Instacart buyer says customer went to door naked

A full-time Instacart shopper who calls Stew Thief on TikTok (@mrsstealyostew) said that when she was getting groceries for the application, she encountered a customer who reportedly opened the door with her genitals fully exposed.

One of the advantages of ordering from a grocery delivery service is that you can get groceries from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is open the door when the delivery driver arrives and take the groceries, or you can even request that they just leave it on the doorstep and don’t bother you.

However, according to TikToker, this customer did not choose that option, instead opting to physically collect the items from her delivery person, exposing herself in the process.

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“This woman was just opening her door and it took me a second to realize that she was opening her door and all I could see was her Polly Pocket. Yes, she opened her door and her cooter just said, ‘Hello, welcome to our house,'” she recalls.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker decided to share more information about her experience with the nude Instacart customer. She says she picked up an order that earned her $11, which included four Tall Boy cans of beer, two cases of Woodbridge Chardonnay, along with a case of frozen White Castle cheeseburgers and a tray of fresh sushi.

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The TikToker explains that the woman lived in a garden apartment building and that there was a disabled ramp leading up to the apartment. The screen door had a glass cover with the bottom half of the glass raised. The TikToker assumed she would pass the items through the opening in the screen door, which she says “trained” her eyes “in a downward-facing position,” meaning she could look “down through the opening.” looked”.

Before the Instacart customer got to the door, a dog approached the entrance and began sniffing around, but didn’t bark at the shopper. After a few seconds, however, she says a “meat koozie” came into view as her eyes looked down at the dog and the entrance she thought was carrying the groceries through.

“My very first thought was: This is the strangest elbow I’ve ever seen,” recalls the TikToker.

She adds that she “didn’t see too many tuna tacos in the wild” and that “it almost looked like a fortune cookie.” After the encounter, she says she was stunned and didn’t know how to react and just stood there, motionless.

The woman at the front door then slowly closed the door, leaving the shopper there with the groceries she was supposed to deliver. Since it was an alcohol order, she had to scan the customer’s ID and couldn’t just leave the liquor at the door. After about four minutes of waiting, the TikToker turned around and at that very moment the door opened. At the time, she said she made a “leadership decision” not to “make eye contact,” she says, because she had already made “shell contact.”

@mrsstealyostew in reply to @guardyapp #instacart #funnystory #instacartshopper #instacartdelivery #instacartstorytime #storytok #part2 ♬ Original sound – Stew Thief

However, this was impossible as she had to check the woman’s ID and the customer held the card in her face. When the Instacart driver looked at the woman, she said that “she raised her eyebrows and gave this weird smile,” which she pantomimed as a suggestive gesture. “I’ve thought about that look 731 times; Was she hoping for a pearl polish?” @mrsstealyostew says. “I’m serious, was raising your eyebrows her way of saying she hoped I’d yodel in the canyon? Because there was definitely lick-a-chick vibes, y’all.”

If that was the case, she notes that the “wouldn’t get $4 [her] a gurgling oyster.” The customer eventually apologized for the wait and said her dogs were “brats.”

The Daily Dot has contacted @mrsstealyostew via TikTok comment and Instacart via email for more information.

Other delivery drivers on the platform appear to have had similar altercations with customers themselves.

“Girls you obviously didn’t deliver after 10pm at stone mountain on memorial drive bc they all answer the door like that,” wrote one commenter.

Another said: “I swear you delivered to my old neighbor! 1 time had 2 PD calls to her, she answered with her pants at the ankles! Lady Cop wasn’t impressed!”


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*First published: January 24, 2023 13:52 CST

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Jack Alban Instacart buyer says customer went to door naked

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