I’m a psychology expert – my test will reveal your deepest desires and fears, are you a big dreamer or content?

A PSYCHOLOGY expert on TikTok shared a test that will determine where you are in life and what you long for.

The clip went viral and received over 3.4 million views.

A psychology expert shared a test to uncover your desires and fears


A psychology expert shared a test to uncover your desires and fearsCredit: TikTok/selfhelpsonya
It's all about using your imagination as she sets the scene


It’s all about using your imagination as she sets the sceneCredit: TikTok/selfhelpsonya

A woman named Sonya, known on TikTok as @selfhelpsonya, has posted a series of videos helping viewers to explore their innermost desires and fears.

“I literally just took this test and it’s so scary how accurate it is,” she began.

The test consists of 12 questions.

“Imagine you are in a forest and there is a winding road full of trees.”

The first question: Are the trees organized in a pattern, or are they spread chaotically across the plaza?

The second question: Is it night or day?

The third question has two parts: is the path wide or narrow? And is it frequently visited or rarely used?

“Now you continue walking along the path and suddenly you see a key lying on the ground.”

The fourth question: Is the key big or small and what does it open?

The fifth question: do you pick it up or leave it there?

“Now imagine you continue walking this path and suddenly you see a bear.”

The sixth question: Is the bear threatening or friendly and does it scare you?

The seventh question: How big is the bear?

“So now the bear disappears back into the forest and you continue along the path and you will see an urn.”

The eighth question: Describe the urn and what it is made of.

The Ninth Question: As you approach the urn, what is inside?

“So then you leave the urn and keep walking down the street until you approach a house.”

The tenth question: what kind of house is it and is it big or small?

“Then from outside the house you hear a man inside the house yelling to let him out and he sounds crazy.”

The eleventh question: Will you open the door to this man?

“Now you’re still standing in front of the house and everything turns white. There is nothing around you and you move on and nothing changes.

“You scream and no one can hear you. No matter what you do, everything is the same.”

The twelfth question: So what are you doing? Do you give up and just stay in the same place? Or do you keep exploring in hopes of finding an exit?

After listing all the questions, she revealed the results.

“Question one: If the trees are organized and logical, so are you. You long for a lot of structure in your life.

“On the other hand, if the trees are scattered all over the place, those things are less important to you and you might be someone who cares more about the substance of things than how they’re presented.”

The second question reflects how you perceive your childhood: sunlight means you’re loving your childhood, and darkness means you don’t have the best memories of that time.

“Question number three: The path is the path you are currently following. A very broad and clear path indicates that you are very comfortable and confident in what you are doing and where you are going.

“On the other hand, a very narrow or less traveled path might indicate that you are very hesitant in what you are doing and uncertain about the future.”

For the fourth question, the age of the key indicates how old a current dream of yours is: the older the key, the longer you hold on to this dream.

And the size of the key indicates how much you want that dream: the bigger the key, the greater the desire.

For the fifth question, if you’ve decided to leave the key behind, chances are you’re a little threatened by your dream and don’t want it to completely change your life.

If you have decided to pick up the key, then your desire for this dream is much greater than your fear of it.

“Question number six: the more menacing the bear, the more worried you are about life’s problems.

“If the bear is just casually walking through the woods, you might see the current problems in your life just like that – they are just life problems and there will be a solution to them.”

For the seventh question, the size of the bear represents how big or small you see these problems.

“Question number eight: The urn represents your connection to your ancestors. If the urn is really big, it could mean that you feel very connected to your parents or the previous generation. And if it is small, vice versa.

“An urn made out of really old materials could mean you feel completely disconnected.”

In the ninth question, the contents of the urn represent what you have in connection with your ancestors.

Ash could mean your connection is fading, and water or living beings mean you still have much to gain from those relationships.

“Question number ten: A larger and fancier home may represent your larger dreams of wealth and prosperity, while on the other hand, a smaller home could mean you are someone who is generally content with whatever life gives you.”

For the 11th Asking what you do about the madman in the house shows how much you trust other people.

If you open the door for him, you’re likely to be more trusting and likely to put people first, even if it’s a threat to yourself.

If you don’t open the door, you better be careful who you trust.

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“And last but not least, question number twelve: if you have decided not to look for a way out, it could mean that you are someone who is fine without change and you just accept what life is, and think it’s inevitable.

“If you’ve kept trying to find a way out, it can be representative of someone who wants to constantly evolve and grow and seek new challenges.”

The first clip received over three million views and thousands of comments


The first clip received over three million views and thousands of commentsCredit: TikTok/selfhelpsonya I’m a psychology expert – my test will reveal your deepest desires and fears, are you a big dreamer or content?

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