I’m a nail expert – how to make your manicure last longer and why you should NEVER shake the nail polish bottle

Getting the perfect at-home manicure can be hard work, but keeping it from chipping is even harder.

After you file them down, paint them with multiple coats, and wait patiently for them to dry, the last thing you want is flaky claws.

Perfect nails - that last longer - are within reach with our tips


Perfect nails – that last longer – are within reach with our tipsPhoto credit: Getty

Many of us know that while toe polish may seem to last for weeks, you often only get two or three good days from a manicure.

However, according to Saffron Hughes, nail expert at false eyelash and nail website, there are some simple tricks of the trade that will help extend the life of your nail polish.

Savvy Saffron shared her six tips to ensure you don’t have to repeat your manicure too often.

Prepare with white vinegar

Right, it might sound weird, but white vinegar isn’t just grandma’s washing machine cleaning hack — it’s for your nails, too.

Saffron said: “Before using a base coat, put some white vinegar on a cotton swab and wipe each nail.

“Surprisingly, this acts as a natural cleanser and helps remove excess oils, making your manicure last longer.”

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Dry nails only

Do not dip directly to paint your nails while your hands are still wet.

The Mail Expert said: “The most important thing is that when painting, you make sure your hands are dry.

“When nail polish is applied to wet nails, moisture becomes trapped. Once nails start trying, the trapped moisture needs to escape so it starts separating the nail polish from the nail, making them more prone to chipping.”

Keep her out of the bath

We all love a nice long soak in the bathtub, but unfortunately you have to keep your gloves out of the water while you’re in the tub.

Saffron said: “You should be careful not to soak your nails in warm water for long periods of time as this will also cause moisture to seep beneath the surface of the nail polish.

“That makes them more likely to chip when you come out of the bath.”

Never shake your nail polish bottle

We all give our polishes a good shake before we start smacking the polish, but according to the pro, we’re wrong.

She said: “One of the most common misconceptions is that you should slam the bottom of the nail polish bottle on your palm to get the last bit out of the bottle, but that’s an absolute no go.

“By doing this you create air bubbles that won’t show on the surface but still make your nails more prone to chipping.

“Instead, you should roll the bottle between your hands at a steady pace to get the last bit of your polish.”

Use gloves when cleaning

This is probably the most obvious of all tips, but: show your nails some love and use a glove.

Saffron said: “You should wear rubber gloves every time you do household chores with strong detergents or if you need to clean the dishes.

“This not only protects your polish, but also protects your hands as they shouldn’t be interacting with such harsh chemicals.”

Seal the edges of your manicure

Finally, the expert advised that we used our top coat all wrong and we really should use it to seal the edges of our main coat.

She said: “While a clear top coat is a must for long-lasting polish, it’s often abused.

“When you are done painting your nails, you should apply a top coat to your entire nail before painting down the side of your tips and along the bottom of your nails.

“This acts as a protective layer for the two areas most prone to chipping.” I’m a nail expert – how to make your manicure last longer and why you should NEVER shake the nail polish bottle

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