Instant Commission Site Review

Instant Commission Site Review

The number one problem many people get online starting with is that they don’t have a website where they can send traffic, a site with deals & reviews to earn commissions and an optin site to build their reputation. their books.

If they decide to build one, they need to find HOSTING, Buy a domain name, set up wordpress and find a theme that suits them … install some plugins to get things working.

It is a lot of hard work + a lot of new things to learn.

That’s why Ankur Shukla, a full-time online marketer, web developer and online entrepreneur created the Instant commission website system.

Imagine if Ankur had created a great affiliate website for you, that you just started using to earn commissions.

Imagine if this site had all the content you wanted, photos, videos and offers linked to YOUR EFFICIENCY LINK – everything done for you without having to lift your finger.

YES – that is exactly what an instant commission website is.

Ankur has done all the hard work for you and now all you have to do is use it to earn commissions and build your list without spending any money on hosting, domain names or real estate. any themes or plugins.

Get Instant Commission Website And LEARN Ankur Website From In 1 Click

Instant Commission Site Review

Instant Commission Site Features

  • Instant – Done for you Affiliate Site in 60 secs
  • Loaded with 50 Product Reviews
  • Images, Product Demos, all included
  • Offers from Clickbank across many niches.
  • Just add your Affiliate ID and ready to go.
  • Auto adds your affiliate link all across the site.
  • Add Your own banners to the site
  • Promote your own offers on the site.
  • All traffic and bandwidth costs included.
  • No Domain or Hosting needed.
  • No WordPress Setup or Themes or Plugins needed.
  • Nothing to Install at all – just 1-Click & Go.
  • Earn Unlimited Commissions
  • Fully SEO Ready – On page SEO Done For You
  • The author will build Backlinks to the site each month.
  • Add your own Contact form & get leads.
  • Add your own About page with Bio etc.
  • All products with 4 point Ratings
  • Reviews, testimonials & comments on all products
  • Fully Secure – HTTPS Site
  • Select the content you want to show/remove
  • Turn any text or phrase into affiliate links
  • No manual work for you, just promote & earn.
  • Add Author Bio, Social links and Profile.
  • Promote any offer in your bio or offer a gift.

How Does Instant Commission Site Works?

This software is 100% Newbie friendly – Super simple to get started. The instant commission website system makes getting started as easy as 1-2-3. Top marketers are great to use this. They love the simple and easy way This helps start an affiliate website without working …

Step 1. Log in to your Instant Committee member area …

Step 2. Add your name, ClickBank ID & Some basic information about yourself

Step 3.Press SAVE & YOU ARE DOING. Your SPECIAL LINKS are ready

Now use it to take over Ankur’s website and earn commissions from the affiliate website. All in 60 seconds. Here are some preview images of the site you will get with special links:

Instant Commission Site Review

Benefits of the Instant Commission Site?

Instant Launcher – Just log in, add your information and your website is ready to earn you a commission. Ankur designed this in such a way that launching your website almost immediately. No technical expertise needed. Even a 9-year-old child can do this. Perfect for newbies or anyone scared to launch an affiliate website and start earning commissions.

Earn unlimited commissions from the largest network. With the Instant Commission Site, you can earn commissions from the largest affiliate network = ClickBank without waiting for approval. All you have to do is add your affiliate ID and the rest have been taken care of by Ankur.

Preloaded with 50 affiliate product review articles All of which is made for you. Writing good content is probably the hardest part of creating an affiliate review site. But you can be assured. Within the Instant Commission Site, you will receive good review articles that will sell to visitors who buy products and help you gain more sales. There is not much manual work for you.

Automatically add videos, images, graphics and call to action for all affiliate offers. Creating videos, images and graphics for your posts is much harder than it looks. So, to solve this problem, the Instant Commission Site will automatically add all this for every product review you enter in 1 click.

1 Click on the built-in deals, Get traffic from top social media sites. To make your life easier and that’s why, whenever you want more traffic to your website, with just 1 click, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other top social sites to attract traffic back to your site. There is no traffic effect.

What do you get from the Instant Commission Site System?

You have a fully mobile-ready website – With over 50% of mobile internet traffic, it’s extremely important to have a mobile-friendly website – that’s exactly what the author did to the Instant Commission Website because every website you launched using this would be completely mobile friendly on all the devices out there.

Get automatic software updates – When you add this to your website, any updates made by the author for this software over the next year will be completely free for you. In addition, any edits to preloaded content will automatically update on your site.

Integrated banner system that displays ads on your site with your affiliate links – Instant commission site will automatically get some extra banner ads and great deals with integrated links from you after you log in.

Create professional looking WordPress themes on instant commission websites – Most websites created by beginners look terrible, they don’t convert and are not designed to remember that they need to make commissions. or sales. However, Ankur created this site with a Professional & Premium WP Theme

Totally SEO ready – Ranking websites you create 100% SEO friendly makes it easy to rank your website and get free organic traffic on top search engines. The title, keywords and description are included in each article.

The instant commission website comes with an ADMIN PANEL that allows you to control and edit the site, configure various settings related to your affiliate offers, display hidden reviews and even manage banners. Absolutely no technical knowledge required. The simple, easy and powerful admin area allows you to take over my finished site in just 60 seconds.

No domain name or Hosting & No additional costs to get started. With instant commission website, you don’t need that. Include all.

No matter how much traffic you send to the site, you don’t need to pay for traffic and bandwidth for powerful dedicated servers. All hosting costs for this site are also taken care of by Ankur.

Nothing to install, no need for WordPress Theme or Plugin Config – Every time you set up a website, you need to do a lot of manual work, add content, themes, plugins, images, and even videos. . None of that is necessary here because Ankur has done all that for you.

All product reviews come with a full 4-point rating system – The Instant Commission website has 50 detailed product review articles and comes with a 4-point rating system that shows the total score. and easy to read reviews to decide and act for anyone who makes more money for you.

Select the posts / reviews you want to show or hide – You can decide which posts you want to display on the web and which posts you want to hide. This can be turned ON or OFF immediately by using a switch.

Your instant commission website is a completely secure HTTPS site – The very important security sites today are not only for higher rankings in Google but also not hacked. And the Instant commission website is completely secure and enabled HTTPS.

Make more money by turning any keyword into an affiliate link on the entire site – This is one of the important features, you can add any number of keywords and affiliate links. and turn those keywords throughout your site into HYPERLINKS for those affiliate offers. Incredible.

Instant Commission Site Bonus

Bonus 1 – Direct training on earning $ 100k / year in Easy passive income (Worth $ 199)

Bonus 2 – Welcome WP Plugin for Quick List Building (Worth $ 199)

Bonus 3 – Direct training How to attract 100,000 FREE visitors to YOUR SITE without any paid advertising (Worth $ 199)


The Instant Commission Site is a comprehensive and effective system. With it you don’t need to make any theme or plugin settings or anything similar, the author will manage everything for you as they run the main site you have to take over and earn a commission. In addition, it offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you feel this program doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back at any time. So don’t miss out on this great offer. Get the Instant Commission Site before the price goes up.

Instant Commission Site Review:

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