clear her name and expose Novikoff to the Kremlin. However, Novikoff fled before she could move her power. Rafferty elaborated on this because Angela is a Russian Loyalist that Forrester used to find Novikoff then she would kill him.

Forrester learned the real reason Rafferty hired him to investigate his mother. He also learned that Novikoff was the one who turned them against the United States. Rafferty told Forrester not to help his mother or he would risk his freedom.

Afterwards, Forrester received a video call from his mother, who informed him that Novikoff wanted to transform into her. She was the only one she trusted and Angela only trusted him. She told him Novikoff was in Pula, Croatia.

A bureaucrat, Ken Dandridge (portrayed by Michael Torpey), showed up to oversee the Fly team and wondered why his superiors hired him to do it the Hutchinson case. The man told them all to focus and not move. Forrester immediately disobeyed, turned off his phone and embarked on a solo mission…

F The bosses

Forrester met with local Croatian authority Astrid Jensen (portrayed by Lotte Verbeek), recommended by Jaeger. Forrester contacted his team to inform them of his whereabouts and prompted them keep the bosses in the dark about his operation. (Kellet disagreed, but helped anyway.) Forrester was willing to risk his job and his life for his mother, who was a traitor.

Dandridge confronted the team about Forrester’s whereabouts, but they held back.

Agent Forrester makes a solo appearance in the finale of FBI International Season 1 Episode 21

Agent Forrester makes a solo appearance in the finale of FBI International Season 1 Episode 21

Meanwhile, Rafferty intercepted Forrester in Pula and confronted him about his ruthless leadership. Suddenly, he was shot in the neck! Two shooters tried to hit Forrester, using a crowd of innocent people as cover. A dark sedan sped up to the scene, it was Jensen and yelled at Forrester to get in and they ended the firefight…

risk everything

Forced to update his team on Rafferty’s murder, Forrester urged them to update Dandridge. He told them that the two suspects in the plane bombing were the shooters. Shortly thereafter, Forrester met Novikoff and he wanted a safe exit from the country. Novikoff confided to Forrester about Angela, stating that their allegiance lies with the United States

When Forrester transported Novikoff They were ambushed by a car that brushed them sideways! The shooters found them. Jensen held them back while Forrester got Novikoff to safety, but they had to move.

Novikoff was injured so they moved slower. Suddenly, one of the gunners caught up with them and fought fiercely with Forrester. Our lead agent was almost killed until Novikoff threw him a knife and Forrester killed the man. They were on their way to the airfield to get Novikoff’s exfil, but the former Russian agent told him that his mother wanted to flee with them. She wasn’t far away, and Forrester considered getting her…

The other gunman spotted them and gave chase, but Forrester led him to Jensen and a police blockade while they fled to the airfield. The shooter managed to escape. Novikoff received an encrypted message that Angela was compromised and that they should not attempt to contact her.

General Finley (portrayed by Moe Irvin) and Dandridge greeted and thanked Forrester for his work. Novikoff applied for asylum in the United States. However, Angela had to face the US government and explain who she was loyal to.

Afterward, Forrester thanked Jensen for her help. Then Forrester received a video call from his mother asking him to forget her. Their estranged relationship would not work and he cried over her departure.

When Forrester returned to base, The Fly Team was happy to see him and Novikoff made it safely to US soil. The team celebrated Jaeger’s promotion. However, the shooter spied on them from afar

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Air Date: May 24, 2022

Is there a second season of FBI International?

Yes! FBI International Season 2 has been extended. Find out the release date!

FBI: International occupation

  • Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester
  • Heida Scheid as Special Agent Jamie Kellett
  • Carter Redwood as Special Agent Andre Raines
  • Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo
  • ChristianPaul as Europol agent Katrin Jaeger

guest role

  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Angela Cassidy
  • Aaron Serotsky as Michael Rafferty
  • Moe Irvin as General Finley
  • Lotte Verbeek as Astrid Jensen
  • Alon Aboutboul as Pavel Novikoff
  • Michael Torpey as Ken Dandridge
  • Adam Fidusiewicz as Vladislav
  • Philip Rosch as Greg Hutchinson
  • Temiloluwa Ami-Williams as flight attendant

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Has FBI International been cancelled?

Absolutely not! In fact, CBS renewed all three hit FBI dramas for two more seasons! Learn more…

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1 21 “Crestfallen” FBI: International Season 1 Finale May 24, 2022
1 20 “Black Penguin” May 17, 2022
1 19 “Let this revolution begin” May 10, 2022
1 18 “On These Waters” April 26, 2022
1 17 “uprooting” April 19, 2022
1 16 “Left of the Boom” April 12, 2022
1 15 “shouldn’t have left her” March 29, 2022
1 14 “The Kill List” March 22, 2022
1 13 “Snakes” March 8, 2022
1 12 “One Point One Million Followers” February 22, 2022
1 11 “chew toy” February 1, 2022
1 10 “Close to the sun” January 11, 2022
1 9 “Some Kind of Crazy” January 4, 2022
1 8th “Voice of the People” December 7, 2021
1 7 “Try to Catch Smoke” November 16, 2021
1 6 “The Secrets She Knows” November 9, 2021
1 5 “The Soul of Chess” November 2, 2021
1 4 “American Optimism” October 12, 2021
1 3 “Secrets as Weapons” October 5, 2021
1 2 “The edge” September 28, 2021
1 1 “Pilot” FBI: International Premiere Season 1 September 21, 2021

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