I’m a Cleaning Expert – top tips for saving money on laundry and how to get extra wear and tear out of clothes WITHOUT washing

With bills rising and many people’s salaries staying the same, it seems something needs to change.

In fairness, you could switch providers to try and get a cheaper deal, but if you don’t want to be bothered with the faff, we’ve got something for you.

If you're tired of constantly putting on tons of laundry, here are some simple tricks you can use to keep your clothes fresh


If you’re tired of constantly putting on tons of laundry, here are some simple tricks you can use to keep your clothes freshPhoto credit: Getty

We spoke to Paula Quazi, sustainable cleaning expert and smol co-founder, about how you can save money on laundry.

So if you’re tired of getting a huge bill every month, fear not, here are some laundry hacks that will save you hundreds of pounds.

First of all, Paula stressed the importance of thinking twice before washing clothes.

We all have busy lives and many of us often go on autopilot when moving house, throwing our clothes straight into the hamper.

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But it pays to wash less when washing and, according to Paula, “if every UK household saved just one wash a month, we would collectively save as much energy as we would heat 43,000 homes in a year!”

Thanks to Paula, she told Fabulous about her easy ways to get more wear and tear out of clothes without compromising on cleanliness.


First, we’re sure many of you will have this “chair” in your bedroom – it’s one that’s not for sitting on, but for piling clothes on.

Well, according to Paula, it’s important to shake out the clothes and hang them out to air, because that way you’ll get rid of unpleasant smells and you can wear them again.

Paula said: “When you get home, take off your clothes and shake them out before hanging them out to air for the next day.

“If possible, hang clothing near an open window to help faint odors dissipate even more quickly.”


Also, it may sound obvious, but don’t underestimate the power of your nose.

This cleaning expert stressed the importance of a sniff test to determine if your clothes need to be washed or not, and if not, Paula shared her simple tip on how to save on laundry.

Paula added: “If you sniff test clothes you can easily tell if they need to be washed or not.

“For items made from more resilient fabrics (e.g. not silk, etc.) that start to pong, add some essential oils to a spray bottle and spritz over it to refresh.”


If you want to save money on laundry, steam is the way to go.

Whether you’re a fan of ironing or not, using steam is a quick and easy way to freshen up your clothes without putting them in the washing machine.

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Paula continued, “Steam is another easy way to freshen up clothes. When you iron, make the most of the energy by also using the steam to freshen up worn garments.

“You can even hang up your clothes in the bathroom after you have showered to make the most of the steam produced – no wasted energy!”


If you spill something on your clothes, your first port of call is probably to throw it straight into the machine.

But according to Paula, you should refrain from doing that and act quickly to remove stains without having to apply an entire wash.

Paula explains: “Pick up small stains and spills without increasing the main charge.

“Act quickly to remove as much of the stain as possible, scraping off excess solids with the back of a knife and running cold water over the area to loosen the stain (hot water sets the stain).”


When you feel like washing your clothes, it’s important to become familiar with your machine’s settings.

Rather than just set your clothes to a default setting, it’s a good idea to do some research on your machine and find the most eco-friendly settings.

Paula advised: “If you need to do laundry, my biggest recommendation is: get to know your machine!

“You want the shortest, coolest, lowest possible water cycle – which isn’t always called ‘Eco’, so you might need to do a little research to find the most efficient cycle for your machine.

“To achieve savings, it is also important not to wash half loads.

“A quick tip to check if your machine is full is to use your hand to measure a palm between the top of your laundry and the top of the drum (less, and the laundry won’t have room to clean).

“If there’s more room than the width of your palm, you know you’re not fully loaded.

“By washing less, you not only save energy, but also water and detergent.”


The final step in making big savings is to end your relationship with your tumble dryer.

It may sound obvious, but this separation is very important.

Paula remarked: “As the largest energy consumer of all household appliances, the average tumble dryer uses around 4.5 kWh per cycle.

“As we head into summer, make the most of the weather by air drying your clothes.

“If you can, dry outside; The breeze helps dry clothes faster!” I’m a Cleaning Expert – top tips for saving money on laundry and how to get extra wear and tear out of clothes WITHOUT washing

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