I’m a mom of seven and silent sex is key to keeping things hot between the sheets. Orgasms should be natural, not forced

Staying calm between the sheets is key to great sex, says Hayley Prince, 34, who lives in Rotherham, South Yorks, with rugby coaching husband Ben, 35.

Hayley, who has three children with Ben and four from a previous relationship, says: “If I were to scream and moan during sex, Ben would think he was doing something seriously wrong and that I was pretending to enjoy it.

Hayley Prince with husband Ben says:


Hayley Prince with husband Ben says: “Pleasure should feel natural, not forced, and to experience it properly it is not necessary to be loud.”Photo credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

“It would be a complete departure for both of us.

“Making noise seems fake and I think women only do it to please their partner instead of for fun. It is wrong.

“Pleasure should feel natural, not forced, and there’s no need to be loud to experience it properly.

“It’s about being in tune with your body, not your vocal cords.

“I compare the feeling I get when I have an orgasm to eating a nice piece of cake.

“I’m content, but the loudest noise I make is a murmur.

“The same goes for Ben, which is just enough to show each other that we’re enjoying ourselves.

“Before I met Ben, I used dating apps and a guy who texted me asked me if I would scream his name during sex, which immediately put me off.

“Another man I dated actually growled when he had an orgasm, which I found hilarious.

“Even though I wanted to be loud — and I definitely don’t — having sex when there are seven kids in the house makes it impossible.”

Ben says: “I would be very suspicious if Hayley suddenly started moaning and moaning during sex.

“It’s not necessary and I would ask her why she’s forcing the pleasure.”

Yes, yes, yes, say Kirsty and Will

Mum-to-be Kirsty Brown, 28, lives in Brighton with her longtime partner, festival caterer Will Murdoch, 31.

They claim that being loud adds to the intensity of their orgasms.

Kirsty Brown with partner Will Murdoch says,


Kirsty Brown with partner Will Murdoch says, “When I’m loud at climax, I feel the pleasure more and it also shows Will that I’m really enjoying myself.”

Kirsty says, “I met Will in September 2019 and we’ve always enjoyed being loud during lovemaking because it comes naturally to us.

“When I’m loud at the climax, I feel the pleasure more and it also shows Will that I’m really enjoying it. Will loves that I’m loud too.

“I think we women can be calm about orgasming if we have to.

However, to me, being loud when enjoying something is a natural and human reaction.

“If you’re consciously quiet because you’re afraid of disturbing the neighbors, it will affect your orgasm and prevent you from fully enjoying it.

“I believe it takes a great partnership with open communication to fully understand your true orgasmic potential.

“We’re a sex-positive couple and it’s important to give each other feedback by being loud.

“If my partner were silent during climax, I would think, ‘Why are you in your head?’ or I would wonder if I’m doing something wrong, and then that would limit my enjoyment.

“And if I stayed silent when I climaxed, he’d probably think I wasn’t enjoying myself.

“I’m a singer, dancer and fire artist and I know that deep breathing helps bring more oxygen into the body and when you scream in the bedroom the diaphragm opens more which means more air gets into your system.

“It stimulates blood flow and in my case improves my orgasms.

“I’m five months pregnant and we’re still trying to make love at least four or more times a week.

“For me, making noise during orgasm is healthy.”

Your body when you hit Big O

So what happens to your body when you orgasm? Researchers from the University of Ottawa in Canada surveyed 637 women about their experiences with orgasm and these were some of the most common sensations they reported:

Goosebumps, chills, sweating, tingling in the face, flushing, faster breathing, increased heart rate, muscle tightness, hard nipples, clitoral pulsing, hot flashes.

https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/5949894/silent-sex-keep-things-hot-orgasms/ I’m a mom of seven and silent sex is key to keeping things hot between the sheets. Orgasms should be natural, not forced

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