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SEX is an enjoyable experience and most people will feel relaxed under the covers after a session.

Because of this, experts say you should wait until after intercourse to make big decisions.

Experts have said that you may find it easier to make big decisions after sex


Experts have said that you may find it easier to make big decisions after sexPhoto credit: Getty

Sex and relationship expert at Pippa Murphy said there are three feel-good hormones released during sex.

She said: “This includes dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin – all of which make you feel good, more focused and balanced and also allow you to connect with your partner.

“And on top of that, your cortisol levels (which is your stress hormone) also drop – proving that more sex means less stress.”

She explained that sex is a temporary distraction from the stresses of everyday life.

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It’s removing those distractions that can help you clear your head, get rid of mental fog and barriers that might be preventing you from thinking clearly.

Urologist at Orlando Health, Jamin Brahmbhatt, said that after sex, the body and mind have a specific reaction.

Speaking to Men’s Health, he said some men feel relaxed and fall asleep after ejaculating, while others feel inspired and ready to work on other tasks.

He said: “MRI studies have shown increased activity in the limbic system (emotional center) in your brain before sex. This area of ​​your brain has areas responsible for memory, fear, aggression, and other emotions.

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“After sex, our dopamine levels go down and prolactin goes up.

“This change in hormones appears to be the reason for the length of the refractory period, but it may also be responsible for ‘post-nut clarity’.”

For both men and women, sex and gratification in the bedroom can increase brain activity.

While some experts say sex can lift you up, for some people others warn it could have the opposite effect.

Some people experience “post-coital dysphoria” — which is when someone has an instant down after intercourse, rather than an instant high and sense of clarity.

A 2010 study found that 32.9 percent of people experienced negative moods after sex.

Although the cause has not been identified, experts said it could be due to past trauma.

The experts said: “This draws attention to the unique nature of postcoital dysphoria]where the melancholy is confined only to the time after intercourse and the person cannot explain why the dysphoria occurs,

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