I work at Toby Carvery and here are 8 things we never say to guests

IF you have ever enjoyed a roast at the Toby Carvery you already know a lot about the tasty food.

But now the staff have revealed some secrets about working behind the scenes at the popular pub-restaurant that might surprise you.

Toby Carvery employees have revealed what it's like to work at the popular chain


Toby Carvery employees have revealed what it’s like to work at the popular chainCredit: Alamy

In an interview with the Daily Star, several workers unearthed the untold facts – from the way they get free food every day to their one major complaint when it comes to bottomless drinks.

They’ve also talked about why their job makes them so popular with friends and family, as well as the one food they’re happy to run out of while going through the things they’ve always wanted to tell you.

Free food

As for the perks of the job, Toby Carvery has a pretty big one — free meals for all employees.

However, there is a small catch: To keep customers from going hungry, workers have to wait until the end of the working day to get their meal for free.

They receive an impressive fifty percent discount during normal working hours, or thirty-three percent off the final bill when visiting outside of working hours.

benefits of the job

The employees who reveal their discount also make the workers extremely popular with their loved ones.

And who can blame them? A discounted Sunday roast sounds like our kind of weekend.

Always say sorry

If your local Toby Carvery is similar to ours, it will almost always be full with very few tables available.

So imagine how hard it is to be the waiter and waitress, cleaning tables and getting drinks.

Staff said: “There are customers everywhere, weaving between them – while grinning and apologizing – has become quite an art.

“We know it gets pretty busy, but we’d really appreciate it if you could leave us some space so we can get through while we clear the tables.”

Polite request

While the staff enjoy working there, they have a small bugbear about customer requests — especially when it comes to bottomless drinks.

They urged customers to refill them themselves if possible, adding that if they want them refilled every five minutes, it would be difficult.

leave work behind

Even when employees are in their own homes, there’s one thing that comes back with them – the smell of gravy.

They explained: “At the end of a long day you should try to leave your work behind when you head home, but when we open our front door there’s one thing that keeps us from forgetting it – the smell of Sauce.

“There were many occasions when I came home and smelled like gravy.”

There were many occasions when I came home and smelled like gravy.

Toby Carvery worker

early end

While you might think that the restaurant running out of meat before the end of the day would spell disaster, staff said there’s a secret reason they’re thrilled when that happens.

They explained, “The more you eat, the better for us, because sometimes when food supplies run low, we can leave earlier.”

Up and to them

While many people would worry about going to work when they’re feeling down and dealing with the aftermath of a hangover, Toby Carvery’s staff thinks otherwise.

Instead of having a headache, they can treat themselves to a delicious roast with all the trimmings.

The result? Employees said they said goodbye to their hangovers nicely and quickly while they were at work earlier.

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Tip generously

The last thing the staff wants to say to their loyal customers is that although the restaurant is self-service, they do one hundred percent to give you the best experience.

So if you have it, they’d happily tip you and say, “Before you go home and put your feet up in front of the TV, be sure to think about those who are overwhelmed on a Sunday afternoon.”

Staff said there are plenty of perks, including free food and discounts


Staff said there are plenty of perks, including free food and discounts I work at Toby Carvery and here are 8 things we never say to guests

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