I’m a parenting expert – here’s how to clean your baby’s toys to prevent mold

Bath time is fun for your little ones, but their toys might be hiding baddies.

While it might not be high on your cleaning list, one expert has warned that the little rubber ducky should take precedence.

Bath toys can be a fun addition to your child's routine, but they can get dirty quickly


Bath toys can be a fun addition to your child’s routine, but they can get dirty quicklyPhoto credit: Getty – Contributor

This, they explained, is to prevent your child from swallowing or touching mold.

Parenting guru Sophie Pickles said that bath toys play a big part in a child’s learning and creative journey by helping them be imaginative, reduce stress and have fun while playing.

“Since they are among the most used toys in your home, it is important to clean them as often as your child’s other toys.

“Cleaning bath toys isn’t fun, but when done right, it can be a quick and easy process,” she said.

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Moms have previously shared urgent health warnings after finding mold in their children’s toys.

A toddler has also nearly lost his eyesight from playing with dirty bath toys, so it’s important to keep yours clean.

Sophie explained that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning toys and shared her six top tips for keeping them sparkling clean.

1. Give them a bath

The expert who works with Munchkin’s said most bath toys work well if you simply rinse them off with fresh water at the end of bath time.

However, she said it’s important to do a deep cleaning and thorough bath toy inspection every few months to keep your toys fresh.

She said: “By far the easiest way to clean your bath toys is to fill the bath an inch or two deep, throw in a few sterilizing tablets and let the toy soak for about an hour.

“You don’t need hot water or need to rinse them off afterwards, just let them dry thoroughly once you take them out and they’re ready to go.”

2. Use your dishwasher

You might think it’s just for dirty plates, but Sophie said you can use the dishwasher for a no-work way to clean your toys.

“You can put toys on the top shelf of the dishwasher in a quick cycle. I would only do this if you’re really pressed for time though, as doing it too often can wear down the colors,” she said.

3. Keep dry

The key to keeping mold at bay is to keep the toy as dry as possible, which Sophie admits is easier said than done with bath toys.

“How you store them can have the biggest impact on how much mold develops, so look for wire mesh baskets/nets as this will help the toy dry faster.

“Munchkins High n Dry Organizer was designed with mold reduction in mind and is really good for keeping toys dry and organized so they’re up and out of the way,” she added.

4. Do not soak

Don’t leave toys in the bathtub after your child has finished bathing, Sophie said.

This, she said, is a surefire way to end up full of mold.

Sophie said you should get a toy scoop so you can grab all the toys at once.

5. Cleanup time

It might be the most miserable part of bath time, but Sophie said putting away the toys can be a fun part when you get out of the bath.

“In the same way, you can get your little one to put toys away, if they’re done playing before you get out of the bathroom, why not rinse and put them away together,” she suggested.

6. Get smart

Usually the craft box is kept for rainy days, but the parenting expert said it could come in handy for bath toys.

“To prevent water from getting into your little one’s bath toys, use super strong glue to seal any holes in the material.

“By closing the hole, you ensure that no water can get in and allow the black mold-like substance to grow.”

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