I’m an expert and that’s why women are always colder than men

AN EXPERT explained why women are always colder than men.

It’s a question many scientists have tried to answer – why do women want a higher thermostat setting?

A little bit cold? There's a reason


A little bit cold? There’s a reasonCredit: Alamy

But it turns out the reasons are pretty simple — and might even explain the phrase “cold hands, warm heart.”

Women tend to have less muscle than men, even if they are the same body weight.

Muscle generates more heat than body fat and also contributes to a high metabolism.

Both factors can contribute to heat, explained Professor Christian Moro and PhD student Charlotte Phelps, both from Bond University, in a post for the conversation.

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They also showed that the hormonal differences between men and women contribute to different body temperatures.

“The hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are high in women, contribute to core body and skin temperature.

“Estrogen dilates the blood vessels in the extremities. This allows more heat to be released into the surrounding air.

“And progesterone can cause the vessels in the skin to constrict, which means less blood flows in some areas to keep internal organs warmer, making women feel cooler.”

“This hormone balance changes over the course of the month in parallel with the menstrual cycle.”

In fact, the hormones pumping through a woman’s body keep her hands, feet and ears about 3°C ​​colder than men’s at all times.

“Although hands and feet are cooler, women have a warmer average core temperature than men,” the experts write.

“That’s probably where the saying ‘cold hands, warm hearts’ came from.”

The experts also explained that as an evolutionary tool, women may prefer to relax in warmer climates.

Female mammals have been found to prefer being under the sun to encourage them to rest with their offspring, which carries over to humans as well.

Researchers in Israel believe these preferences keep the sexes separate and prevent couples from bickering.

They found that the same trait is present in many species of birds and mammals.

dr Eran Levin of Tel Aviv University said: “Men and women experience temperature differently. This difference in heat perception did not come about to argue with our partners about air conditioning, but rather the opposite.

“From an evolutionary perspective, it’s meant to get a couple to distance themselves from each other so that each individual can enjoy some peace and quiet.

“Our study showed that the phenomenon is not unique to humans – in many bird and mammal species, females prefer warmer environments than males, and at certain times these preferences lead to a separation between the two sexes.”

https://www.the-sun.com/health/5523293/why-women-always-colder-than-men-expert/ I’m an expert and that’s why women are always colder than men

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