I’m an interior designer – 12 things you MUST remove from your kitchen & why ‘food’ signs need to go in the bin

YOUR KITCHEN can often be filled with clutter that you don’t really need.

Not only does it take up space, but it can also make your kitchen look cheap — thankfully, interior design experts can share which pieces you need to ditch.

Signs with generic phrases do nothing for the interior of your kitchen


Signs with generic phrases do nothing for the interior of your kitchenPhoto credit: Getty

Jill Jarvis, interior designer and owner of Ehrlich Interiors, said the first thing you should do is get rid of the clutter on your kitchen countertops.

She told Insider, “Nothing makes a kitchen look messier than a cluttered countertop.

“It also makes the counters harder to wipe down and keep clean.”

So, start throwing out unnecessary mail and finding closet space for small gadgets.

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While open shelves look beautiful, they are almost never practical.

Rebecca Langman, interior designer and owner of Revision Custom Home Design, said they often create visual clutter and need constant cleaning to look good.

Instead, opt for glass-fronted cabinets to reduce dust.

One of the home decorator’s pet nuisances are signs with common phrases, and she recommends dropping them.

She said, “Your guests will know it’s a kitchen even if there aren’t oversized forks and spoons on the wall or a sign telling them to ‘collect’ or ‘eat.'”

While it may be nice to have many different wine glasses in your collection, it really isn’t necessary.

Interior designer Joe Cangelosi said, “Unless you have a huge butler’s pantry that can hold all of these things, most people just need a couple of all-purpose wine glasses and a set of champagne flutes.”

He suggests investing in a fancy set for formal occasions and a cheap one for everyday use.

Another kitchen item that clogs up space are knives. Unless you’re a chef, you don’t need to have 20 in a drawer.

Joe said you only need three, a large chef’s knife, a bread knife and a small paring knife – the rest you can donate or sell.

We all like to think we can get by with the cookbooks we have — but the reality is, we probably won’t.

And they take up so much space in your kitchen — instead, Jill recommends keeping two that you use frequently.

The furnishing expert also recommends going through each book and storing your favorite recipes in a folder to save space.

Instead of trying to dress up your kitchen cabinets with a lot of decor, opt for a plant that doesn’t need to be dusted or takes up too much space, Rebecca said.

You might want to keep your old tea towels, but if they don’t suit your kitchen, it’s time to toss them, Jill said.

If you’re not quite ready to part with them, Jill recommends turning them into cleaning rags.

And bet that your cupboard has plenty of herbs and spices that are past their sell-by dates and taking up space.

Jill suggests taking some time to go through them to avoid clutter.

We’ve all had a phase where we thought we’d bake fresh bread and buy a bread maker just for it to collect dust on our counter.

But unless you actually bake fresh bread all the time – it just takes up space, find a place to store it instead, or bake bread the old-fashioned way – by hand.

Everyone has that dreaded junk drawer in their kitchen, but Jill recommends turning it into a gathering space for utensils you use regularly but don’t have a specific place to stay.

Finally, to make your kitchen feel less cluttered, go through your cleaning supplies to see which ones you actually use and which ones you should throw away.

Open shelves are not practical, says the furnishing expert


Open shelves are not practical, says the furnishing expertPhoto credit: Getty

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