I’m a PT – here are the secrets of Dua Lipa’s stunning figure

SINGER Dua Lipa isn’t afraid to show off her stunning figure.

The award-winning pop sensation no doubt keeps fit as she dances onstage to hits like ‘One Kiss’ and ‘Levitating.’

Dua Lipa does HIIT workouts to stay in shape


Dua Lipa does HIIT workouts to stay in shapePhoto credit: instagram
The 26-year-old has a slim figure and used to be a model


The 26-year-old has a slim figure and used to be a modelPhoto credit: Getty
Dua is currently touring and playing festivals. Pictured: Lollapalooza Fest in Chicago, July 2022


Dua is currently touring and playing festivals. Pictured: Lollapalooza Fest in Chicago, July 2022Photo credit: Getty

But between her performances — including her current tour, Future Nostalgia — Dua works out where she can.

The 26-year-old British woman also eats a healthy diet, but does not refrain from food cravings.

So says Australian celebrity personal trainer Rachael Attard, who has done an in-depth look at Dua’s fitness regimen and diet.

Duas nutrition

Rachael, a women’s fitness training specialist, said: “While her diet is effective, she never avoids certain foods.

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“Instead, she tries to eat these less healthy things in moderation. And she always makes sure to cook herself.

“This helps her avoid overly processed foods with lots of ingredients that can cause serious health problems over time.”

For breakfast, Dua eats a snack like banana with cashew butter when she’s working out in the early morning.

“This gives her plenty of plant-based protein and potassium to keep her muscles functioning well during those workouts,” Rachael said.

Dua is always on the go, relying mostly on packaged groceries.

But Rachael said she’ll pick things that “don’t leave her feeling full,” like a salad, wraps with healthy ingredients, or something else with lots of veggies.

Dua was born and raised in London but has spent a lot of time in Albania where her parents are from.

Rachael said: “She is a big fan of traditional Albanian cuisine.

“Albanian cuisine is similar to the Mediterranean diet and is full of healthy fats like olive oil and fish, as well as lots of fresh vegetables.

“It can be too much grain and bread, making it less ideal for people who want to avoid gluten or are on a low-carb diet.”

Dua shows no signs of restrictive treats, as Rachael said: “When she’s in the mood for something unhealthy like pizza or burgers, she sometimes indulges in those foods.

“She doesn’t believe in cheat days. Instead, she believes in not denying herself the foods she craves when she is craving them.”

Dua told Beauty Crew, “I’m never one to shy away from eating treats, I love naughty treats.

“But I try to limit it to days when I’m not that busy because usually when I eat a donut it puts me in a food coma!”


With a tight and busy schedule, Dua fits into practice as best she can in the morning, usually around 8:30am.

Rachael said, “Dua often goes with her HIIT session first thing in the morning.

“It requires absolutely no equipment and gives her a full workout in a very short amount of time, making it ideal for her busy schedule.

“During her HIIT routine, she often targets her abs and glutes. A few of her favorite moves [are] Bike crunches, static planks, slow twist planks, leg raises, donkey kicks.

“Each of these exercises targets multiple muscle groups at once, making their daily workouts extremely effective.”

Speaking to Viva, Dua said she keeps her abs in shape with a “variation of crunches” — but planks are her favorite.

But Rachael said Dua can suffer from back pain and would avoid exercises like donkey kicks if they flared up.

When Dua is home and has more time, she’s a big fan of boxing, both for physical health and “to clear her head.”

Rachael said: “Boxing is one of her favorite ways to get and stay in shape.

“It’s an intense cardio workout, but it also helps her build functional strength and tone her arms and legs without using weights.

“On days when she wants a little more relaxation, she takes a yoga or Pilates class.

“These exercises help her stay limber and make it easy for her body to keep up with the intense dance moves she does during performances.”

https://www.the-sun.com/health/5952763/secrets-dua-lipas-figure-workout-diet/ I’m a PT – here are the secrets of Dua Lipa’s stunning figure

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