I’m a relationship expert – the red flags on the first date that mean you’re doomed

IF your date checks off anything on this list, don’t offer them a second one.

Relationship expert Jaime Bronstein is the host of Love Talk Live on LA Talk Radio and was even named #1 Relationship Coach by Yahoo Finance.

Jaime Bronstein spoke exclusively to The Sun to share nine red flags to watch out for on a first date


Jaime Bronstein spoke exclusively to The Sun to share nine red flags to watch out for on a first datePhoto credit:

Bronstein spoke exclusively to The Sun to share what she thinks are the top red flags to look out for on a first date.

The love expert shares her tips with her 91,000 followers on Instagram, urging people to use their intuition when dating.

“If you’re feeling like something doesn’t feel right or it seems a little wrong, trust that,” she said.

“If there’s an alarm in your succinctness telling you to ‘run’ or say ‘that’s weird,’ trust that.”

Bronstein shared the top nine red flags to look out for on a first date, saying, “If the person has any of those things, you want to run.”


“If someone drops the name or the brand instead of saying they have a car, they say ‘I have a Ferrari,’ that’s very unattractive,” she said.

“Cocky is very different from being confident.”

“It could mean they’re just nervous or insecure, but the point is that’s probably not going to change.”


“Once again, if they talk negatively about their ex or criticize them in any way, that’s just not attractive,” Bronstein said.

Aside from judging your ex, the expert said, if they start judging or criticizing you, that’s also a big red flag.

“It’s negative energy, and it’s not attractive.”

“It gives you a glimpse into their personality, and why they think it’s appropriate to talk like that is something you don’t want to bring into your relationship.”

She said the same applies to them when they spoke negatively about friends and family.

“Do you really want to get involved with someone if this could happen to you?”


“If they don’t ask you questions, if they’re just talking about themselves, it’s not pleasant conversation to begin with.”

“It means they’re vain and just conceited,” she said.

“Why do you want to be in a relationship like this?”


Bronstein said if your date spends time looking at his phone or looking around the room or really anywhere else than you, he’s not the one.

“They’re just not there,” she said.

“When you’re on a date, you want your date to actually be with you. Or it’s no fun, no fun, why are you even sitting there?”


Nothing is more embarrassing than someone being rude to your waiter/waitress.

“That can be transferred to how they treat other people,” says the expert.

“You want to be with someone who treats people kindly.”


When your date comments on the price of something, it puts you both in an awkward position.

“I feel like my stomach would just drop,” Bronstein said.

“It’s like, where do you go from there, what do you say?”

“Obviously not everyone has to be a millionaire, but it does show that that person is money conscious, which is good, but this small example could lead to big arguments in a relationship.”

“I guarantee there will be money issues in the relationship and you don’t want to deal with it.”


Bronstein said if your date is too sexual too fast or talks too much about sex, you should run away.

“When they say things like, ‘Will you be over later?’ Or to keep talking about sex or the two of you that night or in the foreseeable future, that’s just not stylish.”

“Some people like that because it makes them feel validated or important when they’re insecure, but a secure person wouldn’t do that.”

“It doesn’t make the other person feel respected.”


When your date treats your outing like their back in college, the love expert said it’s “just not good.”

“If you’re not a heavy drinker and they are, it’s definitely not attractive.”

“Even if you’re a big drinker and they are, it just causes a lot of problems.”

“Drinking too much is never, ever a good thing.”


“If he makes you pay, run,” the relationship coach said.

“Sometimes if a guy makes you pay or pays half of that, it just means he’s not that into you.”

“It’s just a disrespectful thing and makes you feel bad.”

The Love Talk Live host shared her acronym for AVOID, which she uses as a red-flag first date checklist.

“If the person has any of those things, you want to run.”

The letter ‘A’ stands for arrogance, ‘V’ for vain, ‘O’ for out of control, ‘I’ for ignores you and ‘D’ for dishonest.

She also advises her clients to keep appointments as short as possible when they’re not having a good time.

“Even if it’s 15 minutes and you’re like, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore.'”

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“You can be selfish when it comes to dating.”

“You want it to be fun, not daunting.”


“You can be selfish when it comes to dating”Photo credit: @baha_danesh

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