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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of FBI: International Season 1 Episode 19 “Let this revolution begin.” The Fly Team works to hunt down the sniper responsible for killing an American in an attack on a biomedical laboratory in Belgium. Jaeger also clashes with her boss at Europol over her loyalty to the Fly Team. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch FBI: International Season 1 Episode 19 “Get That Revolution Started”.

previously on FBI: International Season 1 Episode 18, following a frenzied attack by gunmen aboard an American-owned river cruise ship on the Danube, the Fly Team travels to Vienna to investigate why the boat was attacked. Additionally, Forrester realizes that his mistrust caused by his past is affecting his personal relationships.

Warning… spoilers below!

on FBI: International Season 1 Episode 19Kellett’s video called her mother, Julianne Kellett (portrayed by Christina Rouner), and was encouraged to visit her late sister’s grave for her birthday. They had a spit about family problems. Forrester overheard and asked if he had to stay for her, but she refused…

Anti Vax

A lone sniper’s bullet entered a lab. One scientist asked another to seal some important virus samples he was shot in the heart! More than a dozen shots were fired and the rest of the staff hid in a storage room…

The Fly Team has been informed that the sniper is at large in Brussels. American scientist Christopher Staton was killed in an attack on a biochemical company. Staton’s work was profound on viral mutations and he relocated to Belgium to further his research. At the briefing, Forrester recognized another scientist, Dr. Luc Michaud, on. he was Europe’s version of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The team determined that Michaud was the intended target and that the attack was politically motivated. Unfortunately, Staton was a causality. In this case, the team needs the support of Europol agent Katrin Jaeger…

The Fly team joined Jaeger while CSI teams were still investigating the crime scene and were introduced to the local police officer in charge, Henriella Beckers. However, The crime scene looked a little strange since the riflemen used so much firepower and they assassinated not correct Man. The Feds also pondered why Michaud was already back in the lab. They were told he and his assistant, Marc Claes, would help authorities identify biological hazards. The Fly Team wanted to speak to him…

Beckers regretted that Michaud and Staton had informed their office of increased death threats, which went unanswered. Michaud refuted the Fed’s theory of a disgruntled employee but briefed them on the frequent threats of being a leading virus scientist.

The team examined an alternate vantage point that suggested the shooter was likely military. Ballistics confirmed that the rifle was probably military issued. The investigation revealed that a sniper, Corporal Patrick Jans, was also missing.

Forrester and Vo visited the base and learned Jans was anti-vaccination and had recently stolen some guns from the base. Curiously, he left behind his manifesto and a hit list that included Michaud’s family and closest colleagues. Agents ran to secure them.

Because you produce results

Forrester grilled Lieutenant De Hondt for all the red flags on Jan’s file. After Vo cooled the two down, they attempted to speak to Corporal Dennis, Jans’ scout, since most military snipers work in pairs. The man took her to Jans’ mother’s house.

When he visited his mother Celesse, she spread political propaganda. Kellet tried to reason with the woman and promised she would bring Jans back alive. After receiving his location, they learned that Jans was going offline.

Katrin Jaegar on FBI International Season 1 Episode 19

Katrin Jaegar on FBI International Season 1 Episode 19

Searching his previous social media account narrowed down his possible location. As the team discussed their plans, they were interrupted by a Europol bureaucrat who confronted Jaeger about her “cowboy” style of authority, which he says has rubbed off on Americans. He told her the only reason she wasn’t fired is because her team is getting results. Jaeger was stuck between her boss and her allegiance to the Fly Team!

Baited & provoked

Agents Vo and Forrester get up close and personal with the sniper in FBI International Season 1 Episode 19

Agents Vo and Forrester get up close and personal with the sniper in FBI International Season 1 Episode 19

The team got a hit from Jan’s location, Agents Forrester and Vo approached the shooter, who lured them to his truck, which still contained an armory. They were announced and took cover. The man fired at the truck and Vo noticed he was trying to hit the RPG shells inside. The agents ducked for cover just in time he caused the vehicle to explode!

Authorities conducted a massive search to find Jans. Kellett was concerned that the brothers were being called by Jans to search. Forrester assured her that the men were soldiers and would follow orders. The investigation revealed that someone else may have provoked Jans’ anger. Their mastermind was someone from Michaud University. Jaeger regretted possibly letting her suspect go since his name was not on the hit list…


Authorities caught the youth pulling the strings, Marc Claes, Michaud’s assistant. Meanwhile, agents mused Jans baited the search in the woods so he could be elsewhere. Forrester received word that the Michaud family had been relocated and confronted the Europol bureaucrat about his poor decision. Forrester asked to cover for the family personally. As they moved there was sniper fire, Michaud was shot in an area where his vest did not cover. Kellet went to the roof, but Jans put a gun to her head…

Kellett tried to reason with the man, even though he knew the authorities would kill him rather than arrest him. When authorities broke in, Kellett forced her back, but Jans wanted to die a martyr and not live in a cage. Kellett dug deeper and told him that she had spoken to his mother and promised he would come home alive. Jans then knelt down to lower his gun He left the building to kill himself!

Michaud recovered from his shot and was in disbelief that one of his students was responsible for the attacks and was manipulating a soldier into committing his evil deeds.

Jaeger’s boss tried to blame her for the mistake of moving Michaud’s family. However, Forrester interjected that the man insisted that the paperwork was in flux let Jaeger fire!

There are only 2 episodes left until the explosive season finale!

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Air Date: May 10, 2022

FBI: International occupation

  • Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester
  • Heida Scheid as Special Agent Jamie Kellett
  • Carter Redwood as Special Agent Andre Raines
  • Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo
  • ChristianPaul as Europol agent Katrin Jaeger

guest role

  • Christina Rouner as Julianne Kellett
  • William Ludwig as Willem Smith
  • Joseph Balderrama as Dr. Luc Michaud
  • Thirsa van Til as Henriella Beckers
  • Dendrie Taylor as Celesse Jans
  • Balázs Csémy as Corporal Dennis
  • Magnus Bruun as Lieutenant De Hondt
  • Vincent Kiefer as Patrick Jans
  • Felix Uff as Marc Claes
  • Rabea Wywrich as Slania
  • Jodie Price as Agathe
  • Ed Ashe as Christopher Staton
  • Courtney Chen as Dr. Shu
  • Tolaymat Mohamed as Sergeant
  • Ashwin Varma as a Belgian soldier
  • Daniel Ehigbai as Airbase Soldier

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1 19 “Let this revolution begin” May 10, 2022
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1 17 “uprooting” April 19, 2022
1 16 “Left of the Boom” April 12, 2022
1 15 “shouldn’t have left her” March 29, 2022
1 14 “The Kill List” March 22, 2022
1 13 “Snakes” March 8, 2022
1 12 “One Point One Million Followers” February 22, 2022
1 11 “chew toy” February 1, 2022
1 10 “Close to the sun” January 11, 2022
1 9 “Some Kind of Crazy” January 4, 2022
1 8th “Voice of the People” December 7, 2021
1 7 “Try to Catch Smoke” November 16, 2021
1 6 “The Secrets She Knows” November 9, 2021
1 5 “The Soul of Chess” November 2, 2021
1 4 “American Optimism” October 12, 2021
1 3 “Secrets as Weapons” October 5, 2021
1 2 “The edge” September 28, 2021
1 1 “Pilot” FBI: International Premiere Season 1 September 21, 2021

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