How To Become A Successful Online Student? Get Complete Review Today!

It is no surprise that enrolment numbers are increasing. Also, the online degree programs provide a variety of distinct advantages to students. It includes a great degree of flexibility. Online courses enable you to study wherever and wherever you like. Also, it is quick to get a degree while juggling work and family responsibilities.

USF Instructional Technology department experts James Hatten, Ph.D., and Sanghoon Park, Ph.D., propose tips and tactics to help you successfully negotiate the shift to online learning.

Top Tips to become successful online students

1. Create a favorable learning environment

If you wish to be productive, completing homework while slouching and watching Netflix is not advisable. Dr. Hatten-an online teacher, suggests that students choose a distraction-free space in their homes.

Dr. Hatten states, “The couch is probably not the ideal place to be.” “Move to a location in your home where you can conduct business.”

2. Establish a timeline for assignment completion and review

It is pretty stressful to work on three courses at the same time. But you can skip this by allocating particular hours for each period. Dr. Hatten used the example of working on a single class between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. This schedule enables students to build a framework similar to traditional in-person courses.

3. Capabilities for effective and appropriate communication

In online learning, communication skills are essential since students must request assistance when they need it. Teachers are eager to assist pupils, yet they cannot recognize nonverbal indicators, such as a student’s confused expression. Observe these tips:

Utilize the school-supplied resources to communicate with your teachers. Many online schools and programs offer multiple communication channels between students, parents, and faculty. These include email, discussion groups, chat room office hours, mobile phones, and text messaging.

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4. Develop Your Skills as an Online Student

·         Take the student online readiness assessment:

This 47-question test will help you better identify your strengths and limitations in preparation for online learning. Following the completion of the survey, students will receive a comprehensive report. However, the best feature is the beneficial information you receive in text and video formats, such as learning/study tips and advice on being an excellent online learner.

·         Take the VWCC Online Student Orientation Course: 

This self-paced orientation course provides the know-how and resources you need to succeed in your online courses. Send an email to chalpin@virginiawestern.edu to register for this course.

5. Make Use of the Support Services Available

Online students have access to all of the student support services offered on our campus. You can use these e-resources to help you become a better student. You may visit the respective website that deals with student assignment help.

6. Look for virtual interactions with peers

During this period, studying with a group of classmates in the library or receiving immediate clarification from classmates is impossible. To preserve a sense of collaboration and community, you may develop virtual connections with services such as GroupMe and Microsoft Teams.

7.  Use the “chunking” method to divide up jobs.

The term “chunking” refers to dividing a significant activity or amount of information into smaller chunks. Instead of looking at a computer screen for three hours at a time, Dr. Hatten recommends that students “chunk” their time by adhering to a particular routine.

“Work on one class, determine a task, and then reward yourself at the conclusion,” advises Dr. Hatten. “I mean by this to wake up, get some coffee, a snack, go for a run, or go away for half an hour. Then return to the next segment.”

8. Make an effort to enhance your enthusiasm for the work

There may be instances when you complete a task or assignment that appears somewhat monotonous. Instead of ignoring the project or task as the days pass, consider how you may make it more interesting. This method entails using your imagination to adapt the work you will submit innovatively.

9. Make the internet work you’re performing more personally meaningful.

You may lack motivation if you feel disconnected from an assignment or work that has been assigned to you. Dr. Park encourages students with this sentiment to critically consider how this assignment may benefit them in the future.

“You must find a method to relate the assignment to your existing interests,” Dr. Park advised. “If you are among the graduate students, you may wish to use these completed assignments or projects for your conference presentations.”

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10. Maintain a positive mental attitude

·         Solve Issues on Your Own

As you acclimate to working online, it is vital to remember that most problems may be answered by carefully reading instructions and reviewing each module. Even while instructors are available to answer your inquiries, it may be more efficient to conduct a Google search before sending many emails throughout the day.

·         Concentrate on Your Self-Care

It is understandable if you need to break away from the computer for a few hours or sleep in for a day. Recovery time is vital, and you should not feel guilty about it.

·         Show empathy for others

Remember that people everywhere are experiencing many of the same things you are experiencing right now. Be patient with individuals who may not know how to set up a video chat or are adjusting to this “new normal” more slowly.

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