I’m furious that my son, 8, read about a sex offender in class and the teacher joked ‘he’d make a good pub quiz’ when I complained

A WOMAN was furious at her son’s school after he was allowed to read a newspaper article about a horrific sex offender and when she complained the teacher “giggled”.

The mother explained that the newspaper had been used to line a table for the children to draw as her son, 8, read the story of the crime.

The mother was furious that her son, 8, was able to read about a sex offender


The mother was furious that her son, 8, was able to read about a sex offenderPhoto credit: Getty

She spoke to the teacher, who only praised the young lad’s inquisitiveness and laughed that he would “do well on the future detective panel on pub quizzes.”

To Mumsnet she said: “[My son] and I were in the shops over the weekend and he spotted a headline in the local paper.

“Something along the lines of: Sex offender convicted of Taplow Lake murder.

“He was immediately interested and said he knew all about it, rattling off accurate and detailed information about the case and the criminals’ previous crimes.

“He told me he had read a large article about it on a piece of newspaper used to set the table in an art class.

“He asked me what a sex offender was and why someone would tie up and gag a woman before killing her.

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“We haven’t talked about sex yet and I really don’t want his first knowledge of it to be violent and negative.

“When I told my husband he was horrified and said I should tell the school. Less of a complaint than a warning.

“This morning I told the head of the lower school what had happened, but I didn’t make any inquiries or give an opinion – I just stated the facts.

“He giggled, said my son would do well in future pub quizzes and praised his curiosity.

“Is it reasonable to expect a school to make an effort to protect junior high school students from the details of sex crimes and sexually motivated homicide, or is the junior high school principal right to laugh and say it’s okay ?

“My husband thinks I should go to the principal, but I’m not sure.”

Other Mumsnet users quickly came forward with their opinions.

One person said: “I would be quite ashamed if that was my daughter’s lesson.

“If he happened to come across it (the article was in a photocopy and hasn’t been verified), I’d be furious.”

Others didn’t think it was a great turn of events, but weren’t so upset.

The teacher giggled, said my son would do well on the future pub quiz crime round, and praised his curiosity.

One person said: “I think it’s a forgivable mistake by the school, but the teacher’s response was quite unprofessional.

“I’m not sure I’d go to the principal about it, but I wouldn’t be impressed.”

While others thought the woman overreacted.

One person said, “It’s probably just a slip by the teacher. A teacher will scan the papers used, but there really isn’t time to read every article.

“It was most likely just overlooked by accident and not routine. Also, your son can easily see and read the front page in a store.”

Another said: “For heaven’s sake. They’ve covered a table with newspaper. Do you want the teacher to read every article? It’s just to keep paint off.”

Other teachers also waded in and shared similar experiences.

One said: “I started checking the newspapers they had brought to set the tables after a girl read out loud ‘Teacher had sex with student’ and commented ‘That’s disgusting miss.'”

Another said: “When I was teaching I used the Financial Times specifically to avoid this.

“And magazines were limited to good household types. Bad answer from the teacher.”

A third said: “As a primary school teacher – yes I censor newspaper used for painting!” I’m furious that my son, 8, read about a sex offender in class and the teacher joked ‘he’d make a good pub quiz’ when I complained

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