I’m a gardening expert, here’s how to stop dog poop from ruining your grass

DOGS can ruin your garden lawn by digging it up and tearing it to shreds – but most of the damage comes from their urine.

An expert has revealed how to stop your pooch’s urine from destroying your grass and leaving yellow stains this summer.

Experts have figured out how to keep your dog's urine from ruining your lawn this summer


Experts have figured out how to keep your dog’s urine from ruining your lawn this summerPhoto credit: Getty

Dog urine is high in nitrogen, which is known to kill grass if concentrated amounts accumulate on the ground over time.

While nitrogen is good for your lawn – it’s the main ingredient in most common fertilizers – too much of a good thing can be bad for your lawn.

The level of nitrogen in your dog’s urine can depend on a number of factors, including breed, gender, and what he eats on a daily basis.

Larger breeds tend to pee more, causing more damage.

Females tend to cause more damage than males, this has to do with the way they urinate.

This is simply because when crouching, urine collects in one spot, while male dogs squirt all over the place.

Luckily, it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom because the experts at have shared their top tips for preventing dog pee from destroying your weed…

1. Dilute the nitrogen with water

When diluted, nitrogen can act as a kind of fertilizer for your weed, but it’s too concentrated in your dog’s urine and can have an adverse effect.

After your dog urinates, pour water on the spot, this will help dilute the nitrogen in the urine and reduce damage to the lawn by preventing the grass and soil from absorbing too much nitrogen.

2. Create a designated restroom area

To minimize the damage caused by dog ​​urine, try to encourage your dog to urinate in the same place every time.

Put your dog on a leash, walk him to a specific part of your yard, and encourage him to do his roosting there—this can be an area with rocks or compost that won’t be destroyed with urine.

You can set the cue by rewarding your dog with a treat right after he urinates in the designated area.

3. Encourage your dog to drink more water

It’s important to encourage your dog to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

It goes without saying that making sure your dog is hydrated is the best way to keep him healthy.

By consuming more water, your dog’s urine will be diluted, meaning your weed is less likely to suffer from nitrogen burn and discoloration.

4. Find a resistant weed

If you want to keep your weed looking fresh for spring and summer, there are many different types of grass available that are less sensitive to dog urine.

You need weed that is highly absorbent, easy to grow, and long-lasting.

Changing the lawn alone will not prevent the long-term damage caused by dog ​​urine.

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It will still burn and cause discoloration, but the grass will take longer to show the damage and will recover more.

Another alternative is to switch to artificial grass, it feels and looks almost exactly like real grass and will not be damaged by dogs urinating.

It is also beneficial to your dog’s health when the season changes as it does not attract the fleas, mites and ticks like natural grass does.

5. Apply a lawn repair treatment

Using a lawn repair treatment will help flush the nitrogen and salts out of the grass and stimulate root growth.

Fertilizers often contain enzymes and acids that help prevent urine-related lawn burns, but some can cause stomach upset when consumed by our pets.

After treating your lawn, be sure to water the product after applying the grass and foliage.

This makes it safer for your pets. I’m a gardening expert, here’s how to stop dog poop from ruining your grass

Jessica MacLeish

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