How January 6 Became the Ultimate ‘False Flag’ Conspiracy Theory

It’s no surprise that January 6, 2021 – the day that supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol over election fraud conspiracy theories – has been implicated in the conspiracy. His own plot evolved into a conspiracy.

Even though there were loads of people in attendance at first praise rioting, the nationwide backlash that would soon follow quickly turned conservatives away from the outlandish claims that fueled their violent actions in the first place. A year later, those conspiracy theories developed.

Message rescue Last month by the House Select Committee tasked with investigating the riots, Trump’s inner circle, including notable figures like Donald Trump Jr. and many Fox News hosts, are well aware of how damaging the actions of his supporters are.

“We need an Oval office address. He has to take the lead now,” Trump Jr wrote to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on January 6. “It went too far and got out of hand. ”

Trump Jr. even tweeted that day to publicly criticize the violence.

“This is wrong and not who we are. Be at peace and use your First Amendment rights, but don’t start acting like the other side,” he wrote. “We have a country to save and this is not helping anyone.”

But in the days and weeks following the attack, the pro-Trump internet will become the ultimate scapegoat for the twice impeached former president and his teammates.

Not Trump supporters are to blame — though told of Trump to go to Washington, DC and March on the Capitol — but all of Trump’s political enemies. In other words, Trump’s opponents framed his movement by launching a “false flag” attack.

At first, conservatives blame about far-left activists operating under the banner of dissent. The evidence? Just one leaflet is believed to have been discovered on a DC street encouraging anti-fascists disguised as Trump supporters to infiltrate the rally.

Not only that, but Trump supporters also allege that police escorted buses carrying anti-French activists to the Capitol. There is no evidence to point to that bus escort happenning. And the leaflet is alleged to be nothing more than a fake has been circulating online since at least 2017.

While the dissenting claims are no doubt false, the story is too compelling to let go of Trump supporters desperate to shirk responsibility.

Many far-right figures even initially alleged that “QAnon mage, ” Real name Jacob Chansley, is an anti-French activist. Everyone from frustrated lawyer Lin Wood to conspiracy theorist and conservative pastor Mark Burns has insisted that Chansley is not a true Trump supporter. In fact, Chansley is a well-known right-wing activist associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory, the last of which is sentenced 41 months in prison for participating in the riot.

When evidence that Chansley is nothing more than a pro-Trump rioter becomes clear, conservatives will quietly move on to their next target.

Trump supporters are sure they have finally found their scapegoat in John Sullivan, a racial justice activist and self-proclaimed independent reporter who broke into the Capitol. Founder of Insurgence USA, an activist group focused on “racial justice and police reform,” Sullivan was discovered previously participating in Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

But Sullivan’s background is not so simple. Before being arrested and charged, Sullivan denied belonging to antifa and argued that he was just covering up the protest as a journalist in the comments. Rolling Stone.

“I was worried about people recognizing me and thinking I was antifa or, like BLM or whatever,” said Sullivan. “The whole time they were screaming, ‘F*ck antifa! F*ck, BLM. ‘ I’m not saying I’m antifa. But I definitely believe Black Lives Matter. ”

It turned out, however, that leftist activists had repeatedly kicked Sullivan out of their own rallies long before January 6. Activist group Rebellion Baby accused Sullivan in November 2020 of having engage in “alarming conduct that includes vandalism/profiteering, self-promotion/pursuit, vandalism of community actions, threats of violence and — possibly most disturbingly, — relating to the far right. ”

Law enforcement sources spoke to Fox News even claimed that Sullivan had no history of antifa. Even so, the notion that Sullivan, who would later be impeached for his part in the riots, somehow managed to convince hundreds of Trump supporters alone to storm the Capitol, is nonsense. .

FBI Director Chris Wray also told lawmakers in early March that he did not see any evidence that fake Trump supporters or left-wing activists were also involved in the riot.

“So far, we haven’t seen any evidence of anarchist violence or antifa subscribers,” Wray said.

No wonder conservatives will soon blame January 6 again. And this time, it is the FBI that will become the main target.

Right-wing blog Revolver News will release an article in mid-June that merely asks whether the FBI orchestrated the failed uprising. Although the article provides no proof Anything to back up the claim, conservatives will cite the report as solid evidence of federal involvement in the Capitol riots.

The article will be praised by everyone, from Fox News host Tucker Carlson to conservative lawmakers like Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), even if the article’s author admits that he without any concrete evidence.

With their new set of stories, conservatives will move from accusing their fellow protesters of being anti-FBI. The first such target would be Ray Epps, an Arizona native who arrives at the Capitol on January 6.

In another October article, Revolver News will suggest that Epps appears to be a “Fed Protector”. And just like their predecessors, there is no factual evidence will be presented.

The charges against Epps, a former Marine sergeant and former Oath keeper a member of the militia, stemming from multiple videos in which he is seen encouraging other protesters to enter the Capitol the day before and about the riot. Conservatives also noted that Epps was not in custody, proof in their minds that the man was working for the federal government.

While Epps’ behavior can be viewed as suspicious, the fact remains that no evidence has been presented to connect him to the FBI. While the FBI has a long and consistent history of infiltrating far-right groups, once again the notion that Epps, Sullivan or anyone else was responsible for January 6th misses many months of normality. Commenting on the riots that Trump’s supporters open discussion use violence.

But Epps won’t be the last right-wing individual to be blamed for the Capitol riots. Conspiracy blog Gateway Pundit, which appears to be trying to get viral attention like Revolver News, will charge a far more famous far-right figure working for the FBI.

In a new article last month, blog insinuate that Anthime Joseph “Tim” Gionet, the white nationalist known online as Baked Alaska, could also be a federal provocateur. Just like parts of Revolver News, Gateway Pundit’s report will not present any evidence for the accusation.

The article is based on the same talking point that Gionet did not spend time in prison as evidence of his ties to the FBI, even though the vast majority of the hundreds of Trump supporters charged with rioting were also not detained. .

Gionet had to go to jail after being arrest by the FBI in January for participating in the riots but was later released. The white nationalist is currently facing a variety of charges, including illegal entry, violent trespassing and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

With a year passed since the attack took place and an investigation into the events of that day underway, conservatives are sure to continue to follow the same plot play to blame for the attack. anyone but themselves about the Capitol riots. And it is this unwillingness to accept the most obvious fact that makes people wonder: How many lies can a group get away with?

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