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TEETHING is a tough time for babies and parents alike.

It can be difficult to know what to do to soothe your child when they are struggling with pain.

Bite chains are a common tool, but one expert has cautioned against their use


Bite chains are a common tool, but one expert has cautioned against their useCredit: Alamy
Pediatric nurse and mother Sarah Hunstead said you should be wary of children's amber necklaces


Pediatric nurse and mother Sarah Hunstead said you should be wary of children’s amber necklacesCredit: CPR Kids

Many items are available to help children push their teeth through their gums.

Whether ointments, toys or gels, there is usually a product that can help.

However, a first aid expert has warned that parents could make a terrible mistake if they buy the wrong items.

Pediatric nurse and mother Sarah Hunstead said avoid amber teething chains when shopping.

When do babies start teething and what can be done about pain?
Mom warns against universal teething aids for babies, which she says are dangerous

This is a product approximately the size of a pearl jewellery.

The teething chains are usually made of Baltic amber or fossilized tree resin.

They are said to act through the baby’s warmth and trigger a release of oil containing succinic acid.

Proponents of the necklaces say it’s this chemical that helps soothe swollen gums.

On the CPR Kids Instagram page, Sarah highlighted a viral TikTok video from a mother that revealed the shocking reality of using the product.

Danielle Morin said her son Deacon was strangled after the necklace around his neck got caught.

She said: ‘Know better, do better! Child safety is not a choice of parents, it is a duty.”

The tragic incident happened in 2016 when Deacon was found unconscious in kindergarten.

He had been strangled in his sleep by the product.

Medics took him to the hospital but sadly he was pronounced dead five days later.

Since then, Danielle has been trying to raise awareness of the products.

Sarah explained that this isn’t the first time a parent has shared their story and offered some advice to parents.

She explained, “First and foremost, it is important that you consider alternative forms of pain relief.”

What can I do to help my teething baby?

Experts at Ashton & Partners Teething Powders say there are a number of things you can do to ease the pain your child is experiencing while teething.

They state that chewing can relieve discomfort, so using teethers or toys stored in the freezer might help.

It’s recommended that you sterilize the toy first before use, and if you don’t have a toy, experts say you can use a washcloth instead.

Massaging your baby’s gums with your finger or a washcloth can also help stimulate the tissues and reduce pain.

They also indicated that singing to your baby and cuddling with him can also help calm him down.

They said medication can also help, emphasizing topical liquids and gels, traditional herbal therapies like the Ashton & Partners powder, and ibuprofen and acetaminophen suspensions.

She added that you should always supervise your child using the device when they are using it.

“Remove the necklace or bracelet when the child is unattended, even for a short time.⁠

“Remove the necklace or bracelet while the child sleeps day or night.⁠

“Never allow the infant to chew or chew the necklace or bracelet.⁠
Remember to always seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your child’s health and well-being,” she added.

In 2021, Boston mother-of-four Kasie revealed that her baby almost choked to death while using the device.

“He was making funny noises and I thought he was just being silly and when I looked closer I noticed the chain caught on the stopper on the baby gate and he was gasping for air. He was having trouble breathing,” she said.

Little Hunter had bruises on his chest and neck after the incident.

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