How can I remove rust from my garden furniture?

YOU are devastated when you see how rusty your patio furniture has become after a terrible winter.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away because we’ll show you how to take good care of your patio furniture and get rid of rust.

There is more than one product you can use to remove rust from your patio furniture


There is more than one product you can use to remove rust from your patio furniturePhoto credit: Photolibrary RM – Getty

How to protect garden furniture

It is always better to protect your garden furniture from rust than to have to remove the rust.

So if you are buying new patio furniture or already have one, cover it when not in use.

Morning dew and rain rust your furniture. If you notice your furniture is wet, be sure to dry it off immediately, as wet metal furniture tends to rust quickly.

Make sure to keep your furniture clean at all times. At least twice a year, try to find some time to give your patio furniture a thorough cleaning with warm water and dish soap, and remember to dry it off immediately.

There is also anti-rust paste that you can buy at the store. It comes with its own instructions but all you usually have to do is rub it onto your furniture and it will leave it looking clean and shiny.

How to remove rust from your patio furniture

If you want to save your furniture after it has rusted then here we tell you about several products you can use.

These are all things that you are likely to find around your home unless you want to go ahead and buy a rust remover that has chemicals that are sure to remove rust.

If you want to stick to a budget, you can use some of these tips.


We’ve mentioned vinegar in many of the cleaning tricks we’ve told you about and it can be used to remove rust as well.

Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and add a pinch of salt for more acidity.

Spray onto the rusted area and leave for 15 minutes, then simply scrub with a wire brush or steel wool.

baking soda

Baking soda is another miracle cure, and we’ve probably given you more tips on how to clean with it than what to bake with it.

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the rust on your furniture.

Leave it on for 20 minutes and then simply scrape it off with a steel wool or wire brush.


The soft drink is not only used for drinking, but surprisingly can also be used for cleaning.

Apply Coca-Cola directly to the rust stain and scrub away with either a sponge or microfiber cloth.

This is a pretty messy method as a mixture of brown Coca-Cola and brown rust stains will come off, so wear your worst clothes if you’re thinking of using this product.


This may sound strange for removing rust stains, but it works because potatoes are high in oxalic acid.

Cut the potato in half and sprinkle some salt on top, scrubbing over the rusty areas.

The potato has a chemical reaction with the rust as the salt scrubs it away.

The rust should now be gone, simply wipe down the furniture with a clean cloth to remove any dirt caused by the potato and salt.

scratch and paint

You can also try scraping away the rust flakes with steel wool or a wire brush.

With every process that we have shown you here, you always have to scrape off the rust and then you have black spots, so you have to paint your furniture.

Why does garden furniture rust?

Garden furniture rusts due to the elements it is exposed to. Most of it is made of steel or iron, and such metal material undergoes a process called oxidation when exposed to elements such as rain, morning dew, and sometimes even the heat of the sun.

Be sure to keep an eye on your patio furniture because if the rusting gets too bad, you may not be able to save it.

Some furniture will be powder coated but be aware that this will not prevent it from rusting. It just lengthens the process and gives it more protection.

To avoid the problem of rusting, you should look at outdoor furniture made of aluminum or teak or rattan. It may cost you a little more now, but it will save you money in the future. How can I remove rust from my garden furniture?

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