I’m a gardening expert and that’s what your favorite flower says about you

IF YOU are a fan of flowers, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to decorating your home with fresh flowers or planting your pots in your garden, you most likely have a fondness for flowers.

A gardening expert reveals what your favorite flowers say about you


A gardening expert reveals what your favorite flowers say about youPhoto credit: Getty
According to Calum Maddock, if a lily is your favorite flower, you're a hard worker


According to Calum Maddock, if a lily is your favorite flower, you’re a hard workerPhoto credit: Getty

While some of us might love a bouquet of red roses, others might prefer sunflowers or even daffodils.

According to a gardening expert, it turns out that your favorite flower says a lot about your personality.

Calum Maddock, a Homehow gardening expert, explains that your favorite flower can reveal whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a hard worker, or maybe a “difficult” friend.

If you want to learn more about yourself, you’ve come to the right place – because Calum is here to clarify what your favorite flower says about you.

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According to Calum, the rose is synonymous with traditional ideas of love, passion, and romance.

He said: “If your favorite flower is a rose, you are undoubtedly a hopeless romantic with a traditional view of love.

“Her idea of ​​showing affection is handwritten poems and love letters and bouquets of flowers for every occasion.

“However, romance isn’t the only thing on a rose fanatic’s mind, as rose fans are also known for bringing out the best in their friends and family as they are naturally kind and loving.”


If you prefer to receive lilies, it says something about your personality.

Calum explained, “If a lily is your favorite flower then you are a hard worker and known for always looking your best as the lily represents purity and clarity.

“Since lilies also symbolize beauty, you’re probably best known for always looking well put together and still managing to get all your work done – aka the person who has everything.”

“Sometimes mistaken for a bit uptight, lily lovers are just well-organized and well-put together.”


Unfortunately for peony fans, turns out they’re a bit high-maintenance…

Calum added, “Traditionally, peony fans symbolize nobility, pride and wealth and appreciate the finer things in life.

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“Peonies are popular plants that only bloom for a short time, and that’s similar to peony lovers.

“Peony lovers enjoy socializing but have been known to leave the party much earlier than everyone else as they usually have other plans to attend to.

“If the peony is your favorite flower, then you’re usually that needy friend who has all eyes on them for the short time you’re around, but then leaves, usually without saying goodbye.

“You’re also more of a ‘difficult’ friend who’s difficult to categorize because you belong to so many social circles.”


But fear not, there’s good news if you’re a fan of tulips.

Calum said: “Tulip lovers are elegant and sophisticated and always look their best.

“Since the Victorians often associated tulips with charity and giving, if your favorite flower is a tulip your love language is undoubtedly gift giving, as you tend to lavish your loved ones with gifts and affection and value nothing more than a truly thoughtful one.” to receive a gift.”


If you’re into Wales’ national flower, the daffodil, it’s looking good for you and your personality.

Calum emphasized, “If the daffodil is your favorite flower, then you are an outgoing and vibrant person.

“The fun, energetic, yet sensitive and caring daffodil lovers are known for throwing the most extravagant parties and are always considerate enough to make sure each of their guests has the best time.”


Sunflowers are synonymous with joy and happiness, and according to Calum, you are a positive, bright person.

Calum explained, “Sunflowers represent loyalty and free spirit.

“Because sunflowers naturally face the sun, if your sunflower is your favorite flower, you are a naturally positive person as you always see the brightness in negative times.

“Additionally, sunflower lovers thrive best when spending time with friends and family, where people are naturally drawn to your positive energy.”


Many of us would be happy to receive an orchid as a gift, and it turns out that if you are a fan of it, your personality is often confused.

Calum continued, “Orchids represent beauty and strength, traits typically reflected in orchid lovers.

“Orchid fans are often thought to be vain as they love nothing more than to look and feel glamorous and are known for enjoying the finer things in life.

“Although orchids look effortless and strong, they are actually quite delicate plants, another trait reflected in fans of the plants.

“If the orchid is your top plant then you may be known for your outgoing nature but you have a sensitive side and are known for being loyal.”


Often referred to as “the flowers of God,” if you like carnations, it turns out you can see things clearly during troubled times.

Calum affirmed, “Bright carnations are classic and attractive flowers that symbolize love, whether romantic or platonic.

“Carnation fans are down-to-earth, laid-back, and tend not to invest too much in the little things.

“Instead, they focus on the present and maintain a level-headed outlook on life, leading many of their loved ones to flock to them for advice and clarity during stressful situations.

“If you are a carnation lover, you may find that your friends, family or even co-workers tend to turn to you in stressful situations to make you feel better in stressful situations because you can see things clearly.”

Sunflower lovers are loyal and free spirited


Sunflower lovers are loyal and free spiritedPhoto credit: Getty
If you like cloves, you tend to remain relaxed in stressful situations


If you like cloves, you tend to remain relaxed in stressful situationsPhoto credit: Getty I’m a gardening expert and that’s what your favorite flower says about you

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