How did Doja Cat lose weight?

Doja Cat (aka Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) closed the 2022 Grammys red carpet when she emerged in a sheer Atelier Versace gown that had everyone raving. She then kept up the glamor as she accepted her award for Best Pop Duo Performance for “KISS ME MORE” with SZA in a second Versace number. This one had a thigh-high slit and, eh women health gushed it showed off her “endless” and “super toned” legs and was a hit with fans who dubbed her the “queen.”

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It wasn’t the first time the rapper’s character got people talking. In 2021, she had people gossiping about her visible weight loss. While some criticized her for losing too much weight, others were for it. One fan even started a Reddit thread hoping to find out how the Grammy winner lost all that weight.

The consensus was that Doja Cat’s weight loss was due to a mix of factors, namely her body type, diet and exercise. As Doja Cat has since explained herself, she has achieved her fitness goals by focusing on a healthy balance of exercise and healthy eating.

However, she has also emphasized that her overriding goal is to feel comfortable with herself, not to achieve unrealistic standards of beauty.

Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Journey

Doja cat in pink dress looking thicc at awards ceremony.

In 2019, Doja Cat had her first Billboard Hot 100 hit with “Juicy,” an ode to plump booties that encouraged fans to love their bodies, cellulite and all. Unlock the meaning behind the lyrics with genius, Doja Cat refined a particular line on the track — “I eat lunch” — explaining that she doesn’t stay fit by starving herself, but by enjoying a mix of healthy and indulgent eating. “To make my character look the way she does, I eat two two-pound lobsters, Chick-fil-A, Chicken and Kale Caesar Salad, Oreos, and Capri Sun,” she shared.

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Since Doja Cat is all about self-love, it might be hard to believe that the outwardly confident rapper has struggled with her body image for most of her life. In 2020, she spoke openly Cosmopolitan Middle East, reveals: “Growing up, I definitely had body dysmorphia. Without doubt. And I’ve had it ever since,” she said, explaining, “It started when I was young, and I think that’s where it starts for a lot of people. I started to really grow and I never really thought I looked good in a lot of the things I wore.”

Today, she’s still working to move to a happier, healthier place of acceptance, but as she told the magazine, it’s not about weight loss at all. “I’m just trying to focus on eating well, but I definitely still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit,” she shared.

Another thing that helps is music. Discussing “Juicy,” she mused, “I feel like that song was therapeutic for me. I kind of made it for myself – well, at least the meaning behind it. I kind of did it for my own happiness and I feel like other people can definitely get some joy from it too,” she said.

The Doja Cat Diet

Music video of Doja Cat in a pink latex suit and green hair in front of a cake.

Doja Cat’s super fit physique has many wondering about the secrets behind her weight loss journey. Fans of her new look in particular have been asking what Doja Cat ate to lose weight, and thanks to her social media we have a pretty good idea of ​​her diet plan.

As it turns out, a healthy diet is a key part of the rapper’s fitness routine, as she demonstrated during a 2020 Instagram fridge tour. As she went through all the food inside, she revealed to fans that she had a box of quinoa, a box of Mediterranean tuna, a whole host of sauces and condiments, and some bottles of wine. There was also a whole box of Erewhon “wellness shots”, all packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

Although Doja Cat eats a healthy diet most of the time, she still makes sure to indulge herself and doesn’t prohibit herself from having the treats she loves. That became clear in 2021 when Postmates shared Doja Cat’s order history, giving fans a glimpse of what she likes to eat the most.

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According to Postmates, she’s been using the service since 2015 and her top three go-to sites are Jack in the Box, Tsuri, and Panera Bread. While she sometimes uses the service to order healthy snacks (think blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes), she knows how to make do with a Shack burger and fries from Shake Shack, or a bean and cheese burrito and cheese bun Fire sauce can spoil Taco Bell.

The only thing she has ordered the most is Broccoli Cheddar Soup from Panera Bread. She is also obsessed with seafood. On her birthday in 2020, Doja Cat spent over $400 on a massive order at Catch LA that included king crab tempura, grilled Spanish octopus, and grilled king prawns.

When she cooks for herself, she keeps things as healthy as possible. As they tweeted in December 2020: “I eat two eggs and a spinach tortilla [with] caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese and hot sauce and roll it up. I also eat a lot of seaweed.” But she also knows how to dress up. Doja Cat often posts videos of herself cooking on Instagram and has made everything from a super chic lobster and beet dish to a mushroom soup with egg and dates in maple syrup.

However, her favorite food of all time is lobster. Like she said Kidd Nation 2021: “I love lobsters. A steamed lobster. Not grilled, not poached.” When asked if she would dip it in butter, she said, “I like to go the healthier route because it’s high in cholesterol, so I just eat the lobster with my bare hands with a bit of lemon.”

It’s clear that good food is a major key to her weight loss, and she may soon be sharing all of her favorite dishes on TV because she’s actually planning a cooking show. As Rolling Stone learned in 2021, she particularly loves preparing French dishes such as classic fondue, but also combining different cuisines (think Wagyu sandwiches with Gruyere truffle cheese).

Apparently her love of cooking started thanks to an “insanely French” ex-boyfriend and now she’s obsessed with it. As her manager Lydia Asrat told the outlet, “Amala loves to cook. You might think she just wants to be a housewife. If Amala could stay home and cook for a month, she would,” she mused. “She’s in her element there. But Doja cannot.”

The Doja Cat Workout

Doja Cat with long white hair and a white outfit during a live performance.

In addition to healthy eating, Doja Cat’s weight loss secret includes a rigorous exercise regimen. As she revealed in a 2021 Instagram Live, “it used to be awards rehearsals” that kept her fit, but now when she’s not doing shows, she hits the gym.

Opening up about her workout routine, Doja Cat shared that on upper body days she does a lot of strength training, including overhead presses and bicep curls. “I push, I pull,” she explained, but admitted she’s not good at naming the actual exercises because “my friends and I train together, so they tell me what to do.”

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On lower body days, her favorite exercises include kettlebell exercises and jump squats. “I love squats,” she gushed. “I don’t know why, but my bottom half is very responsive to it and you can see it straight away.” The same can’t be said of her upper body, though. “I’ve always had noodle arms my whole life,” she quipped.

While her workout routine consists of simple, classic exercises, it’s anything but simple. Check out the clips of her showing off at the gym and you’ll see that whether she’s doing resistance band runs, kettlebell squats, leg curls, weights, or dancing, Doja Cat always gives it her all.

Doja Cat shuts down body shamers

Doja Cat shows off her Grammy in a barely-there outfit.

While many fans loved Doja Cat’s new look after her recent weight loss, others worried that she had lost too much weight. Some even wondered if she had undergone any type of weight loss surgery. Well, the rapper had had enough of the critics and clapped back at people who said she was too skinny via Instagram Live in June 2022.

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“It’s literally my f***ing choice to eat healthier and exercise,” she slammed. “I’m really sick of y’all talking about my body.” Addressing those who hate her new figure, she continued, “I used to be fat and that will always be your problem. your problem. Not mine. So you can continue to suffer about the way my body looks because, b****, I’m living my best life. I’m happy.”

The rapper then said it was “hella creepy” that people were talking about her body so much, concluding, “You wish I was like this because you want to fuck me.” It has nothing to do with my health or happiness because I don’t even look underweight.”

As Doja Cat shows us, starting a weight loss journey should always be a personal decision, driven by personal goals – not those dictated by the outside world. Rather than striving to match others’ definition of beauty, you should always lose weight solely for your personal happiness and, of course, your health.


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