I am a Nail Designer and we can determine if you have a dangerous medical condition based on your pedicure

HEALTH issues can be spotted by your nail artist, including a dangerous one that needs treatment quickly.

The feet and nails can be affected by a number of conditions, but it can go unnoticed until an expert is up close and personal.

Your feet can provide clues about your health


Your feet can provide clues about your healthPhoto credit: Getty

While nail salons offer a purely cosmetic procedure, a podiatrist can provide you with a proper health check and advice about your feet.

Nail artist Vanessa Sanchez McCullough told the Huffington Post, “A properly trained podiatrist can spot potential health problems, as both fingernails and toenails can be a window into a person’s health.”

Podiatrist and surgeon Dr. Brad Schaeffer sometimes said that a concern about a foot problem can lead to a serious diagnosis.

He said: “We look at the skin, pulses and nerves to determine underlying conditions.

One million have type 2 diabetes - take our quiz to predict YOUR risk

“Diabetes is probably the most common diagnosis we can assess from a foot exam.

“In other cases, melanoma can be found in the feet.”

Diabetes means you’re at higher risk for serious foot problems.

People with this condition are warned to keep a close eye on their feet, as even a small wound can become serious very quickly.

Amputations are 20 times more likely in diabetics.

Foot problems are more likely to occur in people who have had diabetes for a long time and have damaged the nerves in their feet.

But there are around a million people in the UK who have diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed.

and dr Schaeffer suggests that some people get a diagnosis from an initial foot exam.

Some of the ways diabetes shows up in the feet are:

  • shiny, smooth skin on the feet
  • Hair loss on legs and feet
  • swollen feet
  • Wounds or ulcers that don’t heal

You may also notice:

  • Loss of feeling in your feet or legs
  • Your feet don’t sweat
  • Cramps in the calves when resting or walking

Meanwhile, even melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer — can be identified by an esthetician.

The first sign of melanoma is usually a change in the size, shape, color, or texture of an existing mole or a new mole with certain characteristics.

Foot melanoma usually occurs on the sole of the foot or under a toenail, but can appear anywhere on the foot or ankle.

Under the toenail, cancer cells can look like bruises. They can also appear in a streak that grows vertically.

Manicurist Erin Beckett-Gland also said it’s obvious to podiatrists if someone’s shoes are too small.

Their toes may curl into a claw-like position, or their toenails may be split.

“I can tell if they’re pronating too much, rolling their feet in too much, or need arch support because they have signs of bunions and big toe deviation,” Erin said.

And bunions are common in women who wear high heels too often. I am a Nail Designer and we can determine if you have a dangerous medical condition based on your pedicure

Sarah Y. Kim

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