I’m a mother of eight and only like unique baby names – I named a child after someone in a leper colony

WHILE some expectant parents keep lists of baby names they hope to use one day, most don’t expect to use up every item on the list.

A mother of eight revealed the stories between her children’s unique names, and a surprising number have family ties.

Mama Jordan Page has eight children, all with unique names


Mama Jordan Page has eight children, all with unique namesPhoto credits: YouTube/Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree
Page revealed the stories behind her children's names in a YouTube video


Page revealed the stories behind her children’s names in a YouTube videoPhoto credits: YouTube/Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree

Mom influencer Jordan Page took her YouTube viewers on a journey, explaining all eight of her children’s names.

“Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of questions about our kids’ names and how we chose them,” Page said in a video.

Your viewers might be shocked to learn that many of their children’s names are a tribute to family members who have passed away.

“Family history is so important, and names are so important,” she said.

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Page’s eldest daughter, Priya Jean, has one of the most memorable stories.

“Priya’s name is probably one of my favorite names. I worked in some leper colonies when I was in college,” Page recalls.

Page lived and worked in southern India, spending days at a school in the city teaching English to children and playing games with them.

“There was this little girl in the schools, and her name was Priya,” Page said. The four-year-old was sweet and friendly and immediately bonded with Page.

After leaving India, Page recalled the child she met and told him about the experience in an early conversation with her now-husband.

“I hope one day to have a little girl and call her Priya,” Page said at the time — and years later she did.

Priya’s middle name, Jean, was Page’s paternal grandmother’s name.

Their infant son, McEwan Fisher Page, is also named after a grandparent: Page’s other grandmother, Mary.

There is an air of the supernatural to its naming history.

“I think boy names are tricky,” Page recalled.

When she was 7.5. When she was a month pregnant, she could hardly think of a name and visited her grandmother Mary’s grave.

“We cleaned up her grave and left flowers,” Page said, as she said aloud to grandma Grandma Mary, “What shall I name him?”

Minutes later, the family walked past a crumbled headstone with McEwan standing on it.

“I got zapped,” Page said. “From that moment on, that was his name.”

As a thank you to her grandmother Mary, when McEwan was born, Page used Fisher, her grandmother’s maiden name, as a middle name.

Page’s twins are named Joss Jordan and Devereux Clarke. While pregnant with the babies, Page heard a true crime podcast starring a character named Jocelyn and liked the shortened version of the name.

Jos’s middle name, Jordan, is a gift straight from Mom.

Meanwhile, Devereux was the surname of family friends.

Page had been pondering the name privately, trying to find a good middle name to pair with it, when she realized her husband’s middle name might be a good fit.

Before she could tell her husband about the idea, she received a text message from him — and it was exactly the name Page had thought of earlier that day.

With that, Devereux Clarke’s name was set.

Mory June was also named long before Page started her family.

Before they got married, Page and her husband were on a road trip in Oregon, went to a waterfall and talked about their hypothetical future children.

Her husband loved the name Moriah, Mory for short, for a little girl.

When Mory was born, it seemed only fitting to give her the middle name June, which is Page’s husband’s grandmother’s given name.

According to Page, at the age of 92, Grandma June is successful and independent.

Page’s eldest son and their firstborn is named Brandtsen Hutchings, but the majority of the family only knows him as “Hutch”.

“He’s never stuck to anything else since he was born,” Page said.

At first she was sure his name would be Boston, but that name quickly became too trendy.

“I was driving my little car from high school to work and I pictured his name Brandt with a -s,” Page recalled.

The name was fixed and his middle name, Hutchings, was a reference to Father’s grandfather.

But his nickname caught on because Brandtsen is so hard to tell.

“No one can pronounce it, there’s a silent d and at, it’s very confusing,” Page admitted.

Page’s son Beck Avon is actually named after two different grandfathers.

Grandpa Beckstead used the shortened version of his surname, and Avon, pronounced a-ven, was the best compliment for the monosyllabic first name.

Page’s daughter, Daivy Kaye, has had near misses with a variety of other names.

Dayton, Pepper, Blaire, and Perry were all possible, but Page’s favorites were Daisy and Navy.

Then Page heard someone introduce themselves, and her last name was Davies—a combination of Page’s two favorite names.

The couple originally spelled the girl’s name, Davie, but it was mispronounced and they changed the spelling to be more phonetic.

Of course, there’s also a family connection: Kaye is Jordan’s mother’s middle name.

In the comments, viewers had their say about Page’s choices, with many praising the strong ancestral connections implied in her choice of name.

“I feel like I could do your whole family tree after that,” joked one commenter.

“I like your boy names better than your girl names,” admitted another.

Others weren’t impressed by the “unique” names, with some pointing to names like Daivy and Brandtsen as examples.

“The names are ambiguous, they just changed the spelling,” wrote one critic. “I’ve heard really unique names. These are just normal.”

“This poor kid who’ll be spelling his name for everyone for the rest of his life. I can only imagine how annoying that would be,” lamented another.

“You have such precious children and you are a fabulous mother,” wrote another person. “Why on earth did you give them those names? Those aren’t creative names, that’s an understatement.”

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While Page’s choice of name could be more original, that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing, as one commenter explained.

“I know a woman who named her kids Mutt, Rainbow, Precious, and Arraya Sunshine,” they said. “Can you imagine going to a doctor named ANY OF THESE?”

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