I’m engaged to someone 7000 miles away – I send her £400 a month people say I get scammed but it’s love

A MAN who sends £400 a month to his fiancee in the Philippines has had to defend himself to his boyfriend, who has been skeptical about the relationship and even claimed he is not the father of their young son.

Forever bachelor Shaun, 41, met Filipino mother-of-four Christine, 42, online back in 2012.

Shaun hopes to bring Christine to the UK so they can live with their son


Shaun hopes to bring Christine to the UK so they can live with their sonCredit: Discovery +/James Rudland

They started dating in 2013 and have been in a long-distance relationship ever since.

Shaun said, “She makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery every day.”

Before Christine, Shaun was single and prone to bouts of loneliness.

He said, “When I get home from work, I usually say, ‘Hi Toaster, how are you?’ or “Hello kettle.” And sometimes I jump in front of the mirror and I’m like, ‘Hey Shaun, how are you?’

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“It’s so funny when I look around and I go crazy with this loneliness.”

In the first episode of the new series 90 Day Fiancé, Shaun recounted the moment he met Christine online almost 10 years ago.

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He said: “We met on social media in 2012; I clicked on her profile and when she accepted me as a friend we started corresponding back and forth.

“Then she started video chatting with me. I thought she was a good looking girl and I thought how can a guy like that get a girl like that?”

Thrilled by her infectious, fun-loving nature, Shaun was convinced Christine was the woman of his dreams even though he lived in Botley, Hampshire and she lived almost 7,000 miles away in Antipolo City, Philippines.

He said: “I like her quirkiness, I like how she acts silly, you know. But she’s just like that, she doesn’t care what people think of her. She just goes out and has fun.

“That’s what I love about her character, that’s what I love about Christine. The queen herself, my future queen.”

The long-term plan was for Christine to fly to the UK and live with Shaun.

Shaun said, “Christine and I are applying for a visa so she can move and live here, so now I just have to get the final papers mailed and fingers crossed that she should be here very, very soon.”

But for now — and for the final eight years of their relationship — Shaun will continue to support Christine financially by sending her money.

Christine said: “Shaun sends me money every month – around £400.

“The main priority Shaun sends me money for is to support my needs and be of great help to me and my entire family. I feel like I have financial freedom.”

Shaun, who works as a cleaning manager, explained that he couldn’t be sure of the exact number, but the amount of money he’s sent to his fiancé over the years is enormous.

He said: “After all the eight years that I’ve been with Christine, I wouldn’t have known how much money I would have sent her.

“But all I know is it’s in the hundreds of thousands. It’s worth every penny.”

But his generosity leaves him with a meager budget for himself each month.

Shaun can't wait to have his fiancee in the same country


Shaun can’t wait to have his fiancee in the same countryPhoto credit: Discovery+
Christine lives in the Philippines with her son and three children from her previous marriage


Christine lives in the Philippines with her son and three children from her previous marriagePhoto credit: Discovery+

He said: “After sending Christine the money there is enough there to at least pay my bills and then checking again I have around £50-60 for myself and that’s more than enough you see me through the month.”

Shaun’s financial arrangement with Christine has raised some eyebrows among his friends and family.

He said, “When I started sending her money, my parents and all my friends started asking, ‘Why are you sending her money?’

“But to be honest I don’t care, I follow my heart. It is my decision. So either you’re a part of me in the circle or you’re not.”

In 2017, Shaun and Christine’s long-distance relationship welcomed a new addition when Christine gave birth to Shaun’s son.

Shaun said: “When I found out I was going to be a father it felt amazing. You can’t really describe the feeling.”

Shaun has only met his son four times, which he tearfully admits was difficult.

But Shaun’s friends admitted they were skeptical about their relationship.

His closest friend Jimmy even hinted that Shaun might not be the father of their son Christian.

Jimmy said, “Yeah, we’re just watching over you, Shaun. Just in case Christian isn’t yours.

“I know you’re going to look at me funny and be like, ‘What the hell.'”

But Shaun insisted there was a resemblance between him and the boy and that he didn’t need a DNA test.

Despite the criticism, Shaun intended to relocate Christine to the UK.

Christine said: “Shaun and I are hoping for the best future for Christian, not just for Christian but for my other children as well.

“Shaun told me that once we’re financially stable in the UK, he wanted to bring my other children over too.”

90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream on Discovery+ from Sunday 24thth June.

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