I’m a gardening pro, and here are eight pet-friendly ways to stop your neighbors’ cats from pooping in your yard

There’s nothing worse than walking into your yard to relax, only to find it’s covered in pet poo — especially when it’s not even your pet’s.

Well, you won’t have this problem anymore if you follow these top tips that can deter cats and other animals from invading your yard or at least stop them from defecating in your yard.

Stop cats pooping in your yard with these top tips


Stop cats pooping in your yard with these top tipsPhoto credit: Getty

All of these tips have the benefit of being animal friendly too and will not harm the animals that have invaded your yard and are wreaking havoc on it.

Odor resistant

Cats are incredibly sensitive to strong smells, so they can easily be used to deter them from entering your yard. Choose a scent like lavender or peppermint and mix it with water and then spray it around the garden.

This can be a short-term fix, but it’s effective and won’t harm the cat.

You can also use scents to deter animals from entering your garden by using tea bags instead of a spray.

Motion activated sprinkler

A slightly expensive but effective solution is to install a motion-activated sprinkler in your yard. Cats don’t like getting wet at all, and having them splashed with water every time they enter your yard will surely stop them.

sound motion detector

Another potentially costly solution would be to install audible motion detectors. These work by emitting a high-pitched sound when motion is detected that normally cannot be heard by humans.

Place these at the entrances to your garden and you’ll soon have a place without animal piles.


Cats don’t like the smell of bananas, so chop them up and sprinkle them around your garden (especially flower beds) to prevent those cats from defecating on your plants.

citrus peels

Don’t throw away your orange, lemon and lime peels, chop them up and place them in your garden. Just like bananas, cats don’t like the smell of citrus fruits.

You could also squeeze citrus fruits in water and then spray them around the garden if you already have a use for your peels.


This might not be the best option for those who take pride in the way their garden looks, but placing branches in your garden box is an easy solution to keeping cats at bay as they don’t want to walk on it.

Instead of twigs, you can also use eggshells or holly cuttings, both of which will also help deter them from entering your garden.

cleaning your garden

The opposite of the previous suggestion, but by keeping your garden clean you can also prevent animals from entering it and using it as a bathroom.

When animals repeatedly defecate in the same area, a simple wash with soapy water can eliminate their odor, meaning they are less likely to return.

Outdoor litter box

An outdoor litter box might not be the ideal solution, but if none of these other solutions work, at least it keeps cats away from your favorite plants.

https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/5459652/garden-expert-stop-cats-pooing/ I’m a gardening pro, and here are eight pet-friendly ways to stop your neighbors’ cats from pooping in your yard

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