I’m a dentist and a lot of people have a terrible habit that leaves the “nastiest, toughest” germs in their mouths

A DENTIST revealed a terrible habit many people have that leaves the toughest germs in their mouths.

The expert said that harsh oral hygiene products that contain alcohol can kill all but the worst bacteria in your mouth.

A dentist revealed a terrible habit that leaves the'nastiest' germs in your mouth


A dentist revealed a terrible habit that leaves the ‘nastiest’ germs in your mouthPhoto credit: Getty

according to dr Unfortunately, Kami Hoss is not improving oral health in most mouths across the country.

“Oral health has not improved in the last 30 years,” said Dr. Hoss TODAY.

“The majority of our population has oral disease, which means what we’re doing right now isn’t working.”

Hoss attributes some of these health issues to two extremes: those who completely neglect their mouths and those who use harsh products that disrupt oral health.

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dr Kami Hoss spoke about the importance of the “oral microbiome” which contains both good and bad bacteria.

Much like our gut, the mouth contains millions of microbes that can help regulate your health, Hoss said.

Products like an antiseptic mouthwash can really damage your oral microbiome by killing off both the good and bad bacteria.

This product in particular, says Hoss, can “leave behind the nastiest, toughest, harshest little microbes there are – ready to colonize your entire mouth again, completely uncontrolled by the organisms that used to keep them in check.”

Hoss said the mouth should be treated like a garden.

He likened the beneficial microbes to flowers and the bad bacteria to weeds.

“If you were growing in your yard for a week, you wouldn’t just throw acid and weed killer all over the place and kill everything like we do in our mouths,” Hoss said. “(But) we take an antiseptic mouthwash that kills everything.”

“What we are doing in the mouth is a disaster at the moment.”

To counteract this behavior, Hoss recommended a healthy oral care routine that wards off harmful microbes without killing all the “flowers” in your garden.

Healthy Oral Care Routine

Hoss recommends the following routine for oral health:

  • Brush your teeth before breakfast. Hoss said you can damage your tooth enamel if you brush right after eating
  • Use an alkaline mouthwash to restore mouth pH. This can clean areas your brush can’t reach
  • Hoss said flossing is essential to removing plaque from between teeth
  • Clean up your city. This can be a source of bacteria and bad breath
  • Brush with a “safe and effective” toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • And repeat this routine at night before bed
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“It’s not really complicated. Brush and floss routinely with the right oral care products,” Hoss told TODAY. “Visit your dentist regularly.”

“Your oral health affects every part of your life.”

https://www.the-sun.com/health/5522147/dentist-habit-leaves-bad-bacteria-mouth/ I’m a dentist and a lot of people have a terrible habit that leaves the “nastiest, toughest” germs in their mouths

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